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Sweet Smell in House: Why and How to Get Rid of It?

Our homes are full of different kinds of smells. But the smells come from distinct things. Either the smell is from a scented plant or food. But most of the smells are familiar to use.

So, whenever we notice an unusual smell in our house, we start to find the source. Because all smells don’t indicate usual things always.

So, if you notice a sweet constant smell in your house you might get confused. Sometimes, the sweet smell indicates normal things and sometimes it can be dangerous. So, you have to know the source and how you can get rid of it.

Why is there a sweet smell in my house?

If you get a sweet smell in your house, it can come from mold and mildew build-ups in your house. Moreover, a sweet smell can indicate something dangerous like refrigerant leakage, gas leakage, etc. Sometimes, the smell can come from insect infestation. So, you must identify the reason behind it.

If you want to get rid of the sweet unusual smell, you have to identify the source and reason first. So, let’s see the main reasons behind a sweet smell in your house.

Mold and mildew:

It might sound weird, but a sweet smell can come from the mold and mildew in your house.

Especially, the mold build-up in the basement, kitchen, and bathroom areas cause this smell. If the smell is like a sweet pungent smell or sweet sticky smell, it can come from mold and mildew build-ups.

The areas in your house get constant water and fluid, which is supposed to build up mold. So, mold can cause a sweet smell in your house. Even, this type of mold can cause hygiene and health issues.

Refrigerant leakage:

The sweet smell in your house can come from the refrigerant leakage. Generally, refrigerant is a material that helps the refrigerator to work well. But if the refrigerant leaks, it will cause an unusual and sweet smell in your house.

If the leakage is not solved immediately, it can cause dangerous medical issues. Because the refrigerant contains highly toxic elements.

Air conditioner leakage:

Air conditioners have also liquids like refrigerants. If the air conditioner liquid leaks, it will cause a sweet and maple syrup-like smell in your house.

Generally, when the formic acids from different elements of your house mix with the copper of the air conditioner, the air conditioning coolant will leak.  

Furnace leakage:

Another reason behind the sweet smell in your house can be from the furnace leakage. Generally, the heat exchanger in the furnace pushes hot air from the furnace through the air ducts. If it leaks, it will release a sweet smell similar to formaldehyde.

But this sweet smell is not normal like the other reasons. It can indicate the danger that you must solve immediately.

Because heat exchanger leakage can be carbon monoxide (CO). You might know that carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can be harmful.

Generally, carbon monoxide doesn’t have a particular scent. But it might smell sweet sometimes. If you can notice or assume a sweet smell coming from the heat exchanger, you must take immediate action.

Insect infestation:

It might also sound awkward, but a sweet smell can come from the insect infestation. Generally, the bugs or insects that can emit sweet oil, will smell sweet. A sweet smell indicates larger infestations of bugs, like ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, etc.

If you notice a sweet smell after vacation, or sweet rotten smell, or a sweet sticky smell, these can indicate insect infestation.


A sweet smell in your house can come from chloroform gas. Though this gas doesn’t have a strong smell. But a slightly sweet smell can come from the gas.

Chloroform is a naturally occurring gas that is not that dangerous. But man-made chloroform can be highly dangerous.


Sometimes, you might notice a sweet smell in your house after rain. This smell is pretty usual and safe for your house.

Generally, when it rains, the build-ups of plant oils are released into the air. Moreover, this oil mixes with an element called geosmin and cause a sweet smell.

Lack of air circulation:

It might be rare, but lack of air circulation can also cause a sweet smell in your house. Generally, this might be a reason after you return to your home after a vacation.

When you go for a vacation, your house doesn’t get enough ventilation and air circulation during those days. So, when you come back to your house, you might get the sweet smell. Generally, this smell doesn’t last a long time.

Low air pressure:

If your house has a low air pressure than the outside environment, it can cause a sweet smell. Generally, low air pressure will cause a sweet smoky smell in your house.

Other chemicals and gases:

Different chemicals and gases have different smells. Generally, we use a lot of electronic devices nowadays.

These devices also contain some chemicals and gases. Gas or chemical leakage can cause sweet smells. For example, cyanide gas can cause a sweet almond smell in your house.

How to get rid of the sweet smell in the house?

When you get to know the source of the sweet smell, you might want to know the solution for the smell. So, let’s see how you can get rid of the sweet smell in your house.

Cleaning mold and mildew:

If the sweet smell comes from the mold and mildew build-up, you have to clean them to get rid of the smell. You have to clean the places that are close to constant moisture.

For example, you can clean the kitchen, bathroom, and basement areas. Moreover, cleaning carpets, rugs, mats, etc., can also be helpful.

Solving leakage from the refrigerator and air conditioner:

If you notice the sweet smell is coming from the leakage of refrigerant or air conditioner, you have to fix it quickly. You might not be able to solve it on your own. So, it will be wise if you seek help from professionals.

Solving leakage from furnace:

If the sweet smell is from the leakage of the furnace, you have to seek professional help immediately.

It will be wise if you leave the house immediately. Because furnace leakage from the heat exchanger is the leakage of carbon monoxide that can be harmful.

Even many people have lost their life immediately being close to carbon monoxide gas. So, you have to leave the house immediately and call for emergency help if you notice the leakage is from the heat exchanger.

Solving insect infestation problem:

If you notice that the sweet smell of your house is coming from the insect infestation, you can solve it on your own.

Generally, bed bugs problems can be solved by washing the bedsheets with warm water. Moreover, you can repel insects or bugs with vinegar or commercial products.

But if the problem is with a large infestation, you can get help from professionals.


You might know that lack of air circulation or pressure difference from the outside of your house can cause a sweet smell in the house. You can solve it by providing enough ventilation to the house.

If you come from a vacation, you have to open the doors and windows of the house to provide air circulation. You can also turn on the fans of your house to provide air passing.

Removing gas and chemical smells:

If you can identify other gases and chemicals sweet smells in your house, you should contact professionals. Because you might don’t know how much the gases or chemicals can be harmful. So, seek professional help.

Solving rotten sweet smell:

If you notice other rotten sweet smells in your house, it might be coming from any rotten food or wastes in your house. So, try to keep the rotten food away from your house. Clean the house regularly so that any waste smell can’t remain for a long time.

Other ways:

If you still can’t find a way to remove the sweet smell in your house, you can contact authorities or professionals to find out the reason behind it.

Besides, clean your house with baking soda, vinegar, essential oil, and other natural elements to keep your house odorless. Moreover, these elements will make your house smell nice.

Final Thoughts

The sweet smell is not always pleasant. Especially when you get a sudden and unusual sweet smell in your house. Because a sweet smell can indicate gas leakage, furnace leakage, coolant leakage, insect infestation, lack of air circulation, etc., problems. So, try to find solutions for these problems.