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How Long Does It Take to Tile a Shower? (Read This First!)

Tiling a shower is tiresome. You can either hire a professional or DIYer to tile your shower. If you hire a professional, you need to spend $10-$20 for every square foot.

You can tile the shower using the required tools and techniques. It will save your budget, and you can tile the entire shower on weekends.

When you have enough time and vacation, you can start tiling your shower and take as much time as you want. Besides, you will find separate tiles for a shower enclosure, shower walls, shower stall, and shower surround.

How long does it take to tile a shower?

It will take around 10 hours to tile a shower. The exact time will depend on some factors. You can hire a professional to tile the shower who will take 6 to 8 hours to tile the shower. But if you take the DIYer, it will take around 12 to 16 hours to tile the floor with experience.

It will take longer than 16 hours if you do it yourself. You may be familiar with the tiling tools and methods. Therefore, it will become easier and cost-effective to tile the shower yourself. In that case, you won’t need to spend extra money on hiring professionals.

We talked about different tiles for different shower areas. If you plan to tile the shower by yourself, you should know these tiles well and get some ideas about the time. Before that, you need to fix your budget and enlist your tiling tools.

Shower enclosure:

In the bathroom, you must have two areas. One area is wet, and another area is dry. Here comes the shower enclosure. It is the separation between these two areas. However, it will take around 20 minutes to tile the shower enclosure.

It will take more time to tile the shower enclosure than other shower areas. And, you need to buy waterproof tiles that will last for years. You can go for professional labor to tile the shower enclosure.

Shower wall:

The shower wall will take 10 hours to tile. It will take more time if you do it yourself. And, it will take less time to tile yourself. You may even need to spend 16 hours tiling the entire shower wall properly.

The shower wall is the most crucial part of the shower room. You should spend some more time here. You also need to buy the best quality tiles to use on the shower wall. If it requires an additional budget, you should spend it.

Shower stall:

Some people want to make shower stalls for their individual uses. Here the shower stall fulfills one needs appropriately, but you need to put some extra effort here.

However, the shower stall will take around 8 hours to tile. If you work an entire day, you can finish tiling within a day.

Taking a break will require you to spend some additional time tiling the shower stall. In that case, you will need to spend around 16 hours.

Shower surround:

To tile the shower surround, you need to spend 20 minutes for each square yard. Now, calculate your shower surroundings and get the exact time.

Typically, a shower surround will take 8 to 10 hours to tile. But, professionals will take only 4 to 8 hours to do the job with subway tile.

Can you tile a shower in a day?

Tiling a shower in a day is difficult for general people. It can be possible for professionals. They will start tiling from the morning till night. As a result, they can tile a shower in a day.

If you have experience in tiling a shower or doing a related job, you can take a shower in a day. You can tile the shower within a day when you know all the tools or tiling and have some previous experiences.

What if you don’t have experience and don’t know the required tools? Without any experience, you can start tiling the shower, but it will take longer. You need to know all the tools, then buy the required tools. After that, you can start tiling the shower.

How long does it take a professional to install a shower tile?

It takes a professional 4 hours to install the shower tile wholly. But the time is not fixed, it will depend on some facts. The professional will take 8 hours to install the tiles when you have a large shower room.

At the same time, a professional will take only 2 to 3 hours to install all the shower tiles if you have a shower stall. Mainly, the shower stall is small and has a few yards. So, it will generally take less time.

To tile the entire shower surround, walls, and floors, a professional might take more than a day to tile them all. But if you have urgency, professionals can install all the tiles in a day.

When tiling a shower where do you start? What is the correct order to tile a shower?

You should start from the back wall of your shower. It will give you some advantages. For example, you can tile the floor after installing them on the wall. At this time, there will be no worries about the walls and surroundings.

When you start tiling from the floors, it won’t be easy to install the tiles on the back walls after that. You cannot check the back walls properly and will fail to strengthen the tiles since you need to walk on them and install them in the other areas.

You can follow the correct order to tile a shower to sort out the issues. Here, the back wall comes first. You should tile the back wall. Then install the tiles on the other walls as well. After that, you can tile the surroundings.

When you complete the tiling on those areas, your shower floors will be left. You need to tile the shower floors and complete the tiling order.

How to tile a shower faster?

Only the tiling experience can help you to tile a shower faster. Additionally, some tips can also assist you in tiling the shower quickly.

Prepare the Shower walls and floor:

Your first task is to prepare the shower room. Here the preparation means cleaning and drying. You need to clean the walls and floors properly.

After that, the walls and floors need to be dried soon. You can use a vacuum cleaner or electric bathroom cleaner to make the process faster. It will clean the surface and dry it simultaneously.

Applying Cement Mixture:

It is vital to mix the cement and sand proportionally. You need to add some water and mix the cement and sand.

Now, the cement mixture needs to be applied separately. You cannot apply the cement mixture on the entire walls and then install the tiles. You need to apply the cement mixture in a small part then install the tiles there.

Installing tiles:

After applying the cement mixture, you will place the tiles. To make it faster, you can get help from the other family members. They can assist you with the size of the tiles.

In your bathroom, you will cover the corner and other uneven parts. You cannot make the tiles rough. Therefore, you need to cut the tiles in different shapes according to the bathroom floors and wall requirements.

Dry the tile floors:

You have installed all the tiles in your bathroom. But it will take some time to stick to the cement and floors firmly. You should leave it overnight and then clean the tile floors and walls.

You can use the water pipe and clean the entire tile floors and walls. You need to flow the water and clean the tiles.

How long after you tile a shower can you use it?

You can use it after four days of tiling the shower. Within this time, the cement and tiles will stick to each other, for which the water cannot penetrate. Otherwise, it will be a mess, and the water will ruin the structure.

But the time will change when you hire professional laborers to tile your shower. You can use it only after two days of tiling. Since experienced people install the tikes firmly, it will take one or two days to use.

However, it will be better to wait for a few days and start using the newly-tiled shower room. And, four days will be a good time regarding the tiles.

Final Thoughts

Tiling a shower takes some extra time since it has different parts. You need to install tiles on the walls, floors, and surroundings. Apart from that, the time will depend on your skills and experience too. Considering all these factors, it might take around 10 hours to tile an entire shower room.