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Is Oxiclean Toxic or Safe? (Read This First!)

Keeping a house clean is essential to protect the residents of the houses especially now but what if the things that are supposed to make our house clean are slowly poisoning us?

Is Oxiclean toxic or safe?

Oxiclean is a relatively safer option and is not actively toxic to humans or animals. The manufacturers at OxiClean claim that their products are made using compounds found naturally in the environment which makes it safe for living things and it is also known to be environmentally friendly.

Even though OxiClean is an alternative to chlorine bleach and made using milder and less harsh ingredients, we still need to maintain certain precautions while using this. 

And use the products in rooms with good ventilation and diligently air out the room to get rid of fumes that will likely be emitted into the room when using it. Also, it is important to store them where children or pets can’t find them.

Toxic if ingested:

OxiClean is toxic if ingested and can cause a lot of damage to both humans and animals. If it is ingested by humans it can burn the skin in our mouth, throat, and stomach and gastrointestinal irritation like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Similarly, if your pet dog or cat ingests it, this can cause them to vomit and lead to severe gastrointestinal irritation. 

This makes it pertinent to keep Oxiclean safely tucked away from the reach of small children and animals because the effects of ingesting it can be detrimental to their health.

Safe to breathe:

Smelling or breathing in OxiClean will not have any immediate effect on our bodies. However, prolonged direct exposure to it will begin to harm our respiratory system. 

Many regular users have reported that some sort of barrier such as a mask should be worn while cleaning with OxiClean.

How poisonous is OxiClean?

OxiClean is a product manufactured for the purpose of cleaning and isn’t known to be poisonous. But we need to keep in mind that it is meant to be used for cleaning. 

Ingesting it can be poisonous for our body because the ingredients used to make up this cleaner are undoubtedly not safe for human consumption. 

So, it is very important to practice caution while using this product as you want to use it to keep your house clean, not make you ill.

Does OxiClean have bad chemicals? What ingredients does Oxiclean have?

OxiClean does not contain bad chemicals. OxiClean is actually said to be an oxygen cleaner because when mixed with water, it breaks down to be only a mixture of water and oxygen. It is in fact a safer option compared to other cleaning products in the market. 

OxiClean manages to remove stains and spills while still being environmentally friendly and less harmful.

The best way to understand whether OxiClean is made up of bad chemicals or not is by looking at the ingredients that are used to make this product. It is formulated using mainly a mixture of sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, surfactants, and polymer.

And sodium percarbonate which is the most prominent ingredient in OxiClean is a combination of basic hydrogen peroxide in powdered form mixed with washing soda. 

This helps to again prove that OxiClean uses the most simple chemicals to create their cleaning products which are immensely loved by many people.

Is Oxiclean safe or toxic to dogs and cats and other pets?

OxiClean is toxic to dogs, cats, and other pets because it cannot be used to wash or bathe dogs, cats, or any other pets. It can cause skin tissue damage due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide. 

It is also toxic for them if they ingest it and will make them vomit as the chemicals present in OxiClean are not suitable for their body.

OxiClean actually carries products specifically to remove stains left by dogs, cats, and other pets on carpets or sofas and also has cleaners for their beds.

Is Oxiclean safe or toxic to plants & fishes?

OxiClean is not toxic to plants. According to the list of ingredients, it only contains elements derived from nature which makes it eco-safe and biodegradable. 

This means that if you have plants in the house, using OxiClean to diminish stubborn stains and spills will not harm them or pollute the environment.

Similarly, fishes present in the room won’t be disturbed or harmed when OxiClean is being used in the same room. However, it is not safe to use OxiClean to clean the water in the aquarium while the fishes are inside. 

This will likely make the fish lose its life. Also, if you use OxiClean to clean any parts or decoration of the aquarium, make sure to soak it in clean, OxiClean-free water for a few hours before placing them back in.

Does Oxiclean contain bleach?

OxiClean does not contain bleach as it is manufactured using sodium carbonate as opposed to sodium hypochlorite which is present in chlorine-containing bleach. 

It is a bleach-free stain remover and is usually used as an alternative to regular chlorine bleach as that can be quite harsh for many people, mainly those with breathing problems. 

OxiClean manages to break down stains such as emulsified oils, dirt, grime from all sorts of surfaces, be it carpeted floors in the living room or the linoleum floor in the kitchen without the help of bleach.

Is Oxiclean safe for dishes?

OxiClean is mild enough that it will be safe to wash your dishes with it. Sometimes dishes can begin to lose their usual luster and get yellowed either due to being used for a very long time or sometimes the excess iron in water causes this damage. 

But luckily you won’t have to buy new dishes to replace them because OxiClean can get them looking clean and shiny again and thankfully the process is quite straightforward. 

All you need to do is take OxiClean and your regular dishwashing liquid soap and mix them together and use that to clean your dishes. The difference will surely be noticeable.

Is Oxiclean safe for septic systems?

OxiClean is safe for septic systems and also the environment as a whole. It has been found that it breaks down into compounds that do not cause any harm to the septic system. when it gets flushed down the sink. 

These compounds are water and soda ash which makes it a safe option to be used for cleaning.

Is Oxiclean safe for colors and delicates?

OxiClean is safe to be used for colored clothing and even claims to have the ability to enhance the original color while removing the toughest of stains. 

But every piece of clothing doesn’t get colored using the same dye, so in order to protect your favorite blouse, patch test it on a hidden spot to check whether OxiClean can actually protect the color.

OxiClean is safe to be used on delicates as well but instead of throwing them together in the washing machine which will no doubt mangle and wraps your precious delicates. 

You can instead take a bowl of water and mix your regular detergent and OxiClean to it and let your delicates soak in the mixture, this will remove any stains or dirt while also keeping it in its true form.

Final Thoughts:

OxiClean is not only safe but is also a versatile cleaner that comes in a variety of forms to clean different surfaces. If used correctly it can be a very handy product and a staple in your cleaning closet but can also be toxic if you breathe it in for a prolonged period of time or ingest it.