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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Floor Sander? (Explained)

When it comes to making your floor look nice always, you have to sand it regularly. Generally, people sand their wood floor to remove the top surface of the floor. The purpose might be cleaning an old floor or installing something new to the floor.

So, you might be confused about how much it costs to rent a floor sander. You have to know about the expenses before renting a floor sander. It will make budgeting easy. Moreover, you also have to know whether you can sand the floor by yourself or not.

How much does it cost to rent a floor sander?

How much it costs to rent a floor sander depends on the floor type and sander type. Generally, a floor sander will cost from $20 to $50 per first four hours on average. If you rent the sander for more hours, the cost might be less than this rate. On average, the rent is $50 to $80 per day.

Generally, different types of floor sanders are available. For example, wood floor sander, drum floor sander, orbital floor sander, etc., are some of the types. So, the rent for different sanders will also be different. Let’s see how much it will cost to rent a floor sander.

Wood floor sander:

A wood floor sander is one of the popular floor sanders. The rent of the wood floor sander can be $60 per day on average. This rent can vary from place to place. But if you rent to sander for only a couple of hours, it will cost more for the first 4 hours.

Drum floor sander:

If you have a hardwood floor, it will be wise to rent a drum floor sander. You can rent the drum floor sander from the Home Depot store. Moreover, you can also find the drum floor sander at Menards.

Generally, if you rent the drum floor sander from Home Depot, the rent will be from $40 to $50 per first four hours. Besides, per day rent will be $58 to $68 on average. But if you rent the sander from Menards, it will cost a little bit less. 

For example, Menards will rent the sander for $34 for the first 4 hours and $2.50 per hour afterward.

Dustless floor sander:

The dustless floor sander will also cost like the other sanders on average. If you rent it from Home Depot, the cost will be more. But if you rent from Menards, the cost will be a little less.

The rent cost for a Dustless floor sander is $40 to $50 for the first four hours. But if you rent the sander for the whole day, it might cost $50 to $60.

Orbital floor sander:

Orbital floor sanders are easy to use and they don’t cause harm to the floor. So, this type of floor sander is pretty convenient. Generally, Orbital floor sanders also cost less than other sanders.

It will cost $23 for the first four hours to rent an orbital floor sander. But if you use it for more than four hours, $2 will be added for each extra hour. You will find these sanders at Home Depot and Menards. But you will also find them at Lowes.

How much does it cost to have hardwood floors sanded and refinished?

How much it costs to have hardwood floors sanded and refinished depends on the type of floor sanders and the payment of professionals. Generally, the rent of the sanders varies for different cities. Moreover, the payment of the professionals also varies in different cities.

But if you want to sand and refinish a 15×15 feet room, it can cost from $340 to $900. Besides, if you have a 400 square feet room, it will cost $1,000 – $2,000. So, the cost will increase according to the size of your hardwood floors.

Generally, when you sand your hardwood floors by the professionals, will sand the floor and provide coatings to refinish the floor. So, they will charge the amount together.

Can you sand your own floors?

Yes, you can sand your own floors. Generally, floor sanding is pretty similar to wall sanding. But in floor sanding, the physical labor is much. So, sander devices are used often to sand floors. You can also use sanders to sand your floors on your own.

Many people hire professionals to sand their floors. Professionals do the work proficiently and quickly. If you want to sand your floor, you have to have minimum knowledge and skill to sand floors. You have to follow all the basic rules for sanding floors.

You might don’t want to spend so much money on sanding your floors. So, you can rent a sander and sand the floors by yourself. For this, you have to pay rent per day. So, you have to spend only the rent on the sander.

How hard is it to sand your own floors?

Sanding your own floor can be pretty hard. Generally, sanding floors is not a complex task. But it will make you feel tired. Sanding the floor is physically hard work and time-consuming also.

If the professionals sand your floors, it might not look that difficult. Moreover, they will do the work pretty quickly with their experiences. But if you sand your own floors, it will take time to sand the floor smoothly.

Moreover, you will feel tired soon and will need breaks during work. It doesn’t mean that sanding your own floor is a hard procedure. You have to maintain some simple rules. But the whole process is tiring.

Is it worth sanding your own floors?

Whether it will be worth sanding your own floors or not depends on the purpose of your sanding floors. If you want to sand your own floors to save money, sanding will be worth it

But if you do it according to your general wish, the task will be pretty tiring and time-consuming. So, sanding your own floors will not be worth it.

One of the main benefits of sanding your floors is money saving. Generally, the sander rent and payment of the professionals are pretty costly. Even it can cost up to $60 per day for sanding only one room. So, the whole house will cost even more.

From this perspective, sanding your own floors is worth it. But it is not compulsory to do it all by yourself. If you hire professionals, you will not have to go through physical labor for a couple of days.

How to sand your own floors?

You can’t sand your own floors randomly without any experience. You have to follow a process if you are new to sanding floors. So, let’s see how you can sand your own floors.

Cleaning and clearing the room:

When you want to sand a floor, you have to clean all the furniture from the room first. Then you have to clean the floor well. Otherwise, the furniture will get dirty.

Preparing the floor:

If your floor has any cut or damage, you have to fix the problem first. Besides, you also have to fix the loose and squeaky boards on the floor. Otherwise, the sanding process will not be effective.


Now, you have to choose the process of how you want to sand the floor. If your room is small, you can sand the floor by hand with sandpaper. But sanding with hands is a highly tiring job.

So, you can rent a sander. If you have a medium or large room, you have to rent a drum sander to sand the floor effectively and quickly.


After sanding, you have to clean the floor well. Then you can use floor paint on the floor according to your choice. But you must follow the instructions for painting the floors.

How long does it take to sand a floor with a floor sander?

How long it takes to sand a floor with a floor sander depends on who is doing the job. If the professionals are sanding the floor, it can take 1 day to sand a room. But if you are sanding your own floor, it will take more than 2 days.

Generally, the DIY project or non-professional sanding will take up to 2 to 5 days to sand a room. So, it can take time if you are not a professional.

Moreover, if an electrical sander is being used, it will take even less time. For example, it is possible for a professional to sand one room in 5 hours with a drum sander.

Final Thoughts

Renting a floor sander will cost from $50-$80 per day. It depends on many things. The rent is different in different cities. Besides, the cost will depend on which type of sander you are using. Moreover, the cost will also depend on the size of your floor. Generally, the first four hours cost more.