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Is Trugreen Safe for Dogs, Birds, or Other Pets? (Explained)

A lawn is a blessing for your pet animals, especially if you have a dog. But the maintenance of the lawn is also very necessary. Most of the time, you can take care of your lawn by yourself. But sometimes we all need some extra help.

Is TruGreen safe for dogs, birds, or other pets?

Lawn maintenance includes a lot of parts and TruGreen helps with that. But TruGreen is not safe for dogs, birds, and other pets. There are a lot of chemicals used that are toxic for animals. Dogs are regular on the lawn so be careful around them with TruGreen. The pesticides are harmful.

TruGreen deals with pesticides and insect-related issues in your yard. Which means they always work with and use chemicals. These chemicals are rarely pet-friendly. It is a good idea to keep your pet animals as far away as possible from the yard when TruGreen is out for work.

Dogs, birds, and any other pet animal will get harmed if they come in contact with TruGreen. It can make your dog sick. What follows is vomiting, diarrhea, and many others. Sometimes the chemicals can end up harming your dog as well if exposed to too much chemical.

It is best to keep your pets away from TruGreen.

While it is best to keep all your pets away from TruGreen, but you should be extra cautious when you have a dog around. Because your dog might run off to the yard while the TruGreen process is going on. So you should make sure that your dog does not run off into the yard.

The chemicals used in TruGreen are meant for insects. While the chemicals may not exactly be harmful for animals, there is a good chance that your pet will be harmed severely because of this. So it is best to keep your pet away from TruGreen.

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What is TruGreen?

TruGreen is a service company that works exclusively with lawn maintenance. The company works mostly with pest and bug infestation. They will cater to your lawn needs with just a call.

They provide customized service, which means your lawn will be exactly how you want it to be.

But the company is best known for its work with bug infestation and pesticides. They are considered one of the best in the line. TruGreen makes your lawn bug-free with its balanced mix of chemicals and pesticides.

The professionals handle this job with care so no one gets harmed in the process either.

Does TruGreen use pet-friendly?

Pesticides and chemicals that deal with insects and remove them are dangerous. These chemicals are mostly strong enough to get rid of a huge load of insects. So it is only natural that these products will not be pet friendly.

Dogs and other pets, including birds, are at risk of harm when they are exposed to or around TruGreen. This does not mean that the organization does not care about pet animals. It is how their work is.

They advise the pet owners to keep their pets inside and away from the yard when they work.

Why is TruGreen bad?

Any sort of pesticide and chemicals made to repel insects are indeed harmful as they are very strong in nature. TruGreen works with lawns and bug infestations. Mostly with removing bugs. This is why they might be harmful to animals and pets.

These chemicals used in the process are not safe for any animal-

Harmful for animals:

The chemicals used by TruGreen are very much harmful to animals. Chemicals that are possible carcinogens are listed as harmful for animals. These chemicals are very harmful to your pets, no matter the amount.

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Almost 53% of the products of TruGreen have harmful chemicals. This is why it is best to keep your pets away from any sort of product used by TruGreen. We don’t know which product might be harmful.


Fertilizers, in general, are not that harmful to animals, but the fertilizers used by TruGreen might be toxic. It is best to let the fertilizer dry out before you let your pets out into the lawn again.

TruGreen has a specialty in pesticides and insects. Products used there are very much toxic and harmful for dogs and other pets, including birds. It is best to keep your pets away from the lawn for a few days after TruGreen is done with their work

Does TruGreen use chemicals?

The pesticide products that TruGreen uses have a good amount of chemicals in them. That makes up around 53% of their products. Which is more than half. But it does not mean they use chemicals for all their products and services.

Most of the time, they will use chemical-based pesticides only.

The fertilizers used by TruGreen do not contain chemicals. They claim the ingredients used in the fertilizer are environment friendly. But the pesticides used have much chemicals. This is necessary to do their jobs properly.

Which is why they advise you to keep your pets away when they do their job.

Is lawn fertilizer safe for dogs, cats, and other animals?

Fertilizers are generally safe for animals and pets like dogs and birds. Most of the fertilizers are organic. And organic fertilizers are good for animals. Lawn fertilizers are very much organic and safe for any animal.

If you have a fertilized your lawn , you do not have to worry about your pet getting sick.

Lawn fertilizers can have other materials like nutrient salts and stuff. Despite these the fertilizers will not harm your pet animal. Even so, you should wait a day or two for the fertilizer to dry before you let your pet out, just to be safe.

How long after lawn treatment is it safe for pets?

Though lawn fertilizers are very much safe, you should still wait awhile before you let your pet out into the lawn. 48 hours is enough time to keep your pet away from the lawn. It does depend on the type of treatment your lawn got though. But in general 48 hours is good enough.

Organic fertilizer treatments are perfectly safe for your pets. But if you have doe a pest infection treatment it is best to fertilize your lawn afterwards and wait for it to dry. After it has dried then it will be safe for your pet to go out.

Wait around 48 hours or two days before your pet goes out to the lawn.

Final thoughts:

TruGreen works with chemicals and pesticides. This is why they are not safe for your pet animals. Dogs and other animals should be kept away from the lawns after there has been a treatment. Even birds should be kept at a distance. TruGreen is toxic for dogs, birds and other pet animals.