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Are IKEA Bathroom Vanities Durable? (Explained)

Be it functional furnishing home products or bathroom vanities, IKEA has been in the game for quite a long time. If you are planning to jump on the bandwagon to get your hands on some bathroom vanities, the brand IKEA is the way to go.

But are these durable enough to last you in the long run? Let’s delve deeper and find out!

Are IKEA bathroom vanities durable?

Ikea’s bathroom vanities are made tough with melamine coating. These are protected from all sorts of moisture because of the melamine seal. The Godmorgan series is quite everlasting because of the study design and durable material. Further assurance is provided by the company’s 10-year warranty.

Here’s why Ikea vanities are durable!

The brand Ikea is here in the bathroom vanity industry for so long. No doubt, their products’ quality is assured by the company’s rigorous research and a ton of engineering geniuses.

So why are they so durable? Now let us discover the reasons briefly:

Ceramic and Melamine coating:

All the Ikea vanities are designed in a way that they are protected from all sorts of moisture. The company sealed the body of the vanities with ceramic and melamine coating.

This is why it lasts years after year without even a single scratch. Even Voldemort has to pay one of his lives to break it. So, you got one of the reasons behind its durability.

Warranty assurance:

this can be crucial for many people. While the other companies are providing a warranty for a few years, Ikea is here in the game with 10 years.

So, don’t worry about the durability. As the company is so much confident about its product quality, you do not have to think about vanity insurance. And remember, if something happens, you are backed up by the 10-year warranty.

Marble Construction:

These vanities typically come with a sink and have extensive storage options surrounded by it. It has top-grade marble construction that contributes to its durability and heavyweight.

Brand assurance:

When it comes to the best bathroom vanities in the market, IKEA surely holds the top place. Most known for their iconic furniture, it didn’t take much time for IKEA to gain the trust of customers with their bathroom vanities.

Even though bathroom vanities from IKEA come with a pretty high price tag, both its design and durability make it worth the splurge.

The company assures the quality with their research and development team. Even they invest 1,58,000$ per year for each of their research development officers.

Perfect assembly process:

A great deal of a product’s durability depends on its assembly. Ikea maintains a sophisticated process to design, create, and assemble each of their product that ensures high quality.

How long do IKEA bathroom vanities last?

Bathroom vanities are made to last for quite a long time, and when it comes to IKEA essentials, durability is a sure thing.

IKEA bathroom vanities will last at least a good 5 years, but if taken good care of it and used properly, you can extend the longevity up to 5 more years. However, IKEA essentials are backed by a replacement warranty.

So, if you notice any sort of leaking in your sink or damage in the storage area, contact the nearest store right away to enjoy free customer service and repair.

Are IKEA vanities any good?

If you cannot make up your mind whether to invest in an IKEA bathroom vanity would be a good idea or not, then think no more.

IKEA vanities are one of the best bathroom vanities available in the market right now.

Made from the finest materials, it features a functional design that makes it convenient enough for regular use. And, when it comes to quality, you get what you pay for.

If the higher price is setting you back from getting this, then think twice as the quality of other vanities in the market don’t even come close to IKEA at this price point.

Even if you end up spending the same price as IKEA on some other bathroom vanities, the quality is most likely unmatched. So, if you ever intend to get some vanities for your bathroom, go for IKEA without thinking much!

What causes IKEA vanity to damage?

Although IKEA bathroom vanities are incredibly sturdy, they are still very prone to damage. If not used carefully, the durability it can deteriorate to a great extent.

So, it’s better to be wary of things that can potentially damage your bathroom vanities. Below is a list of things that can lead your IKEA vanities to damage.

Poor ventilation:

If the ventilation system doesn’t do a good job drawing all the moisture and humidity, then take a look at it right away.

Too much humidity can leave moisture residue in your vanities and stain the mirror in a pretty bad way.

Not to mention, these stains are tough to remove and can cause permanent damages to the vanities.

So, make sure to fix your vent, if needed, before splurging on IKEA vanities.

Leaky faucet:

If you have the habit of putting up with a leaky faucet, know that it can damage your high-end IKEA vanities.

Leaky faucets tend to leave excess moisture, which can later turn into major mold issues, and mold can ruin your vanities for good.

A leaky faucet requires a quick fix, so if you have been dealing with it for quite some time, it’s time to consider new fixtures.

Lack of maintenance:

Investing in high-end bathroom vanities is signing up for regular maintenance. So, cleaning up the debris once in a while is a must to avoid stopped up plumbing.

Unclog your plumber flushing hot water regularly if you want to extend the longevity of your bathroom vanities.

Not turning on the ventilator fan often:

Make sure to use the ventilator fan of your bathroom regularly, especially after taking a shower.

A fan helps pull the humidity and moisture out of the bathroom and, thus, prevents mold growth.

Minimize the splashing:

Splashing water all the time or leaving the faucet open can also contribute to mold or stain on the surface.

Minimize splashing water, especially around your vanity, to keep it clean as new for a long time.

Just follow the steps mentioned above, and you won’t have to worry about damaging your IKEA bathroom vanity!

How much weight can IKEA vanity hold?

Regardless of how small or big your IKEA bathroom vanities are, they can seamlessly hold up to a whopping 250 lbs of weight. Just make sure to secure the sink and storage to the countertop for extra protection.

Another thing you should be mindful of while installing floating vanity is how much weight your wall can bear.

If it is not strong enough to support a hundred pounds of weight, then go for the vanities that are compact and don’t weigh much.

If you want to make the most use of your vanities, then install them on the floor.

While bathroom vanity is typically installed against the back of the wall, housing it on the floor will allow you to put more weight on it.

How to maintain IKEA bathroom vanity?

Maintaining bathroom vanities can be a bit overwhelming; however, only the right maintenance can save your vanities from potential damages and repairs. The following steps can help you do that correctly.

Regular cleansing:

First thing first, make sure to clean the surface of your vanities regularly. Choose a cleaning product that is gentle and safe to use on the marble or ceramic surface.

Keep the plumber clog-free:

Unclogging the plumber using a plunger and keeping the surface debris free will also help you in the long run.

Keep it dry:

As mentioned earlier, excessive moisture can leave stains or molds on your vanity. Make sure to pat the surface dry using a gentle cloth after each use to prevent such mishaps.

Keep it in check:

If you notice any minor damage to the vanity, fix it right away before it turns into a major problem.

Follow the steps mentioned above, and you’ll be good to go!

How much does IKEA bathroom vanity cost?

The cost of the IKEA bathroom vanity differs according to size, weight, and model.

An individual bathroom vanity unit typically comes in two types; one is premade and the other custom-built.

While premade vanities can range from $150 up to $2600, you’ll have to spend some extra cash if you want it to be custom-made according to your choice.

Additionally, you’ll have to splurge some money on the installation too. Installing an IKEA bathroom vanity can take up to $300 to $1000.

But given its top-notch quality and incredible warranty service, the high price of IKEA bathroom vanity is justified!

Now that you are done reading this, we hope this article has given you a head start you needed before investing your money in the IKEA bathroom vanity.

Even though it can be pretty expensive, the space it provides for storing daily necessities and the contemporary vibe it adds to the decor make it irresistible to buy!