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How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Throw Pillow? (Explained)

It’s absolutely normal that if you don’t want to purchase new throw pillows every time or want to stay on budget while decorating your home with toss pillows.

Therefore, it highly makes sense if you want to know about how much fabric you perhaps will be needing for making a throw pillow which certainly is a budget-friendly option.

So, without further ado, let’s learn the answers.

How Much Fabric Do I Need For A Throw Pillow?

The measurement of fabric is different depending on the sizes of throw pillows. To make a standard-sized throw pillow which is an 18”×18” or 20”×20” throw pillow, 1/4 yard of 54” wide fabric is needed. And to make a bigger-sized 24”×24” toss pillow, 1/2 yard of 54” wide fabric is required.

Generally, throw pillows are found in various sizes as they are used for various purposes. So how much fabric is needed to make a throw pillow at home depends on the size of the throw pillows and the fabric bolts.

But typically, to make a standard size toss pillow 1/4 yard of fabric is needed and the required width of fabric is 54 inches. However, the measurement for bigger toss pillows is different.

To make a large-sized throw pillow, 1/2 yard of fabrics is needed and the width should be either 45 inches or 54 inches depending on the fabric bolt.

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How Many Yards Of Fabric Does It Take To Make A Throw Pillow?

Requirements of yards of fabric to make a throw pillow depending on their sizes have been described below.

18×18”-20×20” Throw Pillow:

A throw pillow of 18×18” to 20×20” size needs 1/4 yards fabric.

22×22”-24×24” Throw Pillow

A 22×22” to 24×24” throw pillow needs 1/2 yard of fabric.

16×16” Throw Pillow

A 16×16” throw pillow also will need 1/2 yard of fabric.

12×12” Throw Pillow

A 12×12” throw pillow will require 1/3 yard fabric.

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How To Make A Throw Pillow?

To help you embellish your home with budget-friendly yet beautiful toss pillows, here an easy step-by-step guide is explained in detail.

Things you will be needing –

  • 1/4 yards fabric of your choice
  • Fillings of your choice
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread and needle
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors and tailoring ruler

Here making of an 18×18 inches throw pillow is explained. You can follow the steps to make any other size.

Cut 2 Pieces Of Fabric measuring 18×18 Inches:

Start off with cutting fabric for your throw pillow. Take 1/4 yards of fabric of your choice and cut two pieces of 18×18 inches.

Take a tailoring ruler and measure 18×18” on the fabric, then mark the points with chalk on the fabric, and lastly cut 2 pieces out of your taken fabric. These 2 pieces of fabric are the front and back parts of the pillow.

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Place The Pieces Of FabricsShowing Right-Side Up And Down:

Now take the pieces of fabric and place them on the table showing the right side up and down. To say simply, first shake the first piece and place it showing its right side up.

Then take the other piece and place it on top of the first piece in a right-side down order. And then pin the pieces all together on all sides.

Stitch The Fabric:

In this step, stitch the pieces of fabric altogether along with the pinned sides. But leave about 5 inches gap from one side so that you can turn its right side out and fill it.

Clip The Corners:

Here, before you turn the pillow’s right side out, clip the corners of the pillow so that when it is stuffed, it looks sharp rather than rounded. But make sure not to trim through the pillow’s seam.

Stuff The Pillow:

After stitching the fabric and trimming the corners, turn its right-side out and stuff it with your preferred stuffing, you can use styrofoam, foam, polyester batting, or anything you want. But stuff enough so that the pillow becomes firm but still feels soft.

Sew The Opening:

Now, hand sew that 5 inches opening, use a slip stitch method to sew that gap, and close the pillow.

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How To Sew A Decorative Throw Pillow Cover?

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to sewing your own decorative throw pillow cover has been described below.

Things that you will need –

  • An 18×18 inches pillow form
  • 54 inches wide, 5/4 yards fabric of your choice (Prewashed)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine

In this tutorial, the sewing steps of a decorative pillow cover (envelop cover)  to suit an 18×18 inches decorative pillow have been described.

Measure The Pillow:

Lay your pillow firm over a ruler and measure both the length and width of the pillow. Before measuring, smooch out the pillows a little.

Cut The Fabric:

Now cut the fabric to make a decorative pillow cover in these following dimensions-

  • 1× pillow width+1”
  • 2× pillow length+ 4”

This means you have to cut the fabric in 19 (18”+1”) inches dimension from the width and 40 (2×18”+4”)  inches dimension from the length.

For any size of decorative toss pillow cover, you got to add 1 inch to the width and 4 inches to the length.

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Finish The Short Edges:

To make the short edges pleat under 1/4” on the wrong side of the cloth from one short edge. Again pleat under 1/4” so that the raw perimeter is hemmed inside the pleat. Then stitch the inner perimeter to keep up the hem closed.

Repeat the process on another short edge.

Stitch The Long Edges:

Now place the fabric showing right-side up on a flat surface. Then showing the wrong side out, pleat one of the short perimeters towards the middle.

Use a ruler and measure the length of the toss pillow to perceive where to pleat the other side. Know that short edges are going to be overlapped at the end by a few inches.

Then pin the long unfinished perimeters and stitch from both sides keeping. And backstitch at the point where both short perimeters meet.

Turn The Cover:

Lastly, turn the right side out of the cover and push the corners out with your fingertips. And then insert the decorative pillow in the cover.

You will not be needing any zipper/ button for making this cover, it will easily slip off-on similar to an envelope.

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How To Measure Couch Pillows?

A step-by-step instruction to measure couch pillows is illustrated below.

Lay The Measuring Tape:

Lay the measurement tape alongside one edge of the couch pillow. Use a firm carpenter’s measuring tape to get an accurate measurement of the couch pillow.

Measure The Height:

Now pull tightly the top and bottom nooks of the couch pillow fabric and measure the height of the pillow from the tip to bottom. Alongside the perimeters of the couch pillow.

Measure The Width:

After that, pull the right and left nooks of the couch pillow fabric tightly, and measure the width from the couch pillow’s left to right alongside the perimeters.

Do not ever measure couch pillows diagonally or across the middle.

What Is The Best Material For Throw Pillows?

You can find toss pillows in nearly any type of fabric you want, however, the most commonly used and popular ones are listed and explained below.


Cotton is the most popular and used one because it’s safe for houses with babies, easy to clean, and lasting.


To add coziness and a little extra warmth luxuriously, velvet is famous.

Fur/Faux Fur:

If you want to add an accent, faux fur/fur-made throw pillows are best. But these pillows need extra care and dry cleaning only.


Linen-made throw pillows are a substitute for cotton-made throw pillows. Because this fabric is also a low-maintenance one and is perfect for use in all seasons.

What Is The Average Size Of A Throw Pillow?

The average size of a throw pillow is about 18×18 inches and 20×20 inches. Because these two sides of throw pillows are universally used for couches, sofas, sectionals, chairs, and sometimes on beds.

However, for sofas/couches with deep seats or with high backs, the standard size is about 22×22 inches to 24×24 inches. These pillows can be used on big beds too.

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How Much Bigger Should A Pillowcase Be Than The Throw Pillow?

A pillowcase should be about 1 to 2 inches bigger from both the width and height than the throw pillow. Because this size allows the cover to slip on and slip off the throw pillow easily.

Final Thoughts:

Throw pillows have different sizes, so the measurement of fabric depends on the size. But usually, 1/4 yard of 54 inches wide fabric to make a standard 18×18” and 20×20” throw pillow is needed. And for the bigger sized ones like for a 24×24” throw pillow, 1/2 yard of 54” wide fabric is needed.