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Does Ringspun Cotton Shrink? (All You Need to Know)

Ringspun cotton is also considered as cotton, which is manufactured in different methods than 100% cotton. Ringspun may differ a bit from other types of cotton. Yet, the quality and other properties of ringspun may convince anyone to buy them cotton. 

Not a bad choice overall at last. Following our below tips regarding ringspun cotton may provide the answer to if ringspun cotton shrinks or not.

What is ring-spun cotton? What is the difference between cotton and ring-spun cotton?

Ringspun cotton is the type of cotton which is known to be more durable and strong. Well, all these properties come because of their manufacturing. Unlike normal cotton, ringspun is not manufactured randomly. Instead, it got a proper procedure.

In ringspun cotton, the strands of cotton are twisted and give a ring form to strands. The procedure increases the strength of the strand by twisting it. Resulting in soft yet sturdy cotton.

Unlike normal cotton, ringspun cotton has more durability. Even the soft texture of the ring-spun is more than any other. The manufacturing process of both normal cotton and ring-spun is different. 

As for the ringspun cotton, cotton has to go through a spinning procedure which is done quite cautiously.

Even the durability of the ring-span is more than the normal cotton. As a result, the clothes made from ringspun cotton are softer and more durable. Many may prefer ring-spun cotton over normal cotton due to its great quality and long-lasting durability.

Overall, in comparison to normal cotton, ringspun is better in many ways. Yet, ringspun cotton is more expensive than normal cotton. It might not be in everyone’s budget.

Does ringspun cotton shrink?

Of course, ringspun cotton shrinks. Ringspun cotton is a type of cotton that is soft yet sturdy. The sturdy nature may make it seem not shrinkable. But, as another cotton, it also shrinks. Moreover, the shrinkage is not that much visible as another cotton. That makes ringspun better than others.

Ringspun cotton is quite sturdy and gives a wonderful vibe. Well, the properties of the ring-spun cotton are richer compared to other cotton. The manufacturing process is mainly responsible for the higher quality ring-spun cotton.

100 percent ring-spun cotton:

Ring-spun cotton is the type of cotton where cotton threads are twisted. Well, the twisting makes the threads stronger and can be a bit more sturdy. Yet, the softness of the cotton is increased through the process.

While manufacturing, cotton threads are combed first then twisted. As a result, the durability of the cotton increases. Any clothes made of ringspun cotton are indeed higher in quality and last for a long time rather than normal cotton-made clothes. 

Normal cotton threads are mostly not even combed.

Which later doesn’t give good durability to the cotton. Ringspun cotton may shrink as well, like another cotton. Yet, the effect is not much visible, which is a plus point for ringspun cotton.

Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton:

On the other hand, Airlume combed, and ring-spun cotton is an advanced type of cotton. It slightly differs from normal ringspun cotton. Both the cotton is combed, yet airlume is combed with more seriousness and produces long threads.

The long threads are softer, and the quality is the same as ring-spun cotton. Both the manufacturing processes are different. The airlume combed and ring-spun cotton also shrinks but not as much as normal cotton. The shrinkage may only occur if brought near to heat.

Other than being a long thread, it has no difference from a normal ring-spun. Well, expenses also differ.

How much does ring-spun cotton shrink?

Ring-spun cotton shrink yet in a small amount which is almost invisible. The ring-spun cotton is advanced cotton, and in terms of shrinkage, it might be better than normal cotton.

Ring-spun cotton is indeed high-quality cotton. The durability and texture are better and reliable. Though the quality is great, higher quality comes with a higher price. As it is long-lasting, many may ignore the price.

The better quality of ringspun also ensures the material made of ring-spun doesn’t get shrunk easily. As the threads become sturdy and soft, it doesn’t become too shrank. Instead, a number of washings may require to cause a bit of shrink, yet which might be invisible.

Even though the ring-spun cotton may shrink, the effect is not too noticeable. Thus, gives better reliability.

Is ring-spun cotton preshrunk?

Sometimes yes, ring-spun cotton preshrunk. Well, it is on the manufacturer.

Ring-spun cotton may come as preshrunk. It might be because of the fault in manufacture. If the cotton comes in contact with heat, it causes the cotton to shrink. During manufacturing, if the cotton happens to be in contact with heat, the fabric may shrink too. 

That’s why the cotton may come as preshrunk due to the exposure to heat.

How does ring-spun cotton fit?

Though it depends on the manufacturer, ring-spun cotton is of suitable fit. Every cotton has its limitations for fitting, so does ring-spun.

Ring-spun gives a great fitting. More likely to say, a tight fit. Yet it depends on the manufacturer and size too. It may show the body portions by highlighting. The texture also joins to that if one doesn’t like tight-fitting clothes, better not choose being-spun.

Yet as the quality may attract, one can choose their desired size or change the size a bit.

Is ring-spun cotton stretchy?

Yes, ring-spun cotton is a bit stretchy. After reviewing all the properties, it might look contractive that the ring-spun may be a bit stretched.

Ring-spun cotton is known to be sturdy, soft, and durable. Even though the threads are strong, it is a bit stretchy. Absolutely, like another cotton. No difference in that case. It is not bad to be stretchy. It is one of the major properties of cotton.

Can you shrink ring-spun cotton? How to?

Ring-spun cotton can be shrunk. As it is cotton, every cotton can be shrunk. If one wants to shrink the cotton, one can. Yet many may not prefer to. There are several ways to shrink ring-spun cotton, and few are listed.

By applying high heat:

High heat is mainly the cause for causing shrinkage in cotton. The same goes for ring-spun cotton. High heat applied to the ring-spun cotton fabric may shrink immediately. 

Most probably not even restore its original shape. High heat can be applied through the dryer or ironing the fabric.

High heat provided through dryer and iron may cause the shrinkage of ring-spun cotton.

Leaving in sunlight:

Leaving in sunlight for a long time may cause shrinkage in the ring-spun cotton even though it is a natural drying procedure, still too long a time that may have an impact on the cotton.

Washing with hot water:

Washing ring-spun cotton with hot water may result in the shrinking of the fabric. That’s why many may suggest not to wash the cotton in hot water. Instead, wash with normal water.

How do you wash 100 ring-spun cotton?

100 ring-spun cotton might be high-quality cotton, yet the price may not keep you satisfied. For a long-lasting and color-preserving t-shirt, ring-spun might be the best choice. Yet washing it properly is also a matter of concern.

The property of cotton is to shrink. 100 ring-spun is not different from cotton. That’s why washing from time to time may shrink the material. Moreover, the shrinkage may not make a huge impact. The below discussion is based on washing 100 ring-spun material.


One can wash 100 ring-spun kinds of cotton with water. Well, the water should be of normal temperature water. Hot water may shrink the material. That’s why normal temperature is the perfect one to wash 100 ring-spun.

One can do hand washing or machine washing. In machine washing, the temperature should be controlled.


After washing the ring-spun cotton, the material should be dried. If one is using a machine dryer, then better not. High heat may damage the cotton and cause it to shrink. Only sunlight or low heat should be applied to dry it off.

One can also hang the material in sunlight. Natural light might not do harm to the cotton.


If anyone wishes to iron the material, they can. Like every cotton, direct high heat may affect the ring-spun cotton. For this, low heat should be provided. And especially in t-shirts, printed parts should be avoided for ironing. Otherwise, the print may deteriorate.

Final thoughts:

Overall, ringspun cotton shrinks and thus shows its cotton nature. Yet, due to advanced manufacturing, the shrinkage is more likely to be invisible. Moreover, the strong and soft texture of the ringspun cotton makes it stand out more than any other cotton. In addition to durability.