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Garden Sheds Height: How High Should a Garden Shed Be?

If you’re planning on building a garden shed yourself, then you might as well plan to build one that will serve you for many years. So it is crucial that you gather all the right information before starting to work on your garden shed.

In this article, we will discuss how high should a garden shed be. We will also discuss the reasons why it is important to build a garden shed off the ground, at a certain height. So without further ado, let’s read ahead to find out more about building garden sheds.

Garden sheds height

A garden shed should be about 4 inches higher than the ground. The walls should be about eight feet high, in case of a single-pitched roof. This will make an ideal heigh for an average garden height. Note that in the case of dual-pitched roofs, the garden sheds should be four meters high.

Building a garden shed is not an easy job. So if you’re confident enough to build one yourself and have the necessary experience with woodwork, then you should collect all the necessary pieces of information before getting to work. It is very important to determine the right height of your garden shed because the well-being of the establishment has a lot to do with its height.

You will have to ensure that there is enough space underneath the garden shed. This will ensure that there is enough room for airflow and ventilation under the garden shed. Ideally, the garden shed to be at least 4 inches off the ground.

It is not advised that you build the garden shed directly onto the ground. You should always build it a bit higher than the ground. This will ensure that the shed does not catch too much moisture, preventing the wood to rot.

In addition, building the garden shed higher than the ground will enhance the air circulation inside the shed. This will help the ground and other materials on it to remain dry and cool, and keep them from catching moisture from the wet ground during the monsoon.

In addition, you will have to determine the ideal height of the walls of a garden shed. The height will depend on the type of roof that you are installing. If you’re building a single-pitched roof, then the walls should be about 3 meters high.

On the other hand, if you are building a garden shed that will have a double-pitched roof, then the height of the walls should be at least 4 meters. This will ensure that there is proper air circulation inside the garden shed.

Note that the garden shed will not have any veranda, so there is no additional structure to the shed that will contribute to its ventilation process. There will also not be any balconies or other raised platforms adjacent to it.

Moreover, the garden sheds need to be a one-story establishment, in order to adhere to the building code.

Should a garden shed be raised off the ground?

Yes, it is ideal to raise a garden shed off the ground. This has many benefits. When the garden shed is raised from the garden, it allows the garden shed to stay safe from the moisture in the ground.

The ground in the garden will hold on to moisture, especially during the monsoon. If the garden shed is built on the ground, the moisture will pass on and cause rot on the walls and ground of the garden shed. Thus, when you build it off of the ground, the garden shed will be safe from rot and unwanted moisture.

In addition, the temperature within the garden shed will not fluctuate with that of the ground when you build it a bit higher than the grounds. Otherwise, there is a risk that the garden shed may get too cold during cold winter nights.

A Garden shed, when raised off the ground, also allows a great deal of air circulation underneath, maintaining a healthy ground in the shed. The materials of the shed are also well taken care of in this way.

What is the legal height of a garden shed?

The legal height of a garden shed mainly depends on the type of roof that you are putting up. An average garden wall has a legal height of 3 meters. However, you are allowed to build a garden wall upto a height of 4 meters if you are installing a double-pitched roof.

So the roof will play an important factor in determining the ideal height of the wall of a garden shed.

2 reasons why to build your garden shed off the ground?

It is important to build the garden shed a bit higher from the ground. There are several benefits associated with it. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should build your garden shed off the ground.

Air flow:

In order to ensure a good condition of airflow and ventilation, you should build your garden shed off the ground. This will make sure there is enough room for airflow under the garden shed.

This raise in height allows air to circulate under the materials that are placed inside the garden shed. This is essential in order to ensure the well-being of the materials and furniture inside the garden shed, as well as the shed itself.

Prevents catching too much moisture:

When you build the garden shed a bit higher off the ground, it protects the shed from catching too much moisture. Note that the ground of a garden usually holds on to moisture. So when you build the shed on the ground, instead of raising it off of the ground, the garden shed will be exposed to the excessive moisture underneath.

This will prove to be an issue during the monsoon as well as the cold winter nights. The base of the garden shed will catch excessive moisture from the garden shed, eventually causing rot and mold inside the shed. So if you build the shed higher than the ground, it will keep the base of the shed, its adjacent walls, as well as all the furniture inside dry and in a good condition.

In order to avoid such an issue, you should build the shed a little higher than the ground. This will ensure that the shed is protected, and allow the shed to serve you for a long time. The base of the shed, which is most likely to be made of wood, will also remain in a good condition for a long time.

How to choose the best garden shed height?

You do not always need to adhere to the standard size of a garden barn. You may adjust it according to your particular needs and plans with the barn. So let’s now discuss how you can choose the best garden shed height:

Determine the purpose of the shed:

At first, you will have to decide on the purpose of the garden shed. There are several functions that a garden shed can serve. You may use it as a studio, or as a workshop.

It may also serve as a storage space. Or the garden shed may simply be a room for you to sit idly, and read a book, or arrange a hangout with friends.

If you’re building a barn shelf, then the shed will need to be a bit higher than average.

Whether you want to allow room for growth:

Now you will need to decide whether you want to keep room for growth in the barn. That is, if you have plans to expand the barn further, then you should build a garden shed that will be high enough to meet your future expectations with the place.

Make sure to build the garden shed off of the ground. This will ensure that the shed is built to serve you for a long time. Only then you will be able to carry out your future plans with the shed.

Size of the yard:

Another important consideration that you will need to take into account is the size of your yard. If you have a large yard, then the garden shed may be large as well.

For example, a large yard will have enough room to accommodate a garden shed that is of the size 12 by 12. However, a smaller yard will not be able to accommodate such a size. In that case, you will need to build a garden shed that is smaller. If you have a medium-sized yard, then the best garden shed height will be 8 feet.

Final Thoughts

Garden shed should be built off of the ground, at a height of about 4 inches. This will ensure well-being of the shed for a long time. Otherwise, the shed will catch moisture, and in turn, rot and mold from the ground during monsoon and winter. And the standard height of garden shed walls is 8 feet.