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How to Fix Squeaky Door Hinges Without Wd40? (Answered)

A squeaking door is an annoying sound. Hearing the noise is unbearable sometimes. Generally, the door hinges become squeaky after gradual use.

You might have tried different things to fix the squeaky door hinges. Even you might have tried WD40. But WD40 might not always be available, and it is not ideal also.

So, you might be confused about how to fix squeaky door hinges without WD40. You might hear different tips, but all are not effective.

So, you must know about the best remedies for squeaky door hinges. Moreover, learning about the application process of those solutions is also essential.

Fixing squeaky door hinges without wd40

You can fix squeaky door hinges using lubricants without WD40. For example, you can use Vaseline, bar soap, cooking oil, petroleum jelly, multipurpose oil, paraffin, etc., on the squeaky door hinges. These ingredients will work as a lubricant and prevent the door from making squeaky noises.

However, if you want to solve the squeaking noise problem of your door, you have to fix the problem. Different methods might be available. But you have to follow the best one to solve the problem quickly.

People might suggest you use WD40. But it will not be an ideal element for the door hinges. Here are some methods you can follow to fix the squeaky door hinges without WD40.

Cleaning the door hinges:

You might know that when the door hinges get rusted or oxidized, they make squeaky noise. Moreover, if something has been stuck on the hinges, it will also be squeaky. So, you have to clean the door hinges to solve the problem.

To do this, you have to fix one hinge at a time. First, close the door and loosen the hinge pin using a piece of nail and hammer. After that, you must put out the hinge pin and clean the hinges very well.

After cleaning the hinges, you have to insert the hinge pin again. Now you can check the door by opening and closing it.

Applying lubricant:

You can use a lubricant to stop the squeaking from the door hinges. For applying lubricant, you can apply it from outside without opening the door hinges. Otherwise, you have to open the door hinges and use the lubricant.

When it comes to applying lubricant, a lot of options are available. Many commercial lubricants are available to apply on doors and hinges. If you want a quick solution, you can also use a natural lubricant available at your home.

Applying petroleum jelly:

Among the various petroleum jellies, Vaseline is one of the well-known petroleum jellies applied as a lubricant.

Generally, Vaseline has a lubricating property that helps effectively. Moreover, the consistency of this petroleum jelly is suitable to use on door hinges. Because this petroleum jelly adheres to the surface.

Applying cooking oil:

You might know that cooking oils can be of different types. Among these, some of the cooking oils are suitable to use as lubricants. Sometimes, you notice the squeaky sound of the door, and you don’t have much time to buy commercial lubricant.

Then you have to use something that is available at home. So, you can use cooking oil. Cooking oil is pretty effective and cost-effective in solving the problem. You just have to put some drops of the oil into the pins of the door hinges.

Among the cooking oils, you can use olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, etc., as a lubricant for the door hinges. If you want a better result, you have to put the oil on the door hinges overnight; the next day, you will notice the squeaking sound is not there anymore.

Other solutions:

Many other different solutions can also solve the problem. For example, paraffin wax candles effectively remove the door squeaking. You have to rub the candle wax on the door hinges and the pins on the hinges. This will work as lubrication on the hinges.

Moreover, you can use multipurpose oil that works as a lubricant. Even you can use bar soap on the door hinges. You have to rub the bar soap on the hinges and wait some time. This will remove the squeaky sound of the door.

If the above methods don’t solve the problem, the door hinges are damaged. You can remove the damaged hinges and replace them with new ones.

Can I use cooking oil for squeaky door hinges?

Yes, you can use cooking oil for squeaky door hinges. But all cooking oils do not effectively remove the squeaky sound from the door hinges. You have to choose an effective oil to solve the problem.

Generally, coconut oil is pretty effective in working as a lubricant for the door hinges. If you want to use coconut oil as a lubricant, you have to put the oil on the door hinges and wait overnight. The next day, you will see no more squeaking sounds.

Moreover, you can use olive or to the door hinges. Like the coconut oil, you also have to put this oil on the hinges overnight. Besides, you can use canola oil on the door hinges to remove squeaky sounds.

These oils are the most effective in solving the squeaky door problem. However, when you use these oils on the door hinges, you have to ensure that the oil is absorbed well into the pins of the hinges. This will solve the problem quickly.

Can you use silicone spray on door hinges?

Yes, you can use silicone spray on door hinges. Silicone spray works very effectively to solve the door squeaking. Generally, this spray is available in stores. Moreover, the quality of this spray is good. So, the door hinges remain in good condition after applying this spray.

Besides, silicone spray is free from grease. So, it doesn’t make the door and the hinges greasy. Moreover, there is no mineral oil in this prayer.

You can use silicone spray on different surfaces too. So, the materials around the door hinges don’t get damaged from using silicone spray.

To apply silicone spray, you have to remove the hinge from the door. The hinge will be removed by removing the pin from the hinge. Then you have to spray the silicone spray on the hinge and the pin. After that, you can re-insert the pin again and the hinge on the door.

Then you will see that the squeaking sound is removed from the door. So, you can use silicone spray on the door hinges.

What can I put on door hinges to stop squeaking other than wd40?

You can put different types of lubricants and lubricating materials on door hinges to stop squeaking other than WD40. So, let’s see what you can put on door hinges to stop squeaking.


Vaseline is excellent petroleum jelly. It works well as a lubricating material. You can apply Vaseline to the door hinges to stop squeaking.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is of suitable cooking oil that works as lubricating oil. You have to put this oil on the hinges and the pins overnight to see a better result.

Paraffin candles:

Paraffin candles are also available readily, and you can use them to stop the squeaking of the door. You have to rub the candles on the door hinges and pins to get a better result.

Silicone spray:

Silicone spray is another suitable material to use on door hinges. You have to remove the door hinges and apply silicone spray on the hinges. Then after re-inserting the hinges, the squeaking sound will be stopped.

Final Thoughts

The squeaking of the door is a pretty annoying thing that you can solve very quickly. People might suggest WD40, but it is not ideal to use on door hinges. So, you can use lubricants. Moreover, you can use petroleum jelly, cooking oil, paraffin, bar soap, etc., as a lubricating material.