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Does Ortho Home Defense Expire? (Explained)

Nowadays, there are many available bug repellants available in the market. While most of the bug repellents work, some of them do not work as desired. Among the repellants which work, an example of a proper and fully functional insect repeller is the Ortho Home Defense Insect Repeller.

Does ortho home defense expire?

Ortho Home Defense has a minimum shelf life of three years given; if stored properly, it may last longer than that, but the effect may wear out over time. Most insecticides manufacturer recommend disposing of the products after two years as, after two years, they do not guarantee effectiveness.

Insecticides or pesticides get rid of harmful or invasive insects that are often found in homes and gardens. These chemicals are used to repel insects or pests that are a threat to plants or hygiene.

Insecticides, similar to most pesticides, are packaged to meet specific standards so they cannot be stored forever as, over time, they will break down and lose their effectiveness.

Manufacturers recommend disposing of products after two years because, after that long time, the product will break down and not be effective anymore.

The shelf life of a product depends on storage condition, ingredients used, type of formulation, emulsifiers, and the type of packaging or container. If the product is kept in a half-filled container or temperatures above 100°F, it will break down and lose its effectiveness faster.

Similarly, Ortho Home Defense has a shelf life of 3 years. If the product is stored correctly in the correct temperatures, the product may be effective even after three years. 

However, it is recommended to not keep the product for too long as there is a higher chance of the product going bad.

How long does ortho home defense expire?

Ortho Home Defense expires after three years. Ortho Home Defense expires in three years is not entirely true. If the product is kept within specified storing temperatures and in proper packaging or container, the product may not expire after three years.

Although it is considered to expire after three years, few experts do not recommend storing the product for that long. If the product remains, it is suggested to discard the product and discontinue using it. The suggestion is because the insect repeller may no longer be effective.

Where is the expiration date on ortho home defense?

Usually, Ortho Home Defense containers do not come with an expiration date. As a result, the labels on their body do not have an expiration date. Sometimes, the expiry date may be printed on the body as a seal but may not always be present.

As a general rule, Ortho Home Defense is considered to expire after three years. So, after three years of opening or purchasing the product, it should be discarded or discontinued.

Since it does not come with an expiry date, the date of purchase and opening of the product should be noted.

How do you know if ortho home defense is expired?

Since most of the time, Ortho Home Defense does not come with an expiry date, users often find themselves unsure if the product has expired or not. Following one or more of the methods below can help to determine if the product has come to an end.

Expiration date:

Often, manufacturers may include or print the expiration date on the body of the product container. If a date is printed on the label or body, that may be the expiration date.

Most of the time, manufacturers do not print the expiry date if the product does not expire within 3 years.

Contact customer service:

If the expiry date cannot be found on the label or body of the container, contacting customer service may be the ideal thing to do.

Contacting the manufacturer or customer service about the expiry date will result in them replying with a detailed email with the expiry date of the product.

Check the odor:

Since the insect repeller comes in the form of a spray, spraying the product in the surrounding is supposed to give off a smell.

Smell the product and recollect if it smells like before, and if it does not, it probably has expired and lost its effectiveness. Do not spray the product directly towards a person or animal as that may be harmful.

Look for damage:

Check the product for any damage to the body of the container. If the product has any damage or rust or the spray cap has come off, the product is probably old enough to expire. In that case, replace the product.

How to store ortho home defense?

Storing the product cautiously is important since the effectiveness of the product depends on how it is stored. Following the steps given below will make sure the product lasts the longest.

Keep the product at a specific temperature:

Most of the time, the manufacturer provides the range of temperatures in which the product should be stored. Keep the product at a temperature that is not too warm nor too cold. The temperature should also not be freezing such that the product freezes.

Store it in a safe location:

The product is advised to be stored in a secure location not accessible by everyone in the household, especially children. It should also be out of reach of pets. Additionally, keep the product away from direct sunlight.

Follow instructions on the label:

To make sure the product lasts for an expected period, it is best to follow the storage information given on the label of the container. The Comfort Wand, that comes with Ortho Home Defense Insect Repeller should be turned off.

But the sprayer hose should not be disconnected from the cap.

Does insect repellent expire?

Yes, insect repellents expire. Technically, insect repellents do not expire but rather become less effective over time. Most insect repellents have a shelf life of 3 years.

Whether an insect repellent expires depends on the chemicals used, mainly the active ingredient. An expired insect repellent means that the chemicals are no longer effective in the task they are supposed to do.

As a result, it is advised to replace repellents that have passed 3 years.

What happens if you use expired insect repellent?

Numerous reasons discourage the use of expired insect repellents. Some of the reasons are given below:

Decreased effectiveness:

After the expiry date, the insect repellent may no longer work as effectively as it did before. Moreover, it will not be able to repel insects any longer, and using it might simply do nothing.

Cause skin issues:

Using the expired insect repellent may be unsafe. The repellent may cause irritations and result in worse consequences. Use of an expired insect repellent is discouraged.

Cause allergies:

Some insect repellents, like mosquito repellents, are applied directly to the skin. If the product is expired, it may no longer be considered to be safe for the skin. Along with irritations, it may cause rashes on the skin and may cause an allergic reaction.

Bad odor:

The chemicals used in the insect repellent are the main reason behind its odor. So, if the chemicals are expired, they might smell disgusting or give off an undesirable scent.

Is it okay to use expired insect repellent?

No, expired insect repellents are not completely safe to use. Expired insect repellents are not only ineffective against insects but may also pose threats to health as mentioned before.

Insect repellents usually have a shelf life of about 3 years but the consensus is, they should be discontinued usage after 2 years. After about that time, they will no longer be effective.

Expired insect repellents will have little to no effects on bugs and insects. As a result, using them will not give desired results. So, insects will no longer be repelled by expired chemicals.

Since most insect repellents are applied on the skin to avoid getting smarting bites from small insects or bugs, using expired ones may have harmful effects on the skin. They may cause irritations that require the attention of a dermatologist.

People with allergies may experience allergic reactions if expired insect repellent is used. The use of expired insect repellent will cause them to have rashes on the skin that may get red and itchy after some time, leaving scars behind.

Furthermore, since the chemicals used in the insect repellent are the chief cause of the smell of the product, expired insect repellent will give undesirable scents. Expired chemicals will cause the emission of unpleasant odor from the body if applied to the skin.

Final Thoughts

Like most insect repellers, Ortho Home Defense may expire after three years. Since it is not expected to lapse before three years, manufacturers do not print the expiry date on the label or body of the product container. The use of expired insect repellent is strongly discouraged.