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How Thick Are Exterior Doors? (Explained)

Exterior doors are the first thing anyone notices while entering a house. Many try to keep it simple while others prefer an extravagant exterior door. You should always go with your preference while considering the trend. No loss even if you keep it simple.

Following the below, tips and information regarding the exterior doors and how thick they should be would give you an idea of choosing the right exterior door.

Exterior door thickness

The thickness of the exterior door slightly depends on the height and width of the door. Generally, the thickness is kept between 1 ¾ inch to 2 ¾ inches. The standard one is 1 ¾ inches. As it would depend on the size of the door, you should keep the thickness in between the range.

Doors are the entrance to any place. The exterior door is the entrance to the house. It would draw the attention of others while giving them an idea of the interior vibe. You can keep the exterior door simple and classy or even exaggerated. The exterior door would reflect your taste.

Exterior wood doors:

Wooden doors are always in trend. Most importantly it is common and gives a traditional vibe. Some people want to give their house a modern look while some would keep it traditional. For the traditional look, wooden doors are always preferable.

You can also choose your style and even designs. Crafting the wooden door would definitely highlight it. Moreover, it is indeed the best creation. You have multiple options while making a design on it. You should always choose the wooden color for the door to keep it elegant.

The height and the width depend on the interior of the space. It also has an impact on the door’s thickness. Normally 6 ft 8 inches tall doors are used for the exterior one. Well, the height can vary if you want a bigger door. The width should be not less than 4 ft.

For every door, the thickness should be 1 ¾ inches. Well, the thickness can be 2 inches or 2 ¾ inches if the width is more than 4 feet. The greater width would facilitate the noise prevention as the door would be the bigger barrier to pass.

Exterior metal doors:

Nowadays, exterior metal doors are more preferred by people rather than traditional wooden doors. Metal doors are now in trend because of the lockers. You can install locks on it, which makes it a bit fancier and classy. The classy greyish color of the metal door would also go with the modern interior designs.

Apart from that, many prefer using colors on the metal doors. Well, it might be due to the color code in a particular area. Following the color code is indeed better. The size of the exterior metal door is not different from the wooden doors. It similarly depends on the space. The thickness of the door should be 1 ¾ inch to 2 ¾ inches depending on the size of the door. You can generally keep the thickness 1 ¾ inch.

Metal doors are quite a good one to prevent noises from entering. Though some building codes may not allow the use of metal doors, using them as exterior doors might be okay. You do not even need to increase the thickness of the door as it is already a solid metal that acts as a great barrier.

What is the code for exterior door thickness?

According to the code for exterior doors, the thickness should be 1 ¾ inch. Well, it goes the same for the interior doors. There are also building codes, you need to follow the building codes as well. The standard thickness for the exterior doors is 1 ¾ inches and it is the minimum thickness you can keep.

The thickness depends on the height and width of the door and also the space. Not necessarily it has to be 1 ¾ inch if the width is larger. The thickness is necessary to provide protection. But it should not be too heavy.

This would make it tough to hold the door and include times of emergency, you should be able to push and pull the door properly and fast. That’s why following the codes is necessary to tackle any emergency situation.

3 factors that determine the exterior door thickness

Exterior doors reflect the interior designs. Most people keep a wooden carved exterior door that matches the interior. Modern houses keep metal doors as their exterior doors to keep them stylish. The thickness of the exterior door depends on certain factors. Those factors are given below.

Door size:

The door thickness highly depends on the door size. Well, most doors need a height of 6 feet. Or it might increase depending on the need. The width and the style of the door matter as well. If you are using double doors, you need to consider the attachment of the doors. The greater thickness is better unless it becomes heavier.

Preventing noise pollution:

The door thickness is necessary to prevent noise from entering the rooms. Especially in the case of exterior doors, they are certainly thicker than interior doors. Thickness works as a barrier to the sound wave. Thus, it prevents noise from entering. You can also make the doors soundproof if you want.

Hinges and knocks:

As you need to place the hinges and knock on the exterior doors, you need to consider that as well. When you are also installing the door locks, the thickness should not be a barrier. Standard thickness is always preferable in all cases.

How to measure exterior door thickness to install?

Exterior doors are the protectors of a house. You can keep only one exterior door or multiple depending on the space and security. In the case of buildings, there is a low chance of that. While installing the door, you need to measure the width, height, and also thickness.

You can follow the below steps to measure the door thickness before installing it.

Measuring door thickness:

You should definitely measure the door thickness, before installing it or ordering it. Otherwise, ordering a different one would only cost money. Most of the time, the doors have an ideal thickness of 1 ¾ inches. It is usually kept 2 inches thick and the frame has to be 4-9/16 inches.

If you have already installed the door frames, measure the jam of it to get the thickness of the door. You can use the measuring tape. You should avoid the external part or extended thickness of the jam. But measure the internal extension. It is mostly kept 4-9/16 inches. Well, it can vary less or more.

According to that, you can put the door of a thickness of 2 inches. In case of greater thickness, the jam would also increase in size. You can install the door of the preferable height and width while following the thickness of the door.

In the marketplace, the ideal frame size and door thickness are mostly followed. Still, it can vary depending on several factors. To prevent any error while installing exterior doors, you should measure height, width, and thickness correctly.

How thick are exterior door frames?

Generally, the thickness of the door frames depends on the thickness of the door. Well, the thickness of the door frame should be twice more than the thickness of the door. Even the width and height of the frames follow the same. Exterior doors are also doors like interior doors.

The only difference is that exterior doors are meant to give more protection and provide security. The thickness of the frame is mostly kept at 4-9/16 inches. Well, if you are keeping the door thickness at 2 ¾ inches, the frame of 4-9/16 inches is okay for that.

But for the door to have a thickness of 1 ¾ inch you might need to reduce the thickness in comparison with the 4-9/16 inch. You can consult with the door makers in this regard. But do not keep the door frame thickness less than the door thickness.

Final Thoughts

Overall, exterior doors are usually thick and the thickness is kept between 1 ¾ inch to 2 ¾ inches. The thicker doors are better to prevent noise and provide security. Nowadays, you can also install security locks on the doors. Still, do not make the door too heavy to pull and push.