How Much Can a Blanket Raise Body Temperature? (Answered)

Blankets are a good way to raise body temperature just the way any warm clothes would do. However, it is important to note how much it exactly increases body temperature and if it is safe to do so. 

How much can a blanket raise body temperature?

Staying under blankets can cause your body temperature to rise without any way of escaping through the insulating blankets. If the room is chill, the amount that rises is not that bad, it is just enough to keep you warm. If the room is warm the body temperature can rise quite an alarming bit. 

Using your blanket in a cold room will not have any bad effect on your body because your body temperature rises enough to keep yourself warm and cozy. But using a blanket in very warm weather can be dangerous because your body heat can rise substantially. 

When that happens, your body will start to sweat in response to trying to regulate your body temperature once it crosses the normal temperature rise and passes beyond 103 or 104. 

Staying under that blanket for prolonged periods of time with no way of the heat escaping will actually cause neurological issues. It will not only dehydrate your body but also might end up causing plausible brain damage or a heat stroke. 

This is not very likely for us because removing the blanket once our body gets too hot is a normal impulsive response carried by our bodies to protect us and regulate the temperature.

However, it might be an issue for disabled people or even very young children who might not be capable of removing the blanket by themselves and require assistance. 

This is why it is very important to monitor when using a blanket to help raise the body temperature to avoid any accidents. 

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How to make blankets raise body temperature?

You can use blankets to raise your body temperature, but there are certain steps you must follow to do it safely. 

Proper dinner:

Before using a blanket to raise your body temperature, it is important that you have a proper dinner. You should avoid any caffeinated beverages because they might create problems sleeping. 

You can consume a warm bowl of soup to prepare yourself as well as healthy carbs that your body digests and releases heat. 

Warm bath:

You can take a warm bath beforehand to not only prepare your body but also to relax it. Do not be too worried because once you leave the shower, your body will start to cool down so you will not be too hot under the blankets.

Prepare your bedding:

It is extremely important to have comfortable, breathable, and proper bedding. This is very important so that you can avoid your body overheating in the process which can cause more stress. 

You should opt for cotton or linen bedding that is both comfortable and breathable. 


Alongside your bedding, it is just as important to have a proper mattress as well so your body can be relaxed and comfortable. If you use a dense mattress it can trap the warmth of your body and start to feel uncomfortable so opt for a breathable one. 

Use your blanket:

Nowadays, there are a lot of heating blankets to choose from. It is best to buy one where you can regulate your own body temperature. 

This will not only avoid your body overheating and dehydrating, but it will also help give you a relaxed sleep schedule without waking up in the middle of the night sweating. 

Invest in one that will be comfortable and breathable and you can safely increase and regulate your body temperature as well as have a relaxing sleep. 

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Ensure to use it safely:

Only use a heated blanket if it is very cold and your heater is not working or for any other sickness-related issues. Using a heating blanket for prolonged periods of time can actually be dangerous. 

It can cause heavy sweating by means of your body trying to regulate its internal temperature. Not only can that be uncomfortable, but it can also cause many issues such as dehydration due to sweating too much to regulate your internal temperature. 

Other than that, there are also dangers of brain damage and even heat stroke. It is also said that using a heated blanket over extended periods of time can actually cause body sensitivity issues, especially sensitivity to temperatures. 

Can too many blankets raise body temperature?

Yes, too many blankets can help raise body temperature. Even one thick blanket is enough to raise your body temperature. However, it is better to consider investing in a heating blanket instead of using too many blankets in aiding to raise your body temperature. 

This is because there are many heating blankets where you have the option of regulating your body temperature to the heat you want it to be. Too many blankets can overheat your body and make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty. 

It can also be particularly dangerous for disabled people or people with underdeveloped reflexes such as very young kids if their body temperature gets too high and they cannot remove the blankets. 

Can an electric blanket raise body temperature?

Electric blankets are extremely cozy and it also helps to raise body temperature. If you purposely want to raise your body temperature due to sickness issues then electric blankets are great ways to help you reach your desired temperature while feeling cozy. 

However, unless you have specific reasons to be using an electric blanket you must avoid it at all costs. This is because prolonged usage of electric blankets over time can cause many health hazards. 

Would covering myself in a blanket raise my internal body temperature?

Yes, covering yourself in a blanket will end up raising both your external temperature as well as your internal temperature. This is only if the blanket is thick enough and the outside is warm enough for it to mess with the internal temperature. 

In that case, if you see yourself sweating then it means that your body is trying to regulate your internal temperature and trying to reach equilibrium to help protect you. 

Do blankets raising body temperature stop colds?

Even if it seems like a viable solution to curing a cold by sweating it out inside a blanket, it does not actually stop colds. This is because there are many viruses and pathogens present that can end up hurting your system and therefore causing a cold. 

Wrapping yourself in blankets will not remove the pathogens or viruses from your system. Only medicine and proper diet will. Besides that, if you have a fever and you wrap yourself in more blankets then it is highly likely that you will hurt your internal temperature even more. 

It can actually backfire and raise your body temperature even more. 

How does our body temperature increase in the cold when we use blankets?

There are many ways that human bodies regulate our internal temperature to keep our bodies safe. During colder weather, when you have a blanket wrapped around you, it creates an insulating layer around your body

This insulating layer successfully traps an area of warm air around you that is insulated from the colder temperature outside the blanket. 

This stops any methods of heat loss and allows your body to regulate its internal temperature via increasing the body temperature to help fight the cold. 

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How long to wait to take temperature after waking up?

Your body temperature tends to be higher in the morning right after waking up. This is because when you are sleeping in one area for a long period of time your body temperature ends up increasing by quite a bit. 

This is why it is important to move around, brush your teeth and do your morning work to allow your temperature to be accurate. You should measure your body temperature fifteen to twenty minutes after waking up to avoid any confusion

Final thoughts:

A blanket can raise your body temperature by quite a bit, especially if the blanket is thicker. It is alright to raise your body temperature due to any sickness or coldness, however, never attempt to raise your body temperature if there are not any problems because there are dangers of overheating.