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Is a Duvet Cover The Same As a Bed Sheet? (Explained)

A duvet cover is a common cover or sheet for the duvet. Similarly, a bedsheet is a cover for a bed. So, both of the covers are used as a bed covering. Both protect the beddings and make the beds look proper and arranged.

Many people get confused where which one. So, you might also be confused about whether a duvet cover is the same as a bedsheet or not.

Well, for knowing this, you have to know details about the duvet cover and bedsheet. You also have to know whether they are exchangeable or not. Let’s see whether they are the same or not.

Is a duvet cover the same as a bed sheet?

A duvet cover and a bedsheet can be used as covering materials. But they are not the same. Generally, duvets are softer and have more multipurpose covers than bedsheets. Bedsheets are used only for covering the bed. Duvet covers are used to cover the duvet but bedsheets are in contact with the body. 

When you use a duvet, you have to cover the duvet. A duvet is thick bedding that needs to be covered. So, you use a cover on the duvet. But a bedsheet is in contact with the body. Some people use both a duvet cover and a bedsheet on the duvet.

Though a duvet cover and a bedsheet are not completely the same, you can use them on beds with some modifications. For example, the duvet size and the regular bed size might not be the same. In that case, you have to modify the covers if you want to interchange.

Is duvet cover a bed sheet?

A duvet cover is not a bedsheet. Generally, in a regular bed, bedding, comforter, bedsheet, etc., are put on the bed. So, we need a lot of layering on the bed to make it perfect. But if you use a duvet, that will work as both comforter and bedding.

Some people like to add cover on the duvet. This duvet cover is like an envelope. So, with a duvet and a duvet cover, you don’t need much layering on the bed. So, duvet covers are not exactly a bedsheet.

A bedsheet is not an enveloped type. Bedsheets are a single layer of fabric that is placed over the bedding or comforter. So, duvet covers are not bedsheets.

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What is a duvet cover sheet?

A duvet cover sheet is a covering over the duvet. Many people don’t use the duvet cover sheet on the duvet. But duvet cover sheets are essential to protect the duvet. A duvet cover sheet is an envelope-type sheet in which the duvet is placed.

Generally, the duvet works as both a comforter and sheet. But if you use a duvet cover sheet on the duvet, the duvet will be more protective. Moreover, the duvet will not get dirty soon. So, duvet cover sheets are protective and decorative cover sheets for covering the duvets.

Is a flat sheet the same as a duvet cover?

A flat sheet is not the same as a duvet cover. Generally, a flat sheet is a single piece of fabric. A flat sheet is a rectangular sheet according to the size of the bed. Besides, you can fold the edges of the flat sheet and the sheet will remain flat.

But a duvet cover is a rectangular envelope type cover. The cover might have buttons or a zipper. You have to place the duvet inside the cover. With the cover, the bed will look like it has the cover but inside the cover, the duvet is also placed.

So, when you use a duvet cover, it will be flat but not like the flat sheet. So, a flat sheet is not the same as a duvet cover.

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Can a duvet cover be used as a bedsheet?

Yes, a duvet cover can be used as a bedsheet. Generally, duvet covers are two-layered folder fabrics. So, when you use a duvet cover as a bedsheet, the bed will get extra layering. This might be comfortable.

But if the duvet cover is not made of comfortable fabric, the cover can be irritating. Generally, bedsheets are in contact with our bodies.

So, when you use bedsheets, you look for comfortable fabric. If your duvet cover is made of comfortable fabric, you can use it as a bedsheet without hesitation.

What is the difference between a duvet cover and bedsheet?

A duvet cover and a bedsheet have a lot of similar functions. Sometimes, they can be interchangeable too. But they are not completely the same. So, let’s see what the differences between a duvet cover and a bedsheet are.


Duvet covers and bedsheets have different structures. Generally, a duvet cover is two folded fabrics as an envelope shape. You have put the duvet into the cover. But a bedsheet is a straight and simple fabric that has only one layer.

If you notice the structure of both, the duvet cover is the fitted cover and the bedsheet is a flat sheet.

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Duvet covers are softer and more comfortable than bed sheets. Duvet covers are used on the top of the duvet. So, the overall duvet with cover is pretty comfortable. But bedsheets are single-layer fabric whose comfort depends on the bedding.


Duvet covers are more versatile than bedsheets. If you want to use the duvet covers on the regular bed, you can do it. It will increase the comfort of the bed.

But if you want to use bed sheets as duvet covers, you have to add two sheets to make the whole cover.


Duvet covers and bedsheets both have pretty same functions. But there is a little bit of difference between the functions.

For example, duvet covers can cover the duvet and work as a bedsheet altogether. But bedsheets are one-layer sheets that can’t be used for covering the duvet.

How to use a duvet cover as a bedsheet?

Generally, duvet covers are envelope-type covers in which duvets are put. Before using the duvet cover as a bedsheet, you have to make the duvet cover fitted. After fitting the cover, you have to straighten the cover.

Then you have to drape the cover on the bed. Besides, you have to tuck in the excess fabric on the head-side of the bed. After draping the cover, you can place the blanket and pillows on the cover.

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What duvet covers can be used as bed sheets?

Most duvet covers can be used as bed sheets. Generally, the comfortable fabrics, made with cotton, poly cotton, sateen, etc., can be used as bed sheets. But if the duvet covers are not comfortable, you can’t use them as bedsheets.

Moreover, some duvet covers have buttons to be fitted with the duvets. So, these duvets can’t be used as bedsheets. If the duvet covers have zippers, you have to remove the zipper before using them as bedsheets.

How to use sheets as a duvet cover?

If you want to use bed sheets as a duvet cover, you will need two bedsheets. You might know that duvet covers are case-like covers where you put the duvet. So, you have to take two same-size bed sheets for the upper and lower covers of the duvet.

First, you have to put one bedsheet on the bed. Then put the duvet on the sheet in a way so that the sheet and the duvet are in a symmetrical position. After that, put another sheet over the duvet according to the same alignment of the lower sheet.

Then you have to fold the top layer around the duvet and fold the bottom layer over the duvet. Next, you can tuck them or not according to your choice.

Do I need a flat sheet with a duvet cover?

It’s not compulsory that you will need a flat sheet with a duvet cover. Generally, duvet covers are the upper covers over the duvet that can be used as the top layer of the beds. Some people like to use a flat sheet over the duvet cover.

Generally, a flat sheet is in close contact with the body, so many people like to have a separate sheet other than the duvet cover. But you can use a duvet cover as the top layer of your bed.

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Can you use a duvet cover as a blanket?

You can use a duvet cover as a blanket if you prefer a thin layer. Generally, duvet covers are two single-layer fabrics joined together. So, if you don’t put the duvet into the cover, the cover will be less thick.

But if you want to use the cover as a blanket, you can use it. Duvet covers are comparatively soft. So you can use it as a comforter or blanket.

Final Thoughts:

Duvet covers are coverings of beds like bedsheets. But these two are not the same. Duvet cover’s structure, comfort, functions are different from bed sheets. Bedsheets are a single layer of fabric but duvet covers are case-like structured. So, a duvet cover is different from a bedsheet.