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How Long & Tall Is a Paper Towel Roll? (Quick Answers)

Any household appliance should be bought after carefully thinking of the size and convenience of its usage. There are always various sizes to any household item. Choosing the best and most convenient size is necessary.

Paper towels are the most used item in the house. This is why it is important to be aware of the different sizes of paper towels. The sizes of the towels depending on the type of paper towel and the size bought.

But there is a dimension that most manufacturers use while making paper towels.

How long & tall is a paper towel roll?

Generally, paper towels are manufactured in squares 11 inches by 11 inches, this has been maintained since 2010. Though this measurement is the same for every manufacturing company, some companies make the towels 11-by-5.5 inch sections to easily divide the towels. The new measurements are bigger.

Paper towels are usually medium length. The towels are made for convenience. 11 inches is a good enough length for paper towels and they are easily manageable for the user as well. This dimension of size varies from brand to brand and according to the type of paper towel.

How long is a paper towel roll?

Typically a paper towel is around 11 inches tall. This is the universal length of the paper towels. If you get a regular-sized paper towel then you will get an 11-inch tall towel. However, this size does vary as there is a various range of towels starting from small to extra large.

Extra-large paper towels are larger than 11 inches but that size also varies from company to company. But the general length of any paper towel is 11 inches and it does not vary. There are smaller-sized paper towels as well, but the normal length is 11 inches.

How tall is a paper towel roll?

Any paper towel roll is generally 11 inches tall. Some of the extra large-sized paper towels are more than 11 inches and some smaller-sized towels are shorter than the average-sized towels. But a roll of tissue paper is only around 3.7 inches which are only about 0.3 feet.

The sizes are standard but the length of the roll can vary according to the manufacturing company. However, most companies try to maintain the 11 inches long as it is the most convenient and is somewhat expected by the customers in general.

Change in length is not expected but it is fine if there is a slight change.

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What is the standard size of the paper towel roll?

While it may not seem like it, but there is a standard length and size for paper towels. The general paper towel is a square 11 inches by 11 inches. Though some manufacturers make longer or shorter-sized towels.

But universally 11 inches is the ideal size for paper towels.

You will find some paper towels that are 11 inches by 5.5 inches. This diameter is to easily divide the perforations of the paper towels. However, the universally applied size of the paper towels is a square 11 inches by 11 inches. This is the typical size of a manufactured paper towel.

What is the diameter of a paper towel roll?

The diameters of paper towel rolls are typically the same for every roll. The diameters are usually for an 11 inches long paper towel. For an 11-inch long paper towel, the width of the towels should be around 2 inches.

Usually, each sheet of paper towel is around 0.015 inches thick.

Every paper towel has an inner cardboard roll. The cardboard roll is 1.5 inches in diameter. Almost all manufacturers tend to follow these measurements. The measurements and diameters are accepted and are for the convenience of the customers.

But for a larger or smaller-sized paper towel, the measurements are adjusted accordingly.

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Paper towel size for different brands

Paper towels are generally the same size in terms of diameters. Most manufacturers maintain the universal size of the paper rolls. The 11 inches by 11 inches is the typical size of the paper towels. The sizes are similar for the different brands are also around the same range-

  • Bounty paper towels are around 11″ x 5.9″. These are the full-sized sheets;
  • Presto towels are similar to the universal size of 11 inches by 6 inches;
  • Brawny paper towels are the perfect universal size. The towels are a square 11 inches by 11 inches;
  • The full-sized sheets of the Viva paper towels are 11 inches by 5.9 inches which is smaller than the average size.

The measurements of the paper towels depending on the size of towels –

Size Diameter
Full-sized towels11 inches by 11 inches
Quarter sheets5.5 inches by 5.5 inches
A 4 size sheets11 inches by 5.9 inches
Square sheets11 inches by 11 inches.

What to look for when buying a paper towel?

Buying paper towels is not rocket science but it should not be taken lightly either. There are some very obvious things that you should look for while buying paper towels. The towels are perhaps the most used item in the household.

This is why you should look for while buying the paper towels –

Ply count:

The layers used to complete the paper towel. Usually, two-ply is perfect for household uses.


The size of the towel matters according to the usage and purpose of getting the paper towel. A4-sized paper towels are good for regular use.

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There are many types of paper towels. Some are recycled and some are virgin paper, which means they contain no recycled parts. Some are recycled papers. You can pick one to your preference.


How you want to fold your paper towel is also something to consider. The paper towels can be folded in a single style or you can get them multi-folded. This depends on the size. So get the paper towels according to this preference as well.

Paper towels are used more than any other household item. This is why it is important to be a bit picking when it comes to buying paper towels.

How many sheets of paper towels are on a roll?

The number of sheets in any paper towel roll depends on the size of the roll and the type of paper towel. The sheet counts are given on the packing of the paper towel. In a 2 ply paper towel packet, there are around 44 sheets per roll. This is usually a standard for paper towels.

The sheet count varies according to the different brands and the type of paper towels. There are sometimes more sheets of paper towels in the big packs. And the travel-sized packs have fewer sheets of towels for the convenience of the traveler.

The sheet count of the paper towels depends on various things.

How tall is the Bounty paper towel roll?

Bounty paper towel rolls are easily one of the most popular paper towel brands. The widely accepted brand of paper towels has maintained its quality and their design is very much convenient for regular use around the household.

The usual length of a Bounty paper towel role is around 14.84 inches.

The average diameter of a Bounty paper towel roll is around 11 by 5.9 inches. This is their A4-sized paper towel rolls. But the length depends on the type of paper towel roll you are getting.

The king-sized packs have larger paper towels while the travel-sized packs have paper towels that are half the size of the average paper towel.

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What is the largest size of Bounty paper towels?

Bounty paper rolls offer a wide range of paper rolls that come in different sizes and dimensions. The largest size of the paper towels the brand has to offer is their A-sized paper towels, Jumbo rolls.

Each of the towels in this pack is around 20.71 x 11 x 15.53 inches, which is length, width, and height respectively.

Though, the general size of the paper towel follows the universal size, 11 inches by 5.9 inches. And they do have a wide range of sizes when it comes to their paper towels. But the largest sized paper towel they have to offer is their Jumbo rolls.

Final thoughts

Paper towels are essentials around the house. And the size of the towels is a good concern. Usually, a paper towel is around a square 11 inches by 11 inches. The size changes according to the brand or type of the towel. But 11 inches by 11 inches is a universal size that is most convenient to use.