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How Long Does It Take to Drywall a New House? (Answered)

Drywalls are partition boards, which are the new hype for home makers. This new trend is easy to apply and install. All you have to know is the various details of the installation.

How long does it take to drywall a new house?

The timing of drywall depends on the size of the house and how efficiently the work has been done. But in general, it can take from six days to four weeks. The home size and the framing complexity are major factors of determining the time. But it does not take more than a month to drywall.

Drywall installations are very important and need careful pull off. On top of that, the installation needs time to properly set. How much time it needs depends on a lot of factors. The timing can be as less as one day, and it can also be around a month.

The most important factor is the size of the house. The larger the house, the more time it will take to finish the drywall installation. It also depends on the expertise of the crew as well. But the larger the room the more the time, is a general assumption.

2500 sq ft:

For a house of 2500 square feet, it will need around a week to completely finish the drywall installation.

It takes a lot of time to prepare the house for the drywall installation as well. Cleaning up the debris also needs time. Which means the preparation time needs around a day or so.

After the framing and preparation is done, the crew can start the drywall installation. It takes around a week to complete a 2500 sq ft house. It may take longer if the crew is short handed. Or it may take only two days if they are experienced enough.

3000 sq ft:

A 3000 sq ft house will undoubtedly take over two weeks to drywall. In some cases it might take a whole month to complete the drywall installations of such a big house.

This includes the preparation time and the cleaning time as well, as the house is larger in size.

How many days does it take to mud and tape drywall in a new house?

Apply the joint tape and the mud to the drywall is a very easy process and it does not take much time. The only time it requires is that it takes time to set the tape and mud in between the layers of the drywall. Other than this there is no extra time that goes behind it.

The mud requires more time as you need to allow the mud some drying time. It takes 12 hours for the mud to dry in between the drywall layers. Other than this, there is not extra time needed for the tape and mud.

5 factors that determine the drywall time in a new house

While the measurement of the house is important  for the drywall installation, the drying time of the drywall depends on many other factors, not only the size of the house.

Sometimes a small house can take a lot of time to complete the drywall installation. Listed below are the important factors that affect the timing of the drywall installation-

House size:

The size of the house matters the most perhaps. The square footage determines how much time it take to complete the installation and the drying process. The smaller the house, the lesser time it will take for the drywall installations.


The framing complexity of the house matters in determining the time of the drywall installation. The more complex framings require more time to install.

And the frame designs which are less complex need less time to both install and dry. The setting of the drywall depends on the framing complexity of the house.

The height of the wall and ceiling:

The drywalls usually come in the standard size, 8 ft. If the wall is taller than that it will need multiple sheets of the drywall. The cutting and setting as well as the drying of those extra sheets will need more time than a standard sized wall.

Finish type of the drywall:

The texturing of the drywall is an integral part of the process. Texturing the drywall will make sure the drywalls are smooth. If this step is skipped, it might take a day or two more for the installation of the drywall to finish.

The crew:

Now this part matters a lot. With a large crew, it will be very easy to finish the drywall work within the standard time. The experience of the crew also matters a lot. With an experienced bunch of workers, it will take less time than usual.

Drywall installations are very intricate work which require a lot of time to complete. There are various factors that influence the timing of the drywall installation.

All the factors combined determine the timing. Any condition of the mentioned factors might add or subtract from the total timing.

How much drywall can one person hang per day?

The installation time depends on the expertise of the crew. If a person is well known about the drywalls they can install and hang more sheets in a day. The opposite happens for a new person at work. They will need more time to get used to hanging more than 5 sheets in a day.

Drywall sheets are usually hung by a crew of many people. On average it takes 5 guys to hang 60 to a 100 sheets of drywall in one day. Which means one person would be able to hang 12 sheets of drywall. At 10 sheets is easily hung by a person in a day.

Depending on the experience of the crew or the person, the time could take longer or shorter. An experienced person would easily hang more than 10 sheets a day while a new person in the field might only hang 5 or 6 drywall in a day.

How much does it cost to hang and finish drywall in a new house?

The costing of the drywall installations depend on various factors. There are the per sq ft rate and the costing of the sheets. You should also keep in mind the house size and the frame measurements. All these combined will determine the total costing of the drywall installations.

The average cost of the drywall installations is around $1,868, with a range between $994 to $2,912. There are a lot of factors that matter directly when it comes t calculating the costs of the drywall installation. Given below are the factors-

  • The cost of the sheets range from 1 dollar to 3.5 dollars. The total amount depends on how many sheets you would need for the house.
  • The house measurements also matter a lot. Per square feet calculations are important to determine the total costing behind the sheets.
  • The labor cost is also very important. In fact it is core cost. Majority of the labors tend to charge 2 dollars per square feet for drywall installations.
  • There are other miscellaneous costs surrounding the drywall installations of the house. The costs of the equipment, in case of any defects.

Costing of the products depend on various factors. All the factors combined will give you the total costing of the installation. 

How to drywall a new house?

For a home maker, drywall installations can seem like a difficult task, but in reality it is easier than it sounds. Most house crews find this job to be very easy. Some home owners prefer to do the work all by themselves because it is that easy.

Given below are a set of instructions that will help you complete the drywall installation without any mistake. Just make sure to follow the instructions well and you will be good to go-

  • Measure the ceiling and cut the drywall.
  • Start by covering the ceiling. Cut the drywall by using a rotary cut out tool.
  • Move to the doors and cover them next.
  • Around the doors and windows make sure to trim the extra drywalls.
  • At the inside corners, insert the end panel. And for the outside corners, cover it with a metal corner board.
  • Keep the studs in line.
  • Add the finishing touches to the drywalls.

With these simple steps you can install the drywall inside your house all by yourself. The steps may seem difficult to follow but if you take it slowly you will know what do to next.

Final thoughts

Drywall installation timings tend to depend on a lot of factors. And generally it takes around six days to four weeks to complete the drywall installations. The house size matters the most when it comes to drywall installations. It can take less than six days as well.