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How Soon Can You Walk on Laminate Flooring After Installing?

Laminate flooring is a unique type of convenient flooring. Laminate flooring doesn’t require much maintenance. Moreover, laminate flooring is comparatively cheap and durable. That’s why the demand for laminate flooring is increasing day by day.

You can install the laminate flooring in your home on your own. You can also install the flooring by professionals.

But you might be confused about how soon you can walk on the laminate flooring after installation. This article will tell you about the time to cure the newly installed laminate flooring.

How soon can you walk on laminate flooring after installation?

You can walk on laminate flooring after at least 24 hours after installation. The floor needs to settle down after installation. Sometimes, the laminate floor needs to cure much time than 24 hours. You have to wait till the floor is completely healed and settled. Otherwise, the planks might slide.

Laminate floorings are durable and settle down quickly. They also don’t require much maintenance. But sometimes, they need to be cured after installation. If you wait at least 24 hours after installation, the floor will be settled down and ready to use.

Sometimes, the laminate floor might dry soon and seem to be ready to walk on. But the glue needs to set with the planks properly. If you don’t wait to walk on the laminate floor, the floor might be uneven. So, wait for a day and walk on the floor the next day of installation.

Can you walk on laminate straight away?

You can’t walk on the laminate floor straight away after installation. If you want the floor completely even and perfect, you shouldn’t walk on it straight away. Because walking on the laminate instantly after installation might make the planks slide away from one another.

Laminate flooring is not nailed down, rather the planks are joined with glue. The glue has to dry for being ready to walk. If you walk straight away after installation, the glue might not work correctly and slide the planks. So, you have to give enough time to dry the glue.

Moreover, if any planks slide from other planks, it might cause a problem. Walking on the laminate straight away might cause the laminate to expand or contract. Expanding or contracting will make the floor uneven.

So, if you want the laminate floor suitable to walk on, you have to wait at least 24 hours.

How long until you can walk on laminate flooring?

You can walk on laminate flooring after 24 hours of installation. The floor must be ready and dry for walking on the laminate flooring. Sometimes, people don’t wait to settle the laminate flooring and walk on it. Then the laminate flooring might be uneven.

If you wait at least a day after installing the laminate flooring, the glue of the planks will dry. Moreover, the planks will remain even with the floor.

Laminate flooring can last a pretty long time if you can install and prepare it properly. So, you can walk on the laminate flooring after the floor is dry and ready.

Can you put furniture straight onto new laminate flooring?

You can’t put furniture straight onto new laminate flooring. New laminate flooring isn’t dry enough to put furniture. If you put furniture onto new laminate flooring, the furniture area might not dry properly and get damped in the long run.

Moreover, when you put furniture on new laminate flooring, the planks might slide away or expand. This might cause the flooring uneven. When you put the furniture in another place after years, the flooring might not be even ever.

So, you have to wait until the floor is completely cured. You have to wait sometime for walking or putting furniture onto the new laminate flooring.

How long do you have to wait to put furniture on laminate flooring?

You have to wait until 24 hours or more to put furniture on laminate flooring. If you put furniture on laminate flooring straight away, the floor might be uneven or unsmooth. Because the glue of the planks needs time to dry for at least a day.

Sometimes, the floor needs more than 24 hours to dry. So, you have to check the laminate floor before walking on it or putting furniture after installation. If the floor is cured completely, you can put furniture on it.

How long does it take laminate flooring to expand?

Laminate flooring takes at least 24 hours to 72 hours to expand. That’s why laminate flooring needs to cure after installation. If you don’t wait until the laminate floor is entirely cured and dried, the flooring planks will expand.

If the flooring expands, the floor will become uneven. After expanding, some planks will collide with other planks, and the floor’s entire durability will decrease.

Generally, it is suggested that you have to wait to use the laminate flooring for at least 24 hours to 72 hours. Moreover, some millimeters of space are kept for expansion of the planks. In this time, the expansion will occur, and the planks will settle.  

How do I keep my laminate floor from moving?

Sometimes, the laminate floor keeps moving after installation. Even the laminate flooring keeps moving after many days of installation. There can be different reasons. You have to follow some techniques to keep the laminate floor from moving. Let’s see how you can do it.

Acclimation before installation:

Sometimes, laminate flooring moves for humidity and temperature difference of the floor and new laminates.

So, acclimation before installing the laminate flooring will remove the moisture and adjust the environment. The laminate floor won’t move after this adjustment.

Closing the gaps:

Closing the gaps between the laminate planks will fix the moving problem. While installing the laminate flooring, a little bit of extra space is kept to fulfill the expansion of laminates.

After 24 hours, you have to notice whether the subfloor is even or not. You have to fix the gap before future problems immediately.

Tapping and shifting:

You can keep the laminate floor from moving using a hammer, chisel, wood glue, etc. You have to notice the planks where the floor is moving. Like the installation process, shift the plank and join again with wood glue, with the help of a hammer and chisel.

Do’s and don’ts for laminate flooring:

Laminate flooring requires less maintenance. But this unique type of flooring has some techniques to keep durable for a long time. Let’s see what you can do’s and don’ts for laminate flooring.


  • Keep enough time to acclimate the floor before installing the laminates.
  • Keep the subfloor clean and even.
  • Notice the planks are even and not damaged.
  • Keep a .25″ expansion gap around the perimeter and keep a .5″ gap for larger spaces.
  • Wait at least 24 hours after the installation to walk on the floor or put any furniture on it.


  • Don’t install laminate flooring without cleaning the floor.
  • Don’t install laminate flooring without acclimating for at least 48 hours.
  • Don’t allow water or liquid to enter the flooring before drying the glue properly.
  • Don’t walk on the laminate floor straight away on it or put any furniture immediately.
  • Don’t put the planks together without extra space for expanding.

Why does my laminate floor keep coming apart?

Generally, laminate floors are pretty durable. But sometimes, the laminate floor keeps coming apart. Different reasons might be responsible for the laminate floor coming apart. Here are some of the reasons you can notice why your laminate floor keeps coming apart.

  • The laminate floor might be uneven.
  • There might be humidity or moisture between the laminates.
  • The laminate floor might not dry enough after installation.
  • The planks of the laminate floor might be expanded or contracted.
  • There might be a warped piece of laminate among the laminate flooring.

Can you caulk gaps in laminate flooring?

You can caulk gaps in laminate flooring. Even silicone caulk is one of the best materials to use in laminate flooring gaps. If you use silicone caulk, it will stay for a long time and become flexible.

Sometimes, the laminates contract and create gaps between the planks. Silicone caulks so convenient that they even prevent water and moisture from entering. Silicone caulk absorbs the moisture and doesn’t let it enter into the core of the laminate.

So, you can caulk gaps in laminate floorings for keeping your floor even and the laminate floor durable for a long time.

How long does the laminate floor last?  

A quality laminate floor lasts at least 15 years. Sometimes, the laminate floor even lasts for 25 years or more. The lifetime of the laminate floor depends on the quality. A low-quality laminate floor might damage soon and doesn’t last long.

Even some laminate floors are cheap and not durable. But if you buy laminate flooring with high quality and guarantee, it will last for 15 to 25 years. The floor might need low maintenance sometimes, but it will be durable for a long time.

Laminate floorings dry quickly after installation. But you can’t walk on the laminate floor just after the installation. You have to give time to dry the wood glue and settle the laminates properly.

Once the laminate floor is installed perfectly, you can walk on it and put furniture on it without hesitation.