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Does Neem Oil Go Bad? How Long Does Neem Oil Last?

Have you ever used neem oil? If you use it regularly, you know the health benefits of neem oil. You can store it for a long time and use it in the near future.

However, neem oil users want to know about expiry and storing time. That’s why they ask if neem oil goes bad and how long it lasts.

We have found both the answers, and you will indeed find them helpful in many ways. So, let’s get the solutions.

Does neem oil go bad?

Yes, neem oil goes bad when it passes the expiry date. When you buy neem oil, you will find a date; that’s the time constraint. However, there are some other reasons which also help the oil go bad. If you keep the bottle open for a long time, bacteria will get through it.

There are some other reasons why neem oil goes bad. We will talk about them in the following sections. Before that, let’s find different neem oil types and know if they go bad.

Neem oil concentrate:

Neem oil concentrate will go bad if you keep it open and fail to store it correctly. Neem oil concentrate needs care. In that case, you can put the oil in the refrigerator.

Neem oil concentrate becomes cool, and ingredients stick together. Moreover, bacteria don’t get ways to worsen it if you keep oil in the refrigerator.

Neem oil extract:

Neem oil extract is the same as neem oil. You must store it at a low temperature. Otherwise, neem oil extract will go bad.

Neem oil extra requires some extra care. You must close the bottle cap after every use. Besides, you can seal the bottle or oil container and put it in the refrigerator.

Neem oil spray:

Neem oil spray also has an expiration date. It will go bad if the date is over or you don’t store it with care. In both cases, neem oil spray goes bad.

To use neem oil spray for a long time, you should use it with care. You can put it in a low temperature to store and enlarge the lifespan.

Mixed neem oil:

Mixed neem oil goes bad very soon. Therefore, you should use it quickly. However, neem oil has a particular lifetime and expiration date.

It can last for years. When you mix neem oil with water, it will go bad in a while. So, it’s a recommended tip to use the mixture shortly.

Does neem oil have a shelf life? How to tell if neem oil is bad?

Neem oil has a shelf life. If you keep it unopened, it will last for one year. When you open the cap and start using it, you need to finish the oil within months.

Remember, shelf life and expiration date are different. The expiration date could be two years, but the shelf life shouldn’t be more than one year or 12 months.

Let’s say you have neem oil and you use it regularly. Now, how do you tell if your neem oil is bad?

There are some ways to tell that. First, you should check the expiration date. If the date is over, your neem oil will go bad. On the other hand, neem oil will go bad if the shelf life is more than a year.

“5” reason why neem oil go bad

Neem oil goes bad for some specific reasons. We find the top 5 reasons.

Expiration date:

It will go bad when the neem oil bottle comes over the expiration date. It’s the first and common reason why neem oil goes bad.

Prolonged shelf life:

If the shelf life is more than 12 months, neem oil will go bad. You should avoid using it and go for a new one.

Proper storage:

If you fail to store the oil properly, it will go bad. Let’s say you keep the oil in high temperature instead of low-temperature; neem oil will go bad.

Keep the bottle open:

If you open the bottle cap and remain in it for hours, bacteria will get through the oil. As a result, neem oil will go bad.

Keep mixture open:

It will go bad if you mix neem oil with water and keep it open overnight. You cannot use the mixture after hours.

How Long Does Neem Oil Last?

Neem oil lasts for a year. If you store it properly, it may go up one year more. In a nutshell, neem oil can last for two years if you keep it in the refrigerator. On the other hand, if you open the oil bottle for hours and get bacteria, it will last for only a few days.

When you ask how long neem oil lasts, the perfect answer is “Depend on your storing and care.” However, users also ask how long oil lasts when mixed, on plants, and in water?

At the end of this part, you will know how long neem oil keeps its effectiveness and how long you can keep it. So, don’t stop reading; go with the flow.

On plants:

If you use neem oil spray on your plants, it will last for 3 to 22 days. It will happen only when you use it on the soil.

On plants, refer to the garden. When you are a gardener and want to save your plants from fungus or bacteria, you can use a neem oil spray. It will last for three days and help the plants grow.

Once mixed:

Once mixed, neem oil only lasts for 8 hours. It’s the highest duration. The minimum time is half an hour.

You should use the mixture of neem oil within an hour. It is the best time constraint.

In water:

Neem oil lasts for only 45 minutes in water. But if you mix it in water and keep it safe, it will last for four days at best.

When you mix neem oil with water, it will last for a short time. You need to use the mixture soon. Otherwise, it will go bad, and you cannot use it anymore.

So, neem oil is effective for four days or so. It’s the best time. The lowest is only 45 minutes. On the other hand, you can keep neem oil for up to 12 years.

How to store Neem Oil for longer?

Storing neem oil for longer is an excellent query. When you have more oil than your demands, you must store it properly. We have found some excellent and simple storing methods. Here you go.

Shelf Life: Neem oil can be stored on the shelf. Generally, neem oil has one year of shelf life. That means you can store the unopened neem oil on the shelf and store it for longer.

It’s the easiest way to store neem oil. What if you have already opened the cap? You can’t follow this way. Follow the next storing method.

Keep in the refrigerator:

If you open the cap and start using the neem oil, you cannot use the shelf life. Instead, you must keep it in the refrigerator. It’s the best way to extend the lifespan and use it next year.

However, you should not freeze the oil, though it is impossible. It will be the worst idea to freeze the oil.


If you live in a cool region where snowfall is expected, you don’t need to put the oil in the refrigerator. You can keep it at room temperature and store it for years.

On the other hand, you should put the neem oil at a low temperature in the summer season. In that case, a refrigerator would be a great choice.

Can I use expired neem oil on plants?

You should not use expired neem oil on your plants. It contains bacteria and other harmful ingredients, so you cannot use expired neem oil on plants. But there are some other reasons as well.

We use neem oil spray on plants to get rid of bacteria and other weeds. Also, neem spray is excellent to protect plants from damage. In that case, only a fresh and sound neem oil can do the job.

If you have expired neem oil, you cannot use it on your skin and plants. It contains useless bacteria that will inhibit the growth of the plants, and it will fail to protect the plants.

So, you cannot use expired neem oil in any way. You have to put it in the dustbin and buy a new one. That’s the only way if your neem oil is expired.

Final Thoughts

So, neem oil goes bad if you fail to store it properly. On the other hand, it can last for a year. But to use it for a long time, you can use your refrigerator. It’s the best way to keep the neem oil good. In this way, you can keep the oil for two years and use it regularly.