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How Much Weight Can a Cinder Block Hold? (Answered)

Cinder blocks are very much useful around the household. The blocks are used as foundations and other creative pieces. And the block is very much okay with holding off heavyweights.

How much weight can a cinder block hold?

An average cinder block will hold at least 1,700 pounds of weight, which depends on the size and the holes of the block. But it is actually very common for a cinder block to hold more than 1,700 pounds of weight. Some blocks can hold 1900 pounds per square inch as well. Cinder blocks are strong.

Cinder blocks are naturally very strong and can hold a good amount of weight. A whole block of cement and density is supposed to be strong enough to hold weights up to 1700 pounds to 1900 pounds. The capacity increases as the block get denser. 

So it can hold more if the block is very dense.

The holding capacity of a cinder block depends on how dense the block is. A concrete block of 8*16 dimensions can hold up to 8000 kgs of weight very easily. And on its’ side, a cinder block will easily hold 1700 pounds of weight.

The holding capacity of cinder blocks differs according to the type and the density of the block. There are many different types of cinder blocks and each of them can hold a different type of weight. 

Though it is usually in the general range, still it is better to know about the different types and holding capacity-

One 6x8x16 cinder block:

A standard-sized cinder block, which is 8 inches by 16 inches, can hold around 38 pounds of weight. Roughly around 17 kilograms of weight can easily be held by this size of a block. 

It depends on the density of the block though, still, 38 pounds can easily be carried by the cinder block of 8x8x16.

Hollow cinder block:

A complete hollow cinder block will hold on to around 1700 pounds easily. This is the standard capacity of a normal cinder block. Though a hollow cinder block may be a little risky 1700 pounds will not be a problem for the cinder block. 

Usually, hollow blocks tend to break with too much weight but cinder blocks are more resistant than the other blocks.

Solid cinder block:

A solid cinder block can hold the same average cinder block, which is around 1700 pounds. The load-bearing blocks hold up to 2,500 to 3,000 psi (pounds per square inch). But it is possible for the solid cinder block to hold more than that. 

Solid blocks are denser and tend to be stronger when it comes to withstanding heavyweights.

Concrete cinder block:

One single concrete cinder block can hold as good as 8000 lbs of weight without breaking. Cinder blocks are very strong and concrete cinder blocks are stronger as they are denser. 

It is a general rule that the more dense a block the stronger it will be when it comes to holding weight. So a concrete cinder block will hold a good weight.

Cinder block wall:

It is a standard rule that a cinder block has to be able to hold at least 1700 pounds of weight to be used. There is no other way. So a cinder block wall is made to hold that much of weight generally. However, some can hold more if they are dense enough. 

It is desirable for the cinder block wall to hold more than 1700 pounds of weight.

Cinder block bench:

Just like any and most cinder blocks, the benches of the cinder block will hold at least 1700 pounds of weight. The benches will hold up to 8000 pounds of weight as well. 

There is a good chance a cinder block bench will hold more than this much weight, as it is denser than the other blocks.

Cinder blocks are made to hold a good and heavy amount of weight without breaking down. Most of the cinder blocks are strong enough to hold heavyweights. Some are denser than others so they hold more weight. 

But in general, all the cinder blocks hold a similar amount of weight.

Which side of a cinder block is the strongest?

Generally, cinder blocks are used on their wider side. They have cinder block webs that are stronger on the wider side and that side holds more weight. It is easy to find the wider side of the cinder block if it is rectangular in shape. 

But when it is a block with equal sides then you have to put it differently.

The side with the holes should be put up and down. This is very rare to set. Most of the time you have to put the wider side up cause it holds the most weight. And in general, the vertical position is more withstanding than the horizontal side.

Can cinder block hold up a window ac?

Cinder blocks are very strong and can usually withstand a good and heavyweight. The weight of a window ac should not be a problem for the block as well. Most of the time the cinder block can easily hold the weight of the window ac. 

Still, it is better not to put too much pressure on the block.

Concrete walls are the best for window ac. You can use the blocks to support the window ac though, just to be careful. But with concrete walls, it is not actually needed. But a cinder block is able to hold and support the weight of window ac.

Can I use cinder blocks for holding up the wood fence?

One of the easiest ways to keep your wood fences standing is to use cinder blocks. You can easily adjust the wood fences to the holes of the cinder blocks. It requires very little time and mechanism. And it works almost perfectly. 

Most people prefer using cinder blocks because it does not require any digging.

Some people like to match their patio with the rock and dirt they fill inside the holes of the cinder blocks. It is necessary to fill the holes after you place the fences, to keep them up and standing. 

With very little effort you can make your wood fence standing and working with cinder blocks.

Can a cinder block hold a car, truck, or shipping container?

While it is true that cinder blocks are very strong and can withstand a massive amount of weight, you should not try to block a car or a truck with them. And shipping containers should not be placed over the blocks as well

The weights of those vehicles are too much for even the densest cinder block.

The weight of a car can’t be carried by a cinder block. And the weight of the truck is most definitely too much for the blocks. The cinder blocks can hold around 170 pounds of weight; and cars, trucks, and shipping containers weigh way more than that.

Are concrete blocks stronger than brick?

It can be difficult to determine which is strong between the concrete block and the brick. Both can withstand a good amount of weight. But a cinder block tends to be denser so they are more tolerant towards heavier objects

However, some bricks can actually hold off a similar weight.

Some bricks are strong as concrete blocks. But that is not the case for all. Concrete blocks are stronger and more durable than the average brick in a long term. The maximum capacity of a brick is usually 3000 psi whereas a concrete block has to hold at least 3500 psi.

What can you use cinder blocks for?

Cinder blocks are usually used for foundations and to hold off heavyweight. The blocks are mostly used to support the heavy appliances inside the house. But there are many other ways you can use the blocks as well. They can be used in much more creative ways as well-

  • Cinder blocks make a good set of centerpieces for your living room.
  • You can make an outdoor fireplace by arranging the blocks.
  • One of the best ways to use the cinder blocks is to use them as succulent plant containers.
  • Cinder blocks as self storages are also very popularly used.
  • You can use the cinder blocks as the base for your wood fences.

Cinder blocks can be used in various creative ways. You just have to think out of the box and be open to the idea of the rustic vibe that comes along with the cinder block around your place.

Final thoughts

Cinder blocks can be hollow or solid and while it does matter, the average weight holding capacity kind of remains the same. The normal cinder block can hold around 1700 pounds of weight. And a cinder block has to hold 3500 psi to be standard and approved. Which is around 1700 pounds.