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Do You Need a Boxspring with a Hybrid Mattress? (Answered)

Boxsprings are not as popular as before because of new mattress technologies. Modern mattresses are designed to maximize comfort, support, and health.

Hybrid mattresses are one of the recent but popular types of mattresses, but do you need box springs with them? This article will explain everything related to boxspring and hybrid mattresses.

Boxspring with hybrid mattress

You do not need a boxspring with a hybrid mattress. Boxspring adds support to your mattress, increases height, and absorbs shock, which is helpful for the traditional mattress and old-style beds. But hybrid mattress has inbuild springs and mattress which already works like boxsprings.

Hybrid mattresses are one of the best mattress options nowadays. Its becoming trendy day by day for its unique features and comfort. Let’s explain the hybrid mattress in detail so it will be easier for you to understand.

Hybrid mattresses have a spring platform at the bottom covered with a comforting mattress. The mattress can be made of latex, memory foam, or a combination of other mattress types.

The spring base increases the bouncy factor, making it easier for you to move over the bed. The hybrid mattress has some empty spaces, so it does not worm you up like another mattress like memory foam. So a hybrid mattress is an excellent option if you are a hot sleeper.

It’s great for all the sleeping positions and keeps your joints and body stress-free. It also lasts longer than other types of mattresses.

What are the drawbacks of hybrid mattresses? It is more expensive and heavier than other types of mattresses. A hybrid mattress is slightly problematic for sharing a bed as it creates movement if someone gets up. It’s not a big issue but considerable for some individuals.

So, does a hybrid mattress needs a boxspring? The answer is no; you don’t need a boxspring for your hybrid mattress. A hybrid mattress is designed to be used without a box spring. The spring base works as a box spring and sometimes offers better comfort than the boxspring.

Boxspring is a wooden frem consist of sprin coil. It adds more support and comfort to the mattress. But you don’t need to get a box spring when using a bed with a spring base.

However, if you have a box spring in your home, you can use it under your hybrid mattress in some situations. Boxspring is not necessary for a hybrid mattress but can be used. The boxspring will add more support to your hybrid mattress and increase impact absorption (more than necessary).

Box spring will increase the longevity of your hybrid mattress, but it will also make your bed higher.

So if the height is suitable for you after adding a box spring under the hybrid mattress, you can use it. But most of the time hybrid mattress is enough, and you should not get a new boxspring for your hybrid mattress.

Can you use a box spring under a hybrid mattress?

You can use a box spring under a hybrid mattress, but that is unnecessary. Maybe if you have an old box spring and storage issue, you can keep it under your hybrid mattress, but there is no actual necessity.

However, a boxspring will add weight holding capacity, longevity, and impact absorption by a little, but that does not affect much.

One thing a boxspring does is increase the height of your bed. So if you like to sleep high, maybe you can choose to add a box spring under your hybrid mattress.

Most modern mattresses do pretty well without box springs, and some modern beds do not keep space for a box spring. Some mattress companies make a mattress for use over a box spring.

So, if you have an existing box spring, you can get a regular box-spring-suitable mattress that is much cheaper than the hybrid ones. Hybrid mattresses are also heavier than standard mattresses.

3 reasons why you don’t need boxspring with a hybrid mattress

Now you know you don’t need a boxspring with a hybrid mattress, but let’s break it down and make a list so you can understand it more clearly. Check out the following points.

Builtin springs:

Hybrid mattresses are the hybrid of boxspring and mattress. You can think of it this way, if mattress and box spring marry, they will have a hybrid mattress as babies!

Joking apart, the springs of a hybrid mattress are already doing the box spring work and don’t need to use another box spring.

Costs more:

A hybrid mattress is one of the most expensive types of mattress generally. Buying a box spring with the mattress is not worth the money, depending on the value you get. A boxspring can cost 100$ to 500$.

Hight issue:

A hybrid mattress is a suitable height, and you usually don’t need to use anything under it. But when using a box spring, the size of your bed can be too high.

Does hybrid mattress have spring?

A hybrid mattress does have springs at the base. The mattress has a base, and the springs are connected to the bottoms of the mattress. The springs are made with quality materials, so they do not lose their elasticity.

After the springs, a divider part separates them from the upper parts of the mattress. And after the divider, there are mattress parts that can be made of different foam materials, but latex and memory forams are mainly used.

The foam is a comforting material for the bed, and the springs increase the weight holding capacity of the foam and absorb impacts. The hybrid mattress design is simple but very effective for comfort and support.

What does a boxspring do?

Boxspring adds support to the mattress. Boxspring is a wooden or metal box consisting of lines of springs, and it adds extra comfort, support, and impact absorption power to the bed. As it helps to reduce the stress from the mattress, the longevity of the mattress increase.

It works best for conventional mattresses, but modern mattresses can work fine without a box spring. However, boxspring will add a lot of benefits to even modern mattresses. But hybrid mattress does not usually need a boxspring.

Boxspring also increases the height of your bed. If you feel like your bed is not high enough, getting a boxspring will fix your issues.

What type of mattress does not need a box spring?

Many modern mattresses can work great without any box spring. Here is a list of mattress that does not require a box spring.

Foam mattress:

The modern foam mattress is made with different foam materials and provides excellent comfort without boxsprings. Memory foam and other types of mattresses work pretty well without box springs.

Latex mattress:

A latex mattress is super bouncy and elastic, so there is no need to add a box spring under the latex mattress.

Latex mattresses are comfortable and can support the weight without any box spring. However, some type of latex mattress can be used with a box spring, but there is no real necessity for that.

Hybrid mattress:

A hybrid mattress does not require any type of boxspring. It has springs at the bottom, which work like inbuild boxsprings, and over the springs, there is a foam layer that increases the comfort and moveability.

The hybrid mattress is the most expensive type of mattress on the market and also the most durable mattress.

Final Thoughts

Boxsprings are unnecessary for a hybrid mattress, but you can still use them if you want to increase your bed height. There is no need to buy a boxspring if you have a hybrid mattress as it will benefit very little but cost you a lot. Foundation beds are enough for the boxsprings.