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How Much Does a Decorative Throw Pillow Weigh? (Answered)

Decorative throw pillows are attractive pillows that people use to decorate their couches or sofas. You might have seen them everywhere. Whenever it comes to decorating a new place or organizing a new place, people always give priority to decorative throw pillows.

Because these pillows can change the entire outlook of a piece of furniture.

So, you might want to decorate your couch or sofa but don’t know details about them. You might be curious about the weight of a decorative throw pillow. Well, how much a decorative throw pillow weighs depends on many factors. So, let’s see about them.

How much does a decorative throw pillow weigh?

Generally, a 22 inches square decorative throw pillow weighs about 1.5 pounds. Besides, a 20 inches and 18 inches square decorative throw pillow weighs 1.25 pounds and 1 pound respectively. So, the weight increases with the size of throw pillows. Moreover, decorative items can raise the weight.

How much a decorative throw pillow weighs depends on some factors. The main factor is the size of the pillow. The larger the pillow is, the more it weighs.

For example, if you measure an 18 inches square decorative throw pillow, it will weigh less than a 20 inches throw pillow.

The weight of the throw pillows can also differ for different shapes of the throw pillow. The square-shaped decorative throw pillow will not be the same weight as the round-shaped throw pillow.

Generally, throw pillows are not that heavy. They are mainly organized for decorative purposes. So, the stuffing of these pillows is also lightweight. Moreover, another factor of the throw pillow’s weight is its stuffing.

If you use heavy filling in the throw pillow, it will weigh more than a light filling. Another factor is the decorative items you use on the throw pillows.

Sometimes, you might add extra fabric flowers or lace on the throw pillow to decorate it. So, these items will increase the overall weight of the throw pillow. But in general, the weight is directly related to the size and shape of the decorative throw pillows.

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Are throw pillows heavy?

No, throw pillows are not heavy. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Generally, when throw pillows are decorated on the couch or sofa, we use to take them on our laps. This gives our hands comfort.

So, being lightweight is compulsory for the throw pillows. So, throw pillows weigh from 1 to 1.5 pounds on average. If you put heavy inserts in the throw pillow, it can be heavy. But most of the inserts and fillings of throw pillows are lightweight.

So, the throw pillows are also not heavy.

Sometimes, decorative accessories can raise the heaviness of throw pillows. So, try to decorate the throw pillows with light accessories. Otherwise, the pillows will not be comfortable and look messy.

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How much does a couch pillow weigh?

A couch pillow is pretty similar to the throw pillow. So, the weights are also similar. Couch pillows can weigh differently if they are different in size. For example, large-size couch pillows with a 22 inches square shape will weigh more than 1.5 pounds.

But a regular size 18 inches couch pillow will weigh 1 pound. So, the weight differs for a different size. Let’s see the weights of different couch pillows for different sizes.

Weights of different sizes of couch pillows

Couch Pillow Size (inches) Weight (lbs.)

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How big is a throw pillow?

Throw pillows are not so big. Generally, throw pillows have different shapes. They can be square, round, or lumbar. So, most time the throw pillows are square. They are smaller than the pillows we use in our beds.

The square pillows can be so small like 16 square inches. They can also be 26 inches square. But smaller size throw pillows are more popular. Another time of pillow is lumbar shape throw pillow. This pillow is long in shape but not wide.

They are more like rectangular shapes.

Lumbar throw pillows might seem to be big, but they are long throw pillows. Otherwise, regular throw pillows are not so big.

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What is the standard decorative pillow size?

The 18 inches square and 20 inches square decorative pillows are the standard sizes. Decorative throw pillows are available in many shapes and sizes. They can be 24 to 26 inches square pillows. Even queen and king-size decorative pillows are also available.

But all pillows don’t look good on the couch or sofa. So, you have to use decorative pillows that have a good appearance. So, you can use a standard-size decorative pillow. For doing this, you need to choose an 18 inches square decorative pillow.

These size decorative pillows are the most common.

How to make a lightweight throw pillow?

Generally, throw pillows are not heavy. But sometimes, throw pillows can also be heavy and uncomfortable for some characteristics. So, you have to follow the process of making a throw pillow that can produce a lightweight throw pillow.

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However, here is a step-by-step process that you can follow.

  • Take two pieces of fabrics and cut them equally to the standard size of a throw pillow. A standard-size throw pillow is 18 inches square.
  • Sew all the edges of the two fabrics together leaving 5 inches of opening in one edge.
  • Insert one pound of polyester filling inside the fabric because this filling is lightweight.
  • Don’t push the filling too much. After stuffing the fabric, close the opening by sewing.
  • Put a lightweight but shiny pillow cover on the throw pillow to make it look decorative.

How many pounds of feathers are in a throw pillow?

Generally, feathers are lightweight. So, if you want to stuff a throw pillow with feathers, you will need more pounds than other stuffing materials. Generally, 1 to 1.5 pounds of feathers are needed to fill in a throw pillow.

This weight is applicable for a standard size 18×18 inches throw pillow. If the throw pillow is 20 inches square, you will need 1.5 to 1.75 pounds of feathers. So, the large the throw pillow, the more feathers will be there.

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How much does a cheap couch pillow weigh?

The exact answer to this question is not certain. A cheap couch pillow’s weight depends on many things. If the cheap couch pillow has less stuffing inside for decreasing its cost, the pillow will weigh less.

But if the cheap pillow is stuffed with a lot of cheap filling elements, the pillow will weigh more. Generally, cheap couch pillows are made of linen, polyester, down materials, etc. So, the weight of the pillow will depend on the material.

How heavy is a throw pillow in grams?

Generally, a standard throw pillow is 450 to 700 grams. This weight range is suitable for 18 inches and 20 inches square pillows. If the throw pillow is large, the weight will be more like pounds and ounces.

Throw pillow weights are measured in pounds and ounces for two different reasons. One reason is that different countries have different weighing parameters. Moreover, being lightweight, measuring in pounds and ounces is considered.

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What are the best throw pillow inserts?

Polyester throw pillow inserts are the best in all aspects. Another good throw pillow insert is the feathers and down material mixture. But this insert can cause allergies to some people. But polyesters don’t cause an allergic reaction.

Moreover, they are cheap and long-lasting.

Throw pillows have different types of inserts. But all inserts are not comfortable and lightweight. Moreover, some inserts can cause allergic reactions. So, you need to choose the best throw pillow inserts to make a perfect throw pillow.

How do you pick a good throw pillow?

For picking a good throw pillow, you have to search for some qualities and features. For example, you have to choose the right size throw pillow. Don’t pick a throw pillow that doesn’t go with your couch or sofa.

Next, you have to notice the insert and its material. Pick a throw pillow that has a good stuffing and comfortable insert. Moreover, you have to notice the fabric quality of the throw pillow.

Finally, you have to pick a lightweight and good-looking throw pillow that goes with your sofa or couch color.

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Final Thoughts:

A decorative throw pillow doesn’t weigh too much. According to the size, a decorative throw pillow can weigh from 1 to 2 pounds. The large the size, the more the decorative throw pillow will weigh. Moreover, stuffing materials, decorative items, firmness, etc., also affect the weight.