How to Get Paint Off the Vinyl Floor? (Easy Tips)

Have you ever spilled paint while doing a paint job on your home? The answer is yes almost all of the time. The issue is very common and easy to fix.

Vinyl floors may seem very hard to clean but on the contrary it is rather easy to remove the stains from the vinyl floor planks. Most of the time, the paint stains can be cleaned very easily with stuff that is around the house.

How to get paint off the vinyl floor?

Usually, a bit of scrapping and water should be able to take the paint off the vinyl floors. If you want to loosen the dry paint, add water little by little. Gently rub the floor with a plastic pad. You can add dish soap to make the scrapping easier. And if that doesn’t work, use a vinyl eraser.

How do you remove paint from vinyl?

It is very common for paints to be spilled on the floor, be it little or more. And it may seem difficult to remove the paint from new or old floors. Well, it is not much difficult. Once the paint dries, you might have to put in more effort, however.

The common way to get rid of paint is to scrape it off using water or vinyl eraser. But the amount and process depend a lot on what type of paint is spilled. Let’s have a look at what you can do with different types of paints when they spill on your vinyl floor-

How to get acrylic paint off vinyl floor?

Acrylic paints are usually very easy to scrape off from the vinyl floors. The simple steps are-

  • Put a little water on the paint;
  • Start to slowly scrape off the paint;
  • Add more water as you start to see the paint come off.

How to get oil based paint off vinyl flooring?

Oil based paints take time to dry and stick. But once they have dried, it is close to impossible to remove them from the floor-

  • Wipe the paint with a damp cloth;
  • To cover the stain, use rubbing alcohol and keep it there for a few minutes;
  • Use liquid wax to remove the paint if nothing works.

How to get latex paint off the vinyl floor?

Latex based paints should be taken care of immediately. It can be fixed with two ingredients only-

  • Soak a paper towel in rubbing alcohol;
  • Keep the soaked towel over the paint for a few minutes;
  • Rub away the paint gently.

How to get spray paint off the vinyl floor?

Spray paint can be hard to remove. It uses the same techniques but in repetitive sessions-

  • Cover the paint tainted area with a towel soaked in rubbing alcohol;
  • Keep the towel there for about ten minutes;
  • Rub the paint away;
  • Place another towel soaked in rubbing alcohol;
  • Repeat this until the paint is removed.

How to get dried paint off the vinyl floor?

Dried paints are easier to get rid of. But if you are not careful, you might do damage to your floor-

  • Start scraping the paint off from under the dry paint;
  • Loosen it up with a bit of water;
  • Use dish soap and a plastic scrub to clean the residue paint.

Getting rid of paint stains from vinyl flooring can be a pain in the back. But it is easier if you know what to use and how to deal with the different types of paints.

What to use to get paint off the vinyl floor?

When you spill paint on your vinyl floor it becomes very obvious and looks bad. It is best to remove it immediately.

Because once the paint dries, it can be hard to remove it. But not impossible. There are ways to get that dried paint off the floors. Your just need to know what to use and how to use it-

  • Water;
  • Vinyl Erasers;
  • Rubbing Alcohol;
  • Acetone;
  • Liquid Wax;
  • Vinegar;
  • Paint Thinners;
  • Mineral spirits;
  • Lemon juice and rubbing alcohol solution;
  • Floor cleaners;
  • Knife;
  • Scrappers;
  • Plastic pads;
  • Towels;
  • Paper towels;

There are many things you can use to clean a floor that has been tainted with paint. Usually wiping the paint immediately helps a lot. The residue can be cleaned with cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

If you find the paint has dried, use a knife or a scraper to scrape off the paint. Use water to loosen the paint bits. And for the leftover paint, use cleaner or rubbing alcohol to clean it up.

Will paint thinner damage vinyl flooring?

Paint thinners are your last resort if you can’t clean the paint off of your vinyl floor. But be sure to check it out on a small spot before applying it on the entire place.

Paint thinners use very concentrated acids. This might damage the layers of the vinyl floors. This is why you should be very careful with this. Make sure the room has adequate ventilation. Use it in a small area at first to see if it hurts the floor.

Paint thinners are not necessarily damaging, but they should be handled with caution. Make sure to be extra careful to not damage the floors only, but also yourself. Keep the air flow going to prevent your being affected with its severe smell. 

Does nail polish remover damage vinyl?

It is very common for acetone or nail polish removers to be damaging to any hardware layers. But when used at a moderate level and with much caution, the damage can be avoided.

Nail polish removers have acetone as its main ingredient. This is very harmful. It can burn off layers if used too much. But sometimes, to remove matted and dried paint stains, people use nail polish removers.

If this solvent is used properly and in adequate amounts, it should not damage the layers of the vinyl floors. But it is still advised not to be used without supervision. As it can cause permanent damage to the flooring and layers of the vinyl.

Can I use acetone on vinyl flooring?

Acetone is a very common spirit solvent used to remove any stains from the floors. It can be very intense and usually gets the job done within one use. Though potentially harmful, acetone can be used on vinyl flooring.

Acetone tends to clean up well. It works best on the floors and hard places. The solvent is very intense and has very concentrated acids as main spirits.

This is why the chemical can be dangerous to use. However, with precautions and experience it can be used on vinyl flooring to remove paint or any dry stains.

Will Goo Gone remove dried paint?

 If you want a quick solution for your tainted floors you should go for floor cleaners. Like Goo Gone, which is a high rated cleaner that usually works on any type of stain.

Dried out paint stains can be very hard to get rid of. And most of the time, the floors get damaged while removing the paint stains. This is why using a floor cleaner is a safe and quick option.

You might need to scrub and wash the floor with more effort when using Goo Gone. But it is worth it as the floor will look squeaky clean in no time. So if you are looking for a good cleanser that will remove the dried paint from your floor, Goo Gone will help.

Can goof off be used on vinyl?

Goof Off is a floor cleaner which is fairly popular. It is known to remove the toughest of stains. It is safe to use on vinyl floors as well. However, there are some conditions when it won’t be safe to use this cleanser-

  • If the vinyl floor is damaged;
  • If your vinyl flooring has any cutting on the first layer of the plank;
  • Do not use is consistently or consequently;
  • Do not use the product in a large amount or area;
  • Refrain from scraping the floor after using the solvent.

Goof Off is pretty much safe to use if you keep these things in mind.

Does vinegar remove paint?

Vinegars are always a go to item when it comes to removing paints of the floor. The ingredient is known to remove any intense and dense stain and dirt from any surface. There is a bit of an issue with the stench, but it is bearable.

It has zero damage records compared to other chemicals. And vinegar is one of the most common items that can be found in almost every household. /this budget friendly ingredient is your savior when you need a quick fix.

Paint stains of vinyl floors can be a handful and a bother as it catches the eye very quickly. This is why you should take steps as soon as you spot any paint stain. Figure out the type of paint that has spilled and use the appropriate items to remove the stain.       

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