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How Tall Should a Lamp Post Be? (All You Need to Know)

While walking or driving, you can see raised light sources on either side of the streets or path. Those raised sources of light are street lamps or lamp posts are to illuminate the way to increase visibility at night.

When urban electric power distribution became common in the 20th century, lamp posts followed and, now you can see them on almost every street.

How tall should a lamp post be?

The heights of garden lamp posts vary from 6-9 feet or 2-3 meters, and street lamps range from 10-50 feet or 3-16 meters. Lamp posts higher than 33 feet, or 10 meters, are called “high masts” and are used in traffic streets. The height of a lamp post depends on the location of installation.

Lamp posts that you see while you are going through a path vary in height. The factor that determines their tallness is the location they are installed or to be installed. As a result, different areas require different lamp posts with varying heights to be installed.

Height of average street lamp posts:

Street lamp posts are not only street furniture but play an important role in illuminating the road or path. Various factors come into play that influences the height of a street lamp post.

Some factors include the type of area, street, fixture, the owner, and the surrounding lighting conditions, as well as the demanded lighting.

Overall, street lights should be tall enough to illuminate a wide area and guarantee the safety and security of pedestrians and traffic, if any. The standard height of a street lamp post is 14 feet but, they usually vary from 8-50 feet.

Some street lamp posts are taller than 33 feet which are termed high masts.

On residential roads, you can see 16-20 feet high lamp posts, while on main traffic routes, you can observe lamp posts having heights from 26-40 feet.

Height of residential, front yard, or outdoor lamp posts:

Unlike street lamp posts which tend to be around 16-40 feet tall, lamp posts used in the front yard or outdoor are shorter in height. Lamp posts that are used in the garden are generally used for decoration and also for home security.

They allow the backyard to be illuminated during the night.

Different shades of lamp posts are available nowadays, such as red, green, which make the garden look different at night. Garden lamp posts are usually 6-9 feet high as they do not need to illuminate a large area like the street lamp posts.

As a result, they are built such that they are closer to the ground and can light up a small area. As for lamp posts that are used in the front yard or any outdoor area, they also vary from 6-9 feet. So, lamp posts that are used around a home, have similar heights.

Height of pathway light posts:

Like garden lamp posts, pathway light posts are also required to light a small area. As a result, they are usually closer to the ground and do not use many powerful lamps on top.

Their small height provides ambient environment lighting and is not undesirably too bright.

Pathway light posts, therefore, have a height range from 6-9 feet, but most people choose 8 feet lamp posts for their pathways. 8 feet lamp posts are neither too high nor too low and are comfortable having around as they are not too bright.

Pathway light posts are usually 6 feet high, and the light on top adds additional height. That makes it 8 feet.

Are lamp posts universal in size? What are the different sizes of lamp posts?

Lamp posts are not universal in size. Although there are standard sizes of lamp posts available, the size of lamp posts is not universal. This is due to the reason that not every place has the same demand for lighting as other places.

There are different sizes of lamp posts available for purchase. Some of them are listed below:

2-3 meters:

These 6-9 feet lamp posts are commonly used in front yards of homes and gardens. They are mainly used for decoration rather than lighting which, explains their short height.

4-5 meters:

Lamp posts about 13-17 feet tall are used in residential estate streets and on the edge of sidewalks. These lamps do not light up a lot of areas so are used in places that do not need much lighting.

6-10 meters:

Street lamp posts of 20-40 feet are used to light up the streets that have traffic and pedestrians. These lamp posts come with bright lights so, these illuminate the area well and keep pedestrians safe from traffic.

How to choose the perfect lamp post for you?

Sometimes, choosing the perfect lamp post can be hectic. But, by following the given tips below, you can effortlessly determine the height of the lamp post that works best for you:


The most significant factor that determines the type of lamp post required is the location.

For gardens, the lamp post can be between 2-5 meters and, for alleys, parks, residential and industrial roads, and secondary roads, the lamp post can be 6-7 meters. For main roads, a 10-11 meters tall lamp post will be suitable.

Distance between two consecutive light posts:

All places do not need the installation of multiple light posts but for the places that do, the distance between two light posts is important.

This distance should be equal between two consecutive light posts, and it also determines how high the lamp post should be. Greater distance between two posts means greater height.

Lighting demand:

Some places, unlike others, require a lot of light. For example, restricted areas are always kept under surveillance.

Such a place needs bright lighting so that it can be illuminated almost like day, while other places, such as a sidewalk, do not need that much lighting.

Lamp size:

Depending on the lighting demand, the lamp size should be decided. If the lamp post selected is very tall and the lighting required is high, then you can opt for a 150-200W light. If it is the opposite case, an 80-100W light will do the job.

How far apart should lamp posts be?

The distance between two lamp posts should be 2-3 times the height of the lamp posts used. This estimation gives an idea of how the distance and the height are related to each other.

The shorter the lamp post, the lesser the distance between two lamp posts. Distance between lamp posts is directly proportional to the height of the lamp posts. So, in residential streets, the lamp posts are short and closer to one another on the edge of the streets.

How deep should a lamp post hole be?

A lamp post hole should be 18-24 inches deep. The hole should be clear of rocks and loose dirt as that may interfere with the quality of installation of the lamp post.

Additionally, the lamp post should be about 6 inches in diameter. It should be smooth and the surface should be solid if cement is not used. Use of cement is not mandatory but using some will ensure a firmer installation.

How do you ground and anchor an outdoor lamp post?

An outdoor lamp can be grounded easily. This will make sure that the lamp post stands straight and firm and does not lean to a side over time.

Wrap two work straps around the body of the lamp post and then using an anchor, stake them to the ground. Make sure that the anchors are at least 36 inches away from the lamp post. This will help it stand straight through heavy winds and storms.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the location, lighting conditions, and requirements, decide the height of a lamp post. The distance between two light posts is 2-3 times the height of lamp posts used. Choosing and installing a lamp post may be tiresome but easy to do, knowing the correct procedures.