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Are Kitchen Sink Drains Universal? (All You Need to Know!)

Are you curious about kitchen sink drains? Then, this article has all the details to quench your thirst.

Without sinks, the picture of a kitchen is incomplete to us. But, do you know what is mandatory in kitchen sinks? The answer is drains.

The more interesting part is that the drains of kitchen sinks are universal. With that said, now it is time to discover about them more. So, here you go!

Are kitchen sink drains universal?

Though the size of a sink can vary worldwide, in the case of the sink drains it remains the same always. A sink drain is bigger than bathroom drains. The universal size for the holes or the openings of kitchen drains is 3-1/2 inch in diameter while the drain baskets are 3-1/4 inch in diameter.

Things you need to know about kitchen sink drains:

The drain is such an important part of your kitchen sink. It might be a bit hard for you to choose the right sink drain. But we are here to solve your problem. Leave your worries on us. After reading the guide, you will not face any complications regarding choosing your perfect fit.

Garbage removal drains:

You have to be very specific about your needs while choosing a sink drain.

If you want to transfer waste directly to the disposer, then you specifically need a garbage removal drain. In garbage removal drains, you have a disposer flange along with a stopper.

The flange should be highly compatible with the garbage disposal basket.

The stopper holds water or any sort of liquid in the sink while the flange transfers solid waste directly to the disposer.

Thus, if the flange and the garbage disposer are not compatible with one another, the entire process will stop suddenly.

Usage: This tool comes handy in kitchens where you mostly have solid food wastage such as vegetables and fruits.

Here, you can directly put the garbage in the sink; the sink will suck it immediately, crush it into small particles, and put it in the garbage disposal basket.

So, with this, you can easily get rid of any solid garbage. 

Drains without garbage removals:

like the previous one, it still has a flange and a basket to store the waste.

But here we don’t have a strainer to hold water. The water and the waste will travel simultaneously through the pipe and get stored in the basket.

Then you need to clean the basket properly. These drains are similar to laboratory drains, and you will find a P-trap pipe under the sink.

Usage: Here, the waste is not crushed into small particles rather, they will stay in a solid-state. So, you need to put some extra effort.

Choose materials wisely:

Sink drains are made out of a variety of materials like metal, plastic, marble, and many more.

To assure durability, you must choose the right material. For Example, metal is the most durable among the above-mentioned ones.

Be very careful about the pipe height and width. It must maintain the standard size. Otherwise, garbage will not pass properly through the pipes.

What is the standard size of a kitchen sink drain?

Kitchen drains do the most amount of hard work to maintain a fresh environment in the kitchen. That’s why it is very important to be careful about them. 

The standard size of a kitchen drain is 3-1/2 inches in diameter which is bigger than even a standard bathroom drain.

By measuring the sink drain from one side to another, this measurement is established.

Not only that, the drain strainer and also the round-shaped bowl just at the opening of the drain is having the same size.

All these parts universally maintain the same size to make the installation process easier.

Are there different size sink drains?

The good news is that you do not have to worry much about the size of your kitchen drain.

Kitchen sinks have various sizes worldwide. Even you will find quite luxurious sinks which enrich the beauty of your kitchen.

But in case of the sink drains, a standard size is maintained worldwide that is 3-1/2 inch. It is quite similar to the size of shower drains.

So, the next time, when you are buying a drain for your sink, think about the right type you need, not the size.

How do you measure a kitchen sink drain?

Are you trying to measure your sink drain? But don’t know how to do it! Then, wait and start following 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Measure the drain opening or hole

At first, take a measuring tape. Then, just measure the drain opening or the hole. Here, you will get the measurement of the drain circle.

Step 2: Measure the depth of the drain

To measure the depth of the drain opening, just put the measuring tape right in the drain.

Here, it is important to remember that you should insert the measuring tape from the edge of the drain opening and not from the center because from the center, the bottom surface is actually sloped.

To get the right depth measurements, you have to measure from the shallowest point of the drain.

So, do not start from the center. 

Step 3: Take notes

Now just note down the measurements of your drain on a paper, and you are good to go.

Why you need right measurement?

It is essential to know the measurement of sink drains as you might need to buy some accessories like crumb cups for your sink. These accessories help you to maintain hygiene in the kitchen.

With the measurements, you can easily shop your desired crumb cup as this accessory will save you from any unexpected drain blockages and messy situations.

So before buying one, just properly measure the width and depth of your sink drain with the above-mentioned steps, note down the measurements, and grab the crumb cup.

But remember one thing, you should always pick a crumb cup which is a bit smaller than the drain width or else it will not fit in the sink drain.

How long can a sink drain pipe be?

Now let us talk about the pipe size that you need for a drain.

The International Residential Code says that there should be a maximum of 24 inches of the vertical distance between the sink drain and the initial part of the p-trap pipe.

Most of the old sinks are connected to a 1-1.4-inch-long pipe, while modern drains are connected with 1-1/2 inches.

You should keep in mind that all the pipes, horizontal extensions, and P-traps are whether 1 1/4 inch or 1 1/2 inch long.

The normal depth of a kitchen sink is 8 inches. And 28 inches is the distance between the sink drain and the floor.

Remember, if your sink drains are connected with two PVC pipes, then the length of the pipes should not be less than 8 inches.

Are kitchen sink drain holes universal?

The answer to the question is an absolute yes.

It doesn’t matter If you have a single-basin sink or even a double basin sink, the size of the sink drain will always remain the same worldwide.

You can have a garbage disposal drain, but don’t worry about its size, because here the size is also the same.

These are made in this way so that they can be a perfect fit for any kitchen sink, faucet, and cabinet pull.

But be careful about one thing, drains are available in different materials. Here, things can get a bit tricky for you.

So, do proper research and choose the perfect drain material which suites your taste.

How do you measure the sink drain hole?

The process is very easy. You do not have to do a lot to measure the hole of your sink drain. Just take a measuring tape. That’s it; you got the tool.

With that, measure the hole or the opening of the drain from one side to another. Then, you will get the exact size of your sinkhole.

Now you know the technique. So, you are good to go.

Are sink flanges universal?

Do you know about sink flanges? If you don’t, let me introduce it to you. This is an essential component of sinks that surrounds the drain hole.

Flanges usually have a metal finish, but the budget ones are made out of plastic. Sometimes you will find plastic flanges coated in metal.

These are essential because if they crack or break, you will face sudden leakage of water from the sink.

You always need to check the compatibility between the flange and the disposer. Flanges maintain a connection between sink and disposer so that the water can run freely. If they lack compatibility, the sink will not work properly.

The size of flanges is almost the same worldwide because the size of the drain holes is universal. But some flanges are not perfect for certain sink models.

The number is are very few. But you need to be a bit careful as you can belong to the list of the few special ones.

If you are a plumber or home decor, your knowledge about kitchen drain is a must. Before designing a sink, go through this guide and plan everything wisely.

It will not only help you to know more about kitchen sink drains but you will be able to pick the right product which has an ample amount of facilities at a low price.

So, do it wisely with proper planning as sink drains are a prerequisite for the kitchen’s hygiene.