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Is Rustoleum & Spray Paint Safe for Babies & Furniture?

If you’re a new parent or old parent of adorable one or two little ones and looking for paint for your baby’s room and furniture, you can look for Rustoleum paint. Since Rustoleum paint has low to zero VOCs they’re quite suitable for your babies and furniture.

However, you may want to be a little careful while choosing the spray paint.

Is Rustoleum & spray paint safe for babies?

Rustoleum and spray paint are safe for babies as they contain no lead and other harmful elements. As soon as the paint has dried out and the solvents are not there anymore, it is safe for the babies. However, sometimes over-exposure may lead to respiratory issues, lung, and skin problems as well.

Chalk Paint:

Chalk paint is comparatively non-toxic and quite safe for babies’ rooms. Usually, chalk paints do not contain any VOC (volatile organic compounds), animal products, and other health risk compounds.

However, you may want to wait up to a whole month or more for the paint to completely dry up and make it safe for your baby to use.

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Spray paint:

Spray paints are notoriously harmful to both babies and adults since they contain VOC and other harmful elements like Xylene, Acetone, and Toluene. In order to use spray paint, you have to adopt safety measures like wear PPE, gloves, and masks and try to make it outdoors.

Try to ignore too hot, cold, or humid weather while spray painting.

Prolonged exposure to spray paint can have multiple short-term and long-term effects on you and your babies, for instance, headache, nausea, allergic reaction, drowsiness, anxiety, weakness, dermatitis, and as such.

There can also be lifelong consequences like kidney and damage, central nervous system depression, and in cases, cancer.

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Rustoleum paint:

Since Rustoleum paint contains low to no VOCs, it is somewhat safe for you and your baby. You must give it enough time for the solvents to evaporate fully. However, over-exposure and the presence of lead can cause some health risks.

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How long after painting a room is it safe for the baby?

It usually depends on the type of paint you’re using for your baby’s room. However, most paints with low to zero VOCs dry overnight, and it will be safe for your baby to use that room after 24 hours. It’s best if you can wait for three to four days after painting.

You have to be very careful while choosing paint for your baby’s room. The VOCs and other toxic elements can be harmful to your baby’s developmental and respiratory issues. The fumes that are emitted from the paint can have adverse impacts on your baby’s health.

After choosing safe paint for your baby’s room, read the manual well, and take recommendations from the company on when will the room be safe for the baby after painting.

Two reasons why/why not Rustoleum and spray paint safe for babies :

No Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs:

Since Rustoleum and spray paint contains almost zero VOCs, this paint is somewhat safe for babies in comparison to other spray paints which emit toxic fumes. After the paint gets dried out, it will be safe for your little one to use again.


Even though Rustoleum paint contains no VOCs, overexposure to spray paint can be harmful to your kids. Not to mention, they contain acetone, xylene, and toluene which can have both short-term and lifelong impacts on your champ.

Moreover, you may notice irritation, allergic reaction, drowsiness, breathing problems, nausea, and fatigue during the first few days of painting.

Is Rustoleum & spray paint safe for baby furniture?

Rustoleum and spray paint are non-toxic making them safe for baby furniture. Once, the paint is applied to the furniture be it spray or coating, and left for drying overnight, the paint becomes completely nontoxic for the baby’s health. It’s best to use the furniture after 3-4 days.

Chalk paint:

Chalk paints are safe to use on baby furniture. This kind of paint contains fewer VOCs; hence are non-toxic for your baby’s health. After applying chalk paint on your baby’s furniture you can use them after a few days.

However, waiting for four to six weeks is wiser considering the paint emits toxic fumes and it will buy the paint enough time to get settled and permanent on the baby furniture.

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Spray paint:

Spray paint contains volatile organic compounds or VOCs which make them harmful for your baby’s health. The smell and fumes of the spray paint can make your baby’s health vulnerable and weaken the immune system.

Not to mention, there are acetone, toluene, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Methyl Ethyl Ketone in different brands of spray paint which makes your child’s health susceptible to various health issues.

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Rustoleum paint:

Rustoleum paint is comparatively safer to use on baby furniture. Rustoleum doesn’t contain lead and other toxic elements, which makes them more reliable to use on baby furniture.

Rustoleum paint on your baby furniture will be ready to use after getting a considerable amount of time for the solvents to evaporate.

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Is spray paint safe to use on a crib?

Spray paint should never be an option to paint a crib. Most commercial spray paint contains a huge amount of Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, which is a big no if you’re thinking of painting your baby’s crib.

VOCs can leave adverse impacts on your child’s health including long-term effects like kidney damage, cancer, and so on. As a result, if you are to use spray paint on a crib, it’s best if you can customize it by any expert with the non-toxic element.

Or you can get it done by any professional also.

What kind of paint is safe to use on baby furniture?

The following points can be considered as safe to use on baby furniture –

Water-based paint:

Water-based paint has lately gained a reputation for being a non-toxic paint to use on an item of baby furniture or any other objects at your home. Considering the fact that water-based paints have low VOC makes them compatible with use on a piece of baby furniture.

If you plan to go green and want to make a non-toxic environment for your baby, then water-based paint is a safe option for you.

Chalk paint:

Chalk paints like Amy Howard and Annie Sloan have low to zero VOCs which make them well suited to use on baby furniture. Compared to spray paint and other VOC enriched paints, chalk paints are safer for baby furniture.

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Is Rust-Oleum spray paint toxic?

Rust-Oleum spray paint is considerably toxic for you and the environment as well. Different brands of spray paint contain toxic elements like the VOCs and as such. Rust-Oleum spray paint is no different.

However, when the spray paint has fully dried, it becomes non-toxic and there are fewer possible health risks.

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Does Rustoleum have VOCs?

On a surprising note, Rustoleum doesn’t have VOCs and thus, it is less toxic than other paints to use on your baby room and furniture. However, it is best to let the paint completely dry before using that room or furniture.

Does Rustoleum paint have lead in it?

Rustoleum paint doesn’t have lead in it. It is one of the most nontoxic paints to be made. It contains low to zero VOCs as well. Hence, Rustoleum paint is less harmful to use in baby rooms and furniture.

After applying Rustoleum paint, wait so that the solvents evaporate completely making it eligible to use safely.

Is spray paint toxic when dry?

It is a good thing that spray paint isn’t that toxic when dry. Despite having VOCs, you can still use spray paint on your baby’s furniture after letting it sit for almost four to six weeks. By that time, the spray paint will completely settle down and dried off and will be ready for baby use.

However, most spray paints are toxic. And it is wise to avoid spray paint on your baby’s room and furniture. Not to mention, toxic fumes are also emitted from spray paint.

Is there non-toxic spray paint?

There are also non-toxic spray paints that contain low to zero Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs; which are safe to use in your room and your child’s room as well.

As a result, if you’re planning to repaint something, non-toxic paint will be a suitable choice, as it will not emit harmful gas after a few years.

For this reason, nowadays, environmental enthusiasts and other concerned people choose non-toxic spray paint over other regular spray paints.

Can the smell of spray paint hurt you?

The obnoxious smell of spray paint can potentially harm you with certain health issues like nausea, drowsiness, headache, sinus problems, and respiratory issues as well.

So it is recommended that you use that room where spray paint has been applied after it has completely dried.

Final Thoughts:

Despite Rustoleum and spray paint having certain health issues, you can still use them on your baby’s room and furniture. By adopting certain precautionary measures while painting and seeking help from professionals, you can make it safer and greener as well as less health risks.