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How Much Does a Dresser Weigh? (All You Need to Know)

Dressers are an inseparable product that keeps all our things in an organized state. Otherwise, messy stuff would have filled the room. While choosing a dresser, its weight is also necessary to know. One needs to carry the dresser and put it on the spot.

The weight of the dresser may vary from one to another.

Below we are adding necessary details on dresser weight and some relatable suggestions.

How much does a dresser weigh?

Dressers weigh around 150 t0 200 pounds which is more like 68 to 80 in kg. Smaller weigh around 100 pounds or 45 kg. The weight may change according to the size and material of the dresser. In either case, for moving small dressers arrange 2 people and for large dressers, 3-4 people may be needed.

The weight of the dresser may depend on many aspects, from size to material. Larger-sized dressers weigh more than smaller-sized ones. On the other hand, wooden dressers are heavier.

You may need to arrange several people for carrying the dresser as you can not do it by yourself unless the dresser is low in weight.

Wooden dressers mostly weigh from 100 to 200 pounds. This may vary according to the height and length. On the other case, malm dressers may also vary but heavier. The malm dresser also includes a heavy drawer.

At the same time, Harley, triple, welsh dressers may weigh around 40 kg or 90 pounds. Smaller dressers are lightweight. Yet, the drawer itself can weigh almost 25 kg or more. Even a full dresser may weigh 100 to more depending on the size.

In either case, the weight may vary from 100 to more pounds. Because the drawer itself is heavier. The entire dresser will weigh light if you remove the drawers. It also depends on the material.

You need to be prepared to carry the dresser even if it has heavyweight, Here we are providing a chart regarding the weight. The weight may vary according to the depth of the drawer.

Length (inch) Width (inch) Weight (pounds) Drawer

How much does a dresser full of clothes weigh?

An average dresser may weigh 45 in kg or 100 in pounds; meanwhile, putting clothes may reach the weight up to 60 to 70 kg or 130 pounds. A dresser with clothes becomes heavier to move.

The dresser itself has a high weight. Adding clothes to the dresser increases the weight. If you try to move the dresser with clothes, you may need more people. It also becomes tough for people to move it.

That’s why unload the dresser before moving it. Otherwise, you may need to take a lot of loads. You may need more time to move it or have a chance to injure people.

Can you move a dresser by yourself?

Moving a dresser by yourself is possible if it has the weight you can carry. Large dressers can not be carried by one person, and it requires more help. In most situations, arrange people of two to carry a dresser instead of moving it by yourself.

Dresser weight varies as the material, and the size of the dressers may be different. Wooden dressers will be more in weight meanwhile dressers made of

Moving a dresser by yourself is not a good idea unless you can carry the weight. For heavier dressers, you may need more people to move the dressers. Overall it depends on the weight if you can move the dresser or not.

How do you move a dresser?

The most important requirement for moving a dresser is to have sufficient man force. Without man force, moving dressers may become difficult, including some steps on moving the dresser below for a greater view.

Measure the place:

One may know the size of the dresser. While moving it, measure the place where you want to put the dresser. Look if the place is fitted for the dresser or not. You can use a measuring tape for that. That’s how you can choose the spot for the dresser.

Unload the stuff:

If you are moving a new dresser, you do not need to unload stuff. In the case of a used dresser, unloading the load is necessary as the load will make the dresser heavier.

Unattached parts:

Dressers might have loose parts like desks, mirrors. You may remove the removable parts before moving the dresser. It will make it easier to carry the dresser.

Place the dresser:

Carrying a dresser requires man force. You may need 2 or more people. Gently put the dresser in the chosen place. After placing, attach the removed parts.

Load the dresser:

The last step is to load the dresser with stuff. After placing it, you can put your stuff on it.

How do I calculate the weight of my dresser?

Calculating the weight of the dresser is indeed a tough task. You can not measure it in weight but can compare it with charts to know the weight.

Measure length and width:

Measuring length and width is the only way to know the approximate weight of the dresser. First, take a measuring tape and measure the width and length. The weight of the individual drawer can be measured by pulling them out. 

Measure the width and length and write them down.

Compare with charts:

Well, measuring the weight of a dresser is not a normal task. You need to compare the length and width of the dresser to charts to get an approximate value of weight.

There are several charts found online. We are providing one for better information.

Length (inch) Width (inch) Height (inch) Weight (pound) Drawer

How much does the IKEA Hemnes dresser weigh?

Most probably 100-120 pounds. It may vary at 70 too. IKEA Hemnes dressers are not heavy dressers.

At the same time, they are unable to carry large weights. In case you need to put on a lot of clothes, it may not support it up to a certain stage. Yet the appearance and lightweight can attract one easily. It may increase the beauty of the room.

The dresser is made of solid wood with a colored appearance. This is not only made for carrying clothes but also to influence the environment with its appearance. That’s why a lightweight with a pretty appearance it has.

How do you move a tall dresser?

One can move a tall dresser easily if they have sufficient manpower. Do not buy more of a tall-sized dresser as it may take space unless it has an attractive appearance.

Know the height of the dresser:

Tall dressers are of great height, and you need to measure their height first in addition to the width and length. That will help you to get an idea of its weight and how many people you may need to move the dresser.

Find a place:

As the dresser is already a tall one, you may need a place where it can fit.


Without at least 1-2 men, you may not be able to move the dresser. That’s why arrange man to move the dresser. It may need 3-4 people. As you already have an idea of the weight, you can take people according to that.

Now you can hold the dresser and move it with the help of others. If you are moving the dresser to a distant place, you may contact a company for movers. They may charge additional transportation costs.

Do movers charge by weight or volume?

Mostly weight will add to the charge. Movers may charge hourly, yet in case of using transportation, they may charge on the basis of weight or volume. Charging depending on volume depends on the company. Meanwhile, weight is always considered.

Moving a dresser is not a one-man task, especially if it is a heavier one. At least two men are required to move a dresser. For heavier dressers, up to 3-4 men are needed. Otherwise, you may cause damage to the dresser in addition to the stairs.

Moreover, people may get hurt while carrying it. That’s why, even though movers charge a bit more, you should try to hire a sufficient number of people. Otherwise, the chances of causing harm and injury are higher. 

Final Thoughts

The weight of the dresser depends on many properties. From the size to the product material everything influences weight. In any case, the weight may vary up to 45 kg or up to 200 pounds. Regardless of the size of the dresser, the weight may differ more or less depending on other properties.