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How Long Do Fairy Lights Last? (Quick Answers)

The importance of fairy lights is immense in creating a magical environment around the time of festive seasons. But sometimes the lights don’t last as long as they are supposed to and it can be due to various reasons.

Therefore, we are here to give you a better understanding of the life expectancy of fairy lights through our article.

How long do fairy lights last?

The durability of fairy lights usually varies from 5-6 hours to more than 90 hours. The lasting of the fairy lights largely depends on the durability of the power source. In most cases, the batteries usually last more than 70 hours even with high usage.

Well, the total life expectancy of the fairy lights depends on various factors. The current passing through the strings, brand as well as age of the batteries plays an important role in the long durableness of the fairy lights.

However, high usage can also be another factor for the quick decay of the fairy lights. Therefore, always check out the specification or instructions about the total life expectancy of the fairy lights before buying them.

Battery fairy lights:

Battery fairy lights’ durability highly depends on the usage, brand, and how old the battery is. However, normally the life expectancy of battery string lights is usually between 20 hours to even more than 100 hours.

Sometimes the high load of current through the wires of the string lights decays the battery more quickly. But string lights with brand new fresh batteries will last more than 80 hours.

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Solar fairy lights:

The solar fairy lights last more years than any other string lights. The reason behind it might be the use of solar energy. 

Normally the total life expectancy of solar string lights is more than 40 thousand hours or sometimes less than that.

That is, a set of solar fairy lights will last at least 10 years or less than that depending on the usage. If you keep the string lights on for 10 hours per day then it will last at least 10 years.

Sometimes heavy usage or a high load of current might burn out the fairy lights sooner than their life expectancy.

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USB fairy lights:

USB fairy lights’ average life expectancy is almost 40 hours to 150 hours. But just like the other string lights, there are certain factors that can reduce the durability of USB fairy lights.

The most common reason for the decay of USB string lights is the passing high of load current. As the USB fairy lights have different sorts of colorful lights, therefore, sometimes those lights might attract more power than usual.

This will lead to quick decay of those specific lights and also slowly with the other string lights.

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Electric plug-in fairy lights: 

Electric plug-in fairy lights can usually last at least 50 hours. Sometimes they can even last more than 110 hours depending on the usage.

However, electric plug-in string lights can use a lot of electricity which is why the high load of current might burn out the string lights. Also, heavy usage of string lights might decay the life expectancy of those string lights.

Why are my fairy lights dim?

The main reason behind fairy lights dim is because of the decay of batteries. Whenever the batteries are in their last stage of power, the bulbs in the fairy lights will start to dim.

Therefore, whenever you notice that your fairy lights start to dim, then get ready to replace the old batteries with a new pair of fresh batteries.

However, there can be other reasons behind fairy lights such as: burn out bulb due to heavy load of current, the bulb getting less amount of power, low-quality lights, etc.

Whatever the reasons are if your fairy lights start to dim make sure that you find out the exact reason as well as the solution.

How long do Duracell batteries last in fairy lights?

Duracell batteries actually last in fairy lights for about 14 hours to 50 hours. But it also depends on the usage because sometimes the battery will last in the fairy lights for more than 50 hours if you use the battery for less period of time.

In the case of led strip lights, the Duracell battery will last up to 20 hours depending on the usage. However, the two stripes option of the led strip lights will let you save the batteries. Although if you prefer minimal usage then the batteries would last longer than 40 hours.

Can electric fairy lights be left on overnight?

Though fairy lights are fireproof, still you shouldn’t leave the electric fairy lights on overnight. There can always be a slight chance of harm even though your electric fairy lights are completely fireproof.

Sometimes an overloaded socket can produce a spark which can cause a huge fire risk. Also, if you have decorated your Christmas tree with electric fairy lights then there is a big chance of fire as dry barks are a conductor of fire.

Therefore, it is better if you don’t keep the electric fairy lights on overnight and if you want to make sure that they are safe from potential fire risks.

Can you leave battery-powered fairy lights on overnight?

Yes, it’s completely safe to leave the battery-powered fairy lights on overnight. As the power source comes from a battery in battery-powered fairy lights and the voltage is so low in the battery which is why it is completely safe from creating any potential risk.

Battery-powered fairy lights can be a great solution for people who want to keep their fairy lights on all night. Sometimes people love to go to sleep by keeping the fairy lights on which is why battery-run fairy lights can be the perfect fairy lights for them.

Do fairy lights burn out?

Yes, sometimes the fairy lights burn out due to the overloading of current. It is because the fairy lights have the filament inside the bulb which eventually burns out if there is a short circuit or an overload of current passing through it.

However, there are alternatives you can choose from if you don’t want your bulb to burn out. The alternative can be led bulbs that will not burn out even though there is an overload of power because the filament is not present inside the bulbs.

Are battery-operated fairy lights a fire risk?

No, battery-operated fairy lights do not possess any sort of fire risk. As there is low voltage coming from the battery, therefore, there is no chance that the battery-operated fairy lights will cause a fire.

Although it will be best if you stay extra careful and you don’t leave your fairy turned on overnight. Because if the lights are decorated on dry surfaces which are very good conductors of fire then there can be chances of potential fire risks.

Do LED fairy lights use a lot of electricity?

No, LED fairy lights don’t use a lot of electricity and in fact, they are known as energy-saving bulbs. LED fairy lights are energy efficient as well as they are a great alternative to the average and traditional fairy lights.

The LED lights use a very small amount of electricity than the average bulbs in the fairy lights. Therefore, you can save a lot of money from electricity bills by going for the LED fairy lights in the festive seasons.

Are fairy lights safe in the bedroom?

Well, safety always depends on what type of fairy lights you use in your bedroom. Though fairy lights are completely fireproof, you can’t be so predictable about electricity and fire.

The electric fairy lights do have a slight chance of catching fire if they are kept in the bedroom because any sort of fabric can catch fire very easily.

Solar-powered and battery-powered fairy lights are completely safe in the bedroom because the low voltage that comes passes through the lights poses no danger. However, it will be best if you stay careful with fairy lights and don’t leave them turned on overnight.

Can you leave fairy lights outside?

Yes, you can leave fairy lights until they are safe from creating any sort of potential risk. Because on the outside there is always a chance of catching fire because of damp and wet conditions.

Dry materials can catch fire from a simple spark from electricity which can cause a potential fire risk. Therefore, always look at the manufacturer guide before buying fairy lights for your garden or outside the house.

Final Thoughts:

The lasting of the fairy lights always depends on your usage and how old the batteries are. Sometimes the fairy lights can last more than 50 hours or less than 4 hours depending on the usage. Therefore, if you want your fairy lights to last long then you can certainly go for LED fairy lights.