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How to Cover Bunk Bed Ladder and Stop Toddler from Climbing?

Bunk beds are a great asset for people who have limited space in their homes. Normally bunk beds are found in dorms but it’s becoming very common in family households as well.

In the case of family households, bunk beds can cause a bit of concern as toddlers often try to climb the ladder to the top.

Babies by nature are curious and they try to climb whatever they feel is reachable. But while doing so, there’s also the risk of them falling and getting hurt. That’s why it’s important to know you can cover the bunk bed ladder to stop toddlers from climbing.

How to stop a toddler from climbing?

The best way to stop a toddler from climbing is to childproof your house. Toddlers will try to climb whatever they can find whether it’s a bunk bed ladder or a table. By disciplining them and providing them with a safe climbing environment, you can stop them from climbing unnecessary places. 

How to stop a toddler climbing a bunk bed ladder? – How to block a bunk bed ladder?

If you have a bunk bed in your house, you should keep an eye out for your toddler as he/she will try to climb the ladder at every opportunity. While supervising them may prevent them from climbing, but you won’t be able to track them all the time.

That’s why you need to figure out alternate ways to stop them from climbing the bunk bed ladder.

Bunk bed ladder blocker:

Bunk bed ladder blocker comes in different forms and shapes, plus, the materials are also different. You’ll be able to find ladder blockers made out of fabric, plywood, and multiple other materials.

The main purpose of the bunk bed ladder blocker is to hide the steps and make the ladder a flat surface.

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Bunk bed ladder safety kit:

Some bunk beds feature a unique safety kit that comes with the bed set. You can simply attach the safety kit to the ladder and make it childproof.

 You will be able to buy it separately, or you can make one at home using basic house tools.

Bunk bed ladder barrier:

Bunk bed ladder barriers are quite similar to the ladder blocker as it serves a similar purpose. Some bunk beds come with a built-in blocker that doubles as a door to the upper bed. It looks decent when installed and also gets the job done.

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Provide alternate climbing options:

When babies reach the age of crawling, out of curiosity they start to climb whatever they feel is reachable.

So, by providing them with a playing area where they can climb, crawl and even jump safely, they won’t feel the need to climb the bunk bed ladder.

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Supervising your toddler:

It goes without saying that toddlers need supervision almost constantly. While this may get tough for working parents, you can find babysitters or relatives to look after your baby.

You can also opt to lock the room where the bunk bed is placed.

Teaching your toddler climbing:

One day or the other you will eventually have to teach your toddler how to climb. If you successfully manage to teach your toddler to climb down from the ladder, then you won’t have to stress out as much.

As it’s a part of their development period, some parents say it’s better to teach them climbing skills rather than being too afraid of it.

How do you make bunk bed stairs safer?

In order to make your bunk bed stair safer, you can follow the steps given below –

Install the bunk bed ladder properly:

One of the very first things that you should focus on after getting a bunk bed is installing the ladder properly. Most injuries occur because the ladder comes off from the joint and starts shaking while climbing.

By ensuring that your ladder is perfectly in place, you can prevent multiple risks.

Showing your kid how to use a bunk bed:

If you have a toddler, teach him to sleep in the lower bunker and your older child should sleep on the upper bunker. Once they get accustomed to their sleeping arrangement, the toddler won’t try to climb the stairs.

You can also slowly start teaching the toddler how to climb the ladder.

Angling the ladder:

Having a steep ladder on the bunk bed can cause your toddler to fall from it. Make sure you have a ladder that’s slightly angled towards the bed. Angling the ladder will enable your toddler to climb safely if he ever wants to climb it.

Childproofing the bunk bed:

There are various ways to childproof the bunk bed including ladder blocker, bunk bed safety kit, and so on. You can even make a ladder barrier at your home using the materials at home.

Watching a few tutorials on the DIY ladder barrier is a good place to start.

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Install handrails:

Handrails are vital if your kids are relatively young. They would be able to use the rails for support while climbing. Even if they have shaky moments, they’d be able to balance themselves using the railings.

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Keep the surroundings soft:

New furniture often has sharp edges that can lead to different injuries. Soften the edges using duck-tape or foam and use cushions wherever necessary.

You can even keep few pillows right underneath the ladder for worst-case scenarios.

How to cover a bunk bed ladder?

You can cover a bunk bed ladder using various materials including plywood, stainless steel frame, and even fabric. For plywood and stainless steel barriers, you can simply attach them to one side of the ladder and turn them into a door. You can also attach them to the steps using rubbers. 

How do you soften a bunk bed ladder? – How to cushion a bunk bed ladder?

To soften a bunk bed ladder you can follow the tips given below –

Using pool noodle cover:

Pool noodles are a great substitute for ladder covers. After buying pool noodles according to the size of your ladder steps cut them horizontally, place them over the ladder steps and glue them back in place.

It’s relatively simple to do and won’t cost you a fortune.

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Anti-slip tape for bunk bed ladders:

As the name suggests, anti-slip tapes are meant to prevent the slipperiness of the ladder rungs. By applying the tape on the steps of the ladder, you’ll make it slip-resistant.

This will allow your toddler to use the ladder without any harm.

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Bunk bed ladder step covers:

These are commercial grade step covers that are designed to cushion your bunk bed ladder. Rung covers are available in most of the shops as well as all the online stores.

You can just buy the step covers and install them on your bunk bed ladder.

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Bunk bed ladder cushions for the rails:

The rails of the ladder can also hurt your child as it’s a solid surface. You can get ladder cushions that go over the rails and prevent all sorts of harms.

Using foam instead of buying cushions from the store is also a viable option.

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Placing pillows underneath the ladder:

Placing a few pillows underneath the ladder will lessen the chance of your toddler falling from the ladder and injuring himself. You can use other items as well to soften the surrounding area of the ladder.

How to make a bunk bed ladder cover?

The following is a step-by-step guide on how you can make a bunk bed ladder cover at home.

Pick the material and measure it:

You can use plywood or stainless steel sheets to make the bunk bed ladder cover. After you pick the material, measure the ladder and cut a piece that aligns perfectly with the ladder.

Add wooden support at the back:

You will need to add a few small pieces of wood on the cover, to place it on the ladder. According to the gap of the rung insert two small pieces of wood so that the cover can latch onto the ladder and doesn’t fall off.

Check for errors:

After you’ve set up the support, place it on the ladder and see whether the cover aligns perfectly. Try pulling and tugging the cover.

If it stays in place, then your work is almost done and if there are issues then fix them by taking proper measurements.

Decorate the cover:

Because the bunk bed is for your kids, try to make it appealing to them. You can even let them paint on the cover so that they feel a connection to it.

What angle should a bunk bed ladder be?

Generally, your bunk bed ladder should be angled somewhere around 15⁰ to 30⁰. But if your bunk bed is for a toddler then you can incline the ladder even further to make it easier for them to climb. 

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How many life loss occur from bunk beds?

Bunk bed-related fatalities are very rare in most countries. A study conducted in the US found nearly 36,000 kids were taken to the hospital annually because of bunk bed injuries. Collapsing mattresses and head entrapment were the main causes of life risks.

How do I stop my child from falling off the top bunk?

You should use guardrails on both sides of the upper bed and keep your toddlers below age six away from the top bunk. You should also use dim lights at night so that they know what’s where.

Finally, by teaching them about the risks and safety measures, you will be able to keep them from falling off.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, toddlers will try to climb whatever they can because of their curious nature. By child-proofing the climbable places in your house you will be able to keep them safe. You should also provide your toddler with a safe climbing environment and always try supervising them.