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Ice Maker Box Height: How High Should an Ice Maker Box Be?

Gadgets and appliance around the house should be carefully picked. the size and the convenience of use should be the first priority when it comes to choosing the right appliance. And for a new installment like the ice maker box, you should be more cautious. 

Instead of getting yourself in a fix, make sure you do proper research about the size and fitting of the appliance before you get it.

What is an ice maker outlet box?

An ice maker outlet box is an addition to the refrigerator. It is a box design that can provide quick turn off of the water supply, only a quarter-turn though, this is for the refrigerator ice maker or the water dispenser. It can be used with copper, PEX lines or CPVC.

Most of the new refrigerators have this added installation to make the ice making process easier. The temporary shut down of the water supply allows the ice to form quickly. Which is why many people prefer to install an ice maker outlet box with their refrigerator now a days.

An ice maker outlet box has proved to be very useful and efficient in recent times. Which is why many people opt to install an ice maker outlet box. They are easy to attach to an old refrigerator as well. And some of the new refrigerators come with an already installed ice maker outlet box.

By providing a quick turn off of the quarter turn of the ice maker outlet box allows the ice to form quicker. This is a very efficient and useful set of installation for modern day. This is why the installation has gained a huge amount of popularity.

Ice maker box height

For an ice maker outlet box, the ideal height should be around four feet. The outlet box should not be placed too low. An ice maker outlet box should not be too big either. It should not be too small either. A four feet high ice maker outlet box is good enough.

Ice maker boxes should not be too tall or placed too high. This would cause a bit of trouble with the normal functioning of the outlet box.

The average ice maker boxes are around 4 feet high, which is a good height for any kind of appliance. Anything taller than that would be an inconvenience.

Electronic appliances should not be too tall or too short. It is important for the convenience of the user that the appliance be a moderate height. And it is also important that the appliance be set in the right place, not too high and not too low.

A 4 feet high ice maker box is considered a perfect sized appliance. It can be set with any type of refrigerator without making much adjustment. Most times there will be no need for adjustments. The size of the ice maker box is perfect to be placed anywhere.

But it is also true that an ice maker box can be any height and size. There is no absolute rule that it should be 4 feet or less. According to the size of your refrigerator you can get an ice maker box of any size. You should consider your convenience as well.

Ice maker boxes have become an essential in the appliance sector. Most houses have ice maker boxes now a days. The ideal height for an ice maker box would be around four feet. Try not to get anything taller or higher than that size, or even shorter.

Do ice maker boxes have a standard height?

There is no standard or absolute size mentioned for an ice maker box. Most times, the size of the appliance depends on the convenience and the preference of the user.

It should also adjust well with the refrigerator. Ideally, most people go for an ice maker box that is about four feet high.

A 4 feet high ice maker box is the most common size asked for this appliance. it is considered to be the most convenient size for both the user and the refrigerator. The ice maker box is usually attached to a refrigerator, which is why it should not be too large.

Where should an ice maker box be placed?

There is no absolute height dimension mentioned when it comes to placing the ice box maker. You should place the appliance where it is the most convenient for use. Usually it is placed around 18 inches from the floor to the top of the outlet, when it is done by professionals.

The placement of the ice maker box is very important. It should not be an obstruction of any kind while opening or closing the refrigerator. The ice maker box should not be placed too high up the counter or the refrigerator as well. It might be hard to use in that case.

A common recommendation regarding the placement of the ice maker box is to put it above the adjacent counter height. Because at this height, you will not need to pull the fridge door all the way just to start or stop the ice maker box from functioning.

Some people prefer to put it behind the fridge as well. Other people have recommended to keep the ice maker box six inches above the floor. Which means, as long as the appliance is above the floor and is not an inconvenience to the user, it can be kept anywhere. 

How to install ice maker outlet box?

The new installation for refrigerators is the ice box maker outlets. It is not a new gadget however, the idea to install these have become a new hype due to the situations and demands. New and more people are eager to try out the ice maker box outlet installed in their fridges.

It may seem difficult to install the outlet box all by themselves. But it is not. There are usually instructions installed with the outlet box.

And even without the instructions, it will not be so difficult to attach an ice maker box outlet. For the ease of things, the instructions are stated below-

Attach mounting bracket:

First you should attach the mounting brackets and the studs. You can use either screws or nails for this.

Adjust height:

The height should be at your convenience. But 18 inches from the floor to the top of the adjacent counter is a good height.

Attach water lines:

The water distribution lines should be connected with the fittings now, You can use any type of push fittings. Make sure there is not much movement in the pipe fittings.

Attach faceplate:

Now you should be able to attach the faceplate into place since the wall surface is done.

Seal all fittings and turn on water line:

Keep the outlet box turned to the off position before you turn the water supply back on. Once all the fittings are done and sealed in place, you can turn the water supply on.

Ice maker outlets are important installation. They add an easy way to a quick turn off of the water supply without having to shift the entire refrigerator.

This is a big convenience for everyone. And it also helps the fridge to make the ice faster. In case of an emergency, this is a very useful attachment. It is also very efficient.

Final thoughts

Ice maker boxes have become a common appliance now a days. And the ideal height of these gadgets is around four feet. Though there is no definite height for the ice maker boxes, still four feet seems the most convenient for the installment. The height should not be too much r too small even.