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How Much Algaecide to Put in Pool? Can You Put Too Much?

Maintaining a pool can be difficult and it requires much awareness. The most common problem for pools is the algae issues. The wet environment of the pool is perfect for algae to form. Which is when you should use chemical based solutions at the right amount.

How much algaecide to put in the pool?

Algaecide is usually used with the amount and measurement of the water in the pool. The general measurement is for every 10,000 gallons of water, 16 ounces of algaecide is used. Keeping this measurement in check you should add the algaecide according to the amount of water in the pool.

Algaecide is used to prevent the unwanted growth of algae. The biocide solution is used to dispatch and prevent the growth of algae, which is very common when it comes to maintaining pools. Algae is a common problem for pools.

So you will have to use algaecide a lot. Which is why you should be aware of the exact measurements of the biocide-

When opening:

It is important to know the correct amount of algaecide to use when you want to open the pool. The rate is should be 12 ounces for 5000 gallons of water.

The easiest way to apply this solution is to mix the algaecide in water and dispose the doses of water along the various places of the pool. This way the algaecide solution will circulate around the pool while the water fills.

When closing for winter:

Winterizing the pool is actually very important. You should mix one quarter of algaecide with 20000 gallons of water before closing for the winter.

It is very important to start winterizing the pool before starting to close for the winter. It is best to wait until the chlorine level drops down to prevent the shock of the algaecide. You can simply put the algaecide in the water with the right ratio and wait for around an hour before closing.


Applying algaecide weekly in your pool is essential and necessary. For this you should follow the general measurement for 10000 gallons apply 16 ounces of algaecide.

Spread the algaecide and water mixture around the pool and let the water fill so the solution gets everywhere of the pool.

To dispatch algae from a green pool:

If your pool is already infected with algae it is best to mix the normal amount of algaecide, which is 16 ounces for 10000 gallons of water. This will dispatch the algae and will also stop them from spreading further.

Follow the general steps, but this time focus more on the sides and corners where you notice the algae forming.

10 ft pool:

The amount of algaecide to use depends on how much water your pool can hold. If the pool holds around 1000 gallons of water then use little algaecide. Around 0.13 ounces of algaecide.

12 ft pool:

A 12 ft pool holds around 3000 gallons of water, for which you will need 0.75 ounces of algaecide. Do not add more than this.

1000 gallon pool:

For 1000 gallon you will not need much algaecide. Only 0.13 ounces of algaecide will do the work.

The amount of algaecide to be used in the pool depends on the amount of water it holds. Make sure to get the measurement and amount right to begin with.

What is algaecide? How does algaecide work?

In simple words algaecide is a pool chemical to prevent and keep the algae away from the pool. It is a biocide that stops the infection of the algae in your pool as well. Along with stopping the growth of algae it also dispatches any algae that already exists in the pool.

Algaecide is a chemical based solution that interrupts the growth process of algae. The biocide solution prevents photosynthesis from taking place in the algae, which is essential for the algae to live and spread. This chemical reaction helps prevent the growth of algae in your pool.

How often do you add algaecide to the pool?

It is important to take care of your pool, especially from algae. Algae can grow very quickly in the pool. Which is why you should use algaecide once every week.

Weekly use of algaecide will definitely keep the algae away from your pool. And even if you have any algae in the pool, they will lose life with the use of algaecide.

Use algaecide alongside your regular cleaning process and sanitizing routine every week. You will cut down the percentage of the possibility of algae forming in your pool if you apply algaecide once every week. Use algaecide after your weekly shock treatment in the pool.

Can you put too much algaecide in the pool? What happens if you do so?

The amount of algaecide you should put in your pool is very crucial to be maintained. Too much of the chemical solution is not good for the water of the pool. As you will be getting in the pool and the water, it is best to not mess with the measurements of the algaecide.

Using any amount more than the required should be avoided when it comes to using algaecide in your pool. Try to keep the measurements right before applying the algaecide.

The calculation might be difficult but you should be careful. You can easily mess it up and add too much algaecide in the pool.

Too much algaecide will result in the water of your pool getting foamy and bubbly. Putting in more algaecide than required will make the water of the pool form small bubbles all over. It will look as if there is a jet running inside the pool. Which is not an ideal situation to enjoy the pool.

Keep the measurements right when using algaecide in your pool. Too much algaecide is not advised. As it is a chemical solution you should not mess with the measurements of it. Try to maintain the right amount. 

How to get rid of too much algaecide in the pool?

Too much algaecide is not good for your pool. It can ruin your entire experience of the pool. The water becomes foamy and bubbly which seems like a mess. If you accidently put too much algaecide in your pool use one of the given methods to get rid of the excess algaecide-

Natural evaporation:

Wait for the algaecide to evaporate and the bubble will slowly dissolve on its’ own with time. This will require a lot of time though. Still  it is sometimes the only way to get rid of extra algaecide.

Balance it out:

You can partially drain the water and add more to balance the algaecide. This is a quick way to help the bubble dissolve as well.


If the bubbles still do not dissolve you chlorine to get rid of it. You can use other anti foaming chemicals as well. But this should be kept as a last resort. The shock might not be good for the water.

There is a good chance you will mess up the measurements of the algaecide to be used in the pool if you are not careful. If that happens you can wait for it to dissolve. But best be careful.

When is the best time to put algaecide in a pool?

Using algaecide once every week or every two weeks is good for your pool. And the best time to add the algaecide in your pool is right after the shock treatment. This way the algaecide can support the chlorine better. This will help improve the overall condition of the pool as well.

Make sure to shock your pool first before adding the chlorine. When the chlorine level adjusts to the level of the water you can add the algaecide.

This is the best process to add the biocide solution to prevent any algae from forming in your pool. Maintain this sequence to get the best of it.

How long does it take for algaecide to work?

It takes up to 24 hours for the algaecide to kick in and dispatch the algae from your pool. The effects of the algae lasts as long as seven days. You can keep the pump running and the algaecide will still work perfectly to dispatch the algae and stop the formation of it as well.

After spreading the algaecide in your pool, the chemical solution will start working within the first 24 hours. It takes roughly a day for the algaecide to do its’ work. And within a day the algaecide will reduce the spreading of any algae forming in your pool.

Final thoughts

Algaecide is used to remove any forming algae in the pool. For 10,000 gallons of water, you will need roughly around 16 ounces of algaecide. This is a biocide chemical solution that should not be used more than the measurement. Using too much algaecide will make your pool water foamy and bubbly.