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How to Keep Throw Pillows on a Leather Couch? (Explained)

Throw pillows are decorative pillows with an elegant appearance. Generally, people decorate their couches, sofas, beds, etc., with these throw pillows. Even these pillows can change the whole outlook of the furniture or room.

If you think all types of throw pillows can be placed on any furniture, then you might be wrong. Some furniture like leather couches has such texture that might not be suitable for keeping throw pillows.

So, you have to know how you can keep throw pillows on a leather couch. So, let’s see the detailed techniques.

How to keep throw pillows on the leather couch?

If you want to keep throw pillows on the leather couch, you have to create folded edges of the pillows. These edges will hold the pillows in their place. Moreover, you can select textured fabrics to make throw pillows and add crafty accessories. These will create friction with the leather couch.

So, you have to choose the throw pillows wisely or add other things to keep them on the leather couch. However, let’s see how you can do this.

Choose textured fabric:

If you choose throw pillows that have cotton or silk-type fabrics, the pillows will slip off. So, you have to choose a textured fabric that will create friction. For example, you can choose suede, linen, and velvet to make throw pillows.

The textured fabrics have coarse grains. These grains will make it difficult for pillows to slide off. You can also keep a two-layer throw pillow that can hold one another together.

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Fold the edges:

While making the throw pillows, you can fold the edges of the pillows to make the edges frictional. These folded edges will keep the throw pillows in their places. Moreover, the folded edges will also make the throw pillows look attractive.

Use crafty accessories:

You can use crafty accessories to throw pillows that will keep them in place. For example, if you add fabric flowers or geometric strips on the throw pillows, the pillows will get some friction.

Moreover, the design of the throw pillows will be attractive. You can also add materials on the throw pillows that will make the pillows crafty and frictional.

Use slipcover:

You can also use slipcover on throw pillows to resist their slipping off. You have to tuck the pillow into the slipcover and set the pillows on the leather couch. This slipcover will keep the throw pillow in place.

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Arrange the pillows strategically:

You have to arrange the throw pillows strategically so that the pillows don’t slide off. You have to mix and match the pillows to create friction among them. Stacking them will make the pillows stay in their positions.

Can you put couch pillows on a leather couch?

Yes, you can put couch pillows on a leather couch. But you have to ensure the material of couch pillows is not slippery. Generally, regular couch pillows slip off from the leather couch for the leather’s smooth texture.

While choosing couch pillows for a leather couch, you have to choose heavier pillows. Heavy couch pillows will not slide off easily. Moreover, you can choose boldly textured couch pillows for the leather couch.

So, you can use couch pillows on a leather couch if the pillows have frictional characteristics. Moreover, if the pillows are heavy, you can use them on the leather couches.

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4 reasons decorative pillow slips from leather couch:

You might have experienced that decorative pillows slip from the leather couch. So, you might be confused about the reasons behind it. So, let’s see the reasons why decorative pillows slip from leather couches.

Smooth surface:

Generally, leather couches have a smooth surface. Even, when you sit on them, you might feel slippery. So, when you keep pillows on the leather couch, the pillows can hold with the leather surface and slip from it.

Slippery pillow covers:

You know that leather couches are slippery. Moreover, if the pillow covers are also slippery, the pillows will slip from the couch. Generally, silk-type fabrics are the most slippery for pillow covers.

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Lack of design:

If the pillows have no designer accessories and designs on them, the pillows will be slippery. These plain pillows will not create any friction with the couch. So, they will slip from the leather couch.


Lightweight pillows are likely to slip from the leather couch. If the pillow is heavy, it will create some friction for its weight. So, if you use lightweight pillows on the leather couch, they will slip off.

What material does not slip on leather?

Some fabrics are smooth and slip on the leather. So, if you want to make something that will not slip on leather, you have to choose the fabric wisely. So, here is a list of materials that don’t slip on leather.


Linen fabric isn’t that slippery. They have coarse grain and can create friction on leather. So, if you use linen product on leather, it will not slip.

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Velvet is a thick fabric. Though you might think velvet will be slippery for their shiny appearance, they are thick and heavy. So, this fabric will hold on to the leather for its heaviness.

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Suede is another material that doesn’t slip on leather. This fabric has such texture that keeps them stuck on the leather.

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Rubber is one of the best materials that doesn’t slip on leather. Many fabrics are available that are made of rubbery materials. So, these fabrics made of rubber don’t slip on leather.

What kind of pillows do you use on a leather couch?

When it comes to choosing pillows for a leather couch, you can choose the right fabric. You should add pillows that have linen, cotton, velvet, etc., fabrics. You can also choose organic fabrics that have a thick texture.

Moreover, pillows that have accessories and designs with them are suitable for a leather couch. These designs will keep the pillows stuck on the leather. Besides, the heavier pillows are suitable for the leather couch.

So, while choosing pillows for a leather couch, you have to keep the fabric and designs appropriate.

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How do I make my leather couch look cozy?

The most common way to make your leather couch look cozy is to add pillows and blankets to it. You can add some throw pillows on the leather couch. They will make the couch look stylish and cozy.

Generally, leather couches are basic couches that don’t look comfortable without anything on them. So, you can also add a blanket on the couch to make it look comfortable. Moreover, you can add white and light color pillows to make your leather couch look cozy.

How do you put a throw blanket on a couch?

When you put a throw blanket on a couch, you can’t put it randomly. You have to put the blanket in such a way so that it looks comfortable and stylish. So, you can fold the blanket and keep it in one corner of the couch. You can also keep a pillow on the folded blanket.

Besides, you can simply throw the blanket on the handle of the couch and make it look cozy. Moreover, you can put the blanket casually folded and keep a pillow with the blanket.

But if you want to keep the blanket look clean and simple, you can just fold the blanket and keep it on the arm of the couch.

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How do you cover a leather couch with fabric?

Leather couches are generally slippery. So, many people like to cover a leather couch with fabric. If you want to add fabric to the leather couch, you can make a cover for the leather couch.

Generally, you can cover the leather couch with blankets. But if you want to add something firm and permanent, you can add cover. You have to cut the fabric according to the size of the couch.

Then you have to put the fabric on the couch and stitch the fabric in such a way so that the fabric sticks to the leather.

Final Thoughts:

Throw pillows can slip from the leather couch. So, you can choose heavy and bold textured fabrics for the pillows. You can keep throw pillows that are made of thick fabrics like cotton, velvet, linen, etc. Moreover, you can add designs and fold edges of the pillows to keep them on the leather.