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How Big Should Bathroom Vanity Mirror Be? (Explained)

Though it’s a matter of preference and there’s no rule of thumb you can’t just select the mirror in any size. But, the size greatly affects the overall look. However, it’s quite challenging to choose the best proportionate mirror depending on the space your bathroom has. 

How big should bathroom vanity mirror be?

Considering the bathroom size, countertop, sink basin area, ceiling while setting the mirror, is a must. The size should be 6 to 7 inches small from the ceiling and 2 to 4 inches from the countertop and sink basin. For 36 or 38 inches vanity, the height and width both can be between 34 to 36 inches.

The size of the mirror is determined by the size of the bathroom, the distance from the ceiling, the size of the vanity, and the needs of the user. Users’ height and preferences must be taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate size of mirror. 

The usual rule of thumb states that it shouldn’t be larger than 32 to 36 inches in height. It should be between 34 and 36 inches tall. And that it should be 28 inches wide in relation to its height. 

In order to create a good illusion in the bathroom and to seem aesthetically pleasing with the bathroom’s overall view, it is also preferable to leave a gap of five to six inches from the ceiling.

If anybody has a double vanity in their bathroom, it should be between 70 and 72 inches wide. They might choose a mirror with a maximum width of 20 inches and a maximum height of 30 inches if they wish to install two mirrors of the same size. 

With common mirrors like rectangular-shaped mirrors, the mirror shape also has an effect and varies in size. For double vanity, one can pick two mirrors 24 to 34-inch each.


A bathroom mirror should be between 36 and 38 inches in height. Any vanity that is 36 or 38 inches high can accommodate the installation of a mirror that is 34 to 36 inches high. If the mirror is circular, they can choose one with a 26-to 28-inch diameter. 

The height is typically determined by the height of the walls, so the ideal distance between the ceiling and the mirror is between six and seven inches, with the same distance between the vanity’s highest point and the bottom edge of the mirror.


Bathroom mirrors often have a width that varies between 28 and 30 inches. The mirror should be 32 to 34 inches wide if the sink is 34 or 36 inches wide. 

For the perfect bathroom mirror size, there should always be an inch on either side of the mirror, or it should be two to three inches shorter than the sink.


If a mirror has a height of 30 inches or 32 inches and a width of 28 to 30 inches, its conventional length should be around 34 to 36 inches.

How big should a bathroom mirror be compared to the vanity?

Prior to selecting a mirror, consider the bathroom vanity’s size. The height and weight of the mirror are typically taken into account after measuring the vanity. If a bathroom vanity is 36 inches wide, it should actually be 32 to 34 inches wide and 34 inches tall

There should also be a five-to-eight-inch space between the vanity and the bottom edge of the mirror. Each mirror on a double vanity should be between 20 and 30 inches wide, 30 inches tall, and 32 inches long. 

There are no hard rules that the size should be particular; it also depends on the owner’s preference. 

If anyone has a large vanity measuring 40 to 48 inches and wants to install a single mirror above it, the size should be 36 to 38 inches in width and 38 to 40 inches in height in accordance with the bathroom size and height.

How big should a mirror be over a vanity?

Before setting the mirror, considering a few factors is a must else, the area won’t eventually create a good look. 

For a narrow, shorter space bathroom, the bathroom vanity shouldn’t rise up to 34” while for a spacious, larger space bathroom or that is used by more than one person, the vanity shouldn’t be less than 60”. 

24 inch vanity:

24” vanity is initially a narrow and less specious vanity. For a 24 inch vanity, you can go for a 20” to 22” mirror size.

30 inch vanity:

30” vanity is also appropriate for a single person. The size of the mirror shouldn’t be more than 26” to 28”. 

36 inch vanity:

The 36” vanity is the perfect size for a personal, medium size bathroom and the mirror size should be between 32” to 35”. 

48 inch vanity:

For personal bathroom vanity, 48” is quite big. The mirror size should be within 44” to 46”.

55 inch vanity:

This size is standard for two people grooming at the same time. The mirror size should be between 52” to 54”. 

60 inch vanity:

This huge size vanity is more often seen in double-sink vanity where two mirrors can be set up but size should be between 56” to 58”.

72 inch vanity:

This size is perfect for larger master bathrooms or as a family bathroom space. The size of the mirror should be between 68” to 71” and a double vanity will create a good look. 

4 Factors that determine the bathroom vanity mirror size:

There are few factors which highly determine the bathroom vanity mirror size and affect the look of the bathroom. You can’t choose a big vanity mirror if you have a narrow bathroom or in the large double-sink vanity a short mirror can seem not good. 

There is no rule in selecting the size but as it highly impacts on the overall look of the bathroom, considering the factors is necessary before setting up. 

Measurement of the countertop:

The width and length of the vanity’s countertop is initially an essential factor that should be considered. Otherwise, you won’t be able to choose the right size of the vanity mirror and create a good ambient. 

If you count the vanity countertop, then the perfect size of mirror would be a few inches shorter than it. 

Sink basin: 

The length of the sink basin is another potential factor as the mirror has to be centered on it. The mirror should not be bigger than the sink area or it may not seem appropriate and create an odd look. 

For the large master bathrooms, you can set up two mirrors as it comes with double-sink vanity. 

The overall bathroom size: 

It makes a distinct difference to the bathroom vanity mirror size depending on how big is the shape inside it. If the bathroom has a shorter space and you put a big mirror, it’ll seem overwhelmed and eventually will look bad. 

For a standard size personal bathroom, the appropriate size would be 24”-34” and for a big space family bathroom, the size can be increased by 60”-72” where you can even set up a double vanity.

Height of the ceiling: 

The ceiling height matters a lot as though having a small area in the bathroom, a taller ceiling can make the smallest space look more spacious and ambitious.

How to choose a mirror size for your bathroom vanity?

Some basic calculations can be used to choose a mirror for a bathroom vanity. The vanity size must first be determined because bathroom vanities are often a few inches shorter than mirrors. 

The size would then differ depending on the type of vanity; for example, if it is a double vanity, the shape of the mirror will also differ depending on the vanity size. A standard size of mirror should be chosen so that a mirror is placed according to the client’s eye level and preferences. 

Therefore, it is important to consider the ceiling length, bathroom space, demand, and height before making a decision. 

For instance, a medium-sized bathroom typically has a vanity that is 34 by 36 inches in size. As a result, the mirror should be 32 by 34 inches wide and tall. If you wish to install a round mirror, choose a mirror with a diameter of 24 to 30 inches if you wish to install a round mirror. 

Determine the vanity’s dimensions:

The vanity’s width and height should be measured in inches first. Next, determine how high the bathroom is from the ceiling. 

Mirror shape:

After you’ve taken all of your measurements, select the appropriate mirror shape. Typically, rectangular mirrors are chosen with bathroom vanities. Next, measure the mirror to ensure that it is smaller than the vanity size. 


Now pick the center location for the mirror installation over the vanity and leave some space between the mirror and the vanity for the user’s line of sight.

Final Thoughts 

To determine the mirror size, consider the size of the countertop and sink basin, subtract a few inches on both sides. For 30 to 36 inches vanity, the standard mirror is normally 28 to 34 inches big and for 72 inches, double vanity can be picked with two mirrors of 24-34-inch diameter each.