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Do Weevils Bite & Fly? (Read This First!)

There are many parasites that can fly around and bite whenever they can. Some pests bite only when they feel threatened. And some tend not to bite at all.

If you are dealing with a type of bug that causes damage to your crops and dried food make sure to know what type of bug it is so you can deal with it more carefully.

Do weevils bite?

The very small bug weevil does not bite people or other animals. The bug does not have biting tendencies like other bugs. The home-invading bugs are harmless to humans. Though the bugs are small enough to not notice their biting, even if they did. However, it is not in their nature to bite.

There are many types of weevils, but the entire family of the bug does not tend to bite. The bugs are pretty much harmless.

Boll weevils:

These are very common types of weevils and the good thing about them is they do not bite. These small bugs feed on grains but never bite humans or animals.

Rice weevils:

The rice weevils can be found in most places of the house but they do not, or cannot, bite. The small bugs can’t even sting.

Corn weevils:

Corn weevils, commonly known as maize weevils, do not bite. They live on grain and rice but they do not harm humans or any other animal.

Flour weevils:

The flour weevils are perhaps the most common type of weevil, who do not bite either. The bugs are very much harmless.

Poplar weevils:

Though these types of bugs are not very common, yet they do not bite just like the rest of the weevil bugs. The bugs do not have parasitic tendencies. 

Wood weevils:

These indoor bugs can be found on the wood and furniture of the house. They do not bite or sting humans either. They might damage the wood, but they don’t bite.

Carpet weevils:

It is very uncommon for carpet weevils to bite. Even the adult carpet weevil does not bite. 

House weevils:

House weevils refer to the entire family of the bug. And they do not tend to bite any living being.

Elephant weevils:

The bug is a fan of fruits but not biting. The bugs do not bite or sting, even under threat.

Can weevils bite through plastic?

It is very common for weevils to bite through the plastic. Though this is not common for all weevil bugs, not all types of weevil bugs will bite through the plastic. Grain weevils are known to bite their way through plastic bags. 

That is how they get out and spread inside the house and kitchen.

Weevils can cut through plastic or paper. The bugs can easily get out of plastic bags. This is more noticeable in grain weevils or granary weevils. These bugs will bite their way out of the plastic bag and spread all around the kitchen. 

Though they don’t bite humans, they do bite plastic easily.

How do you treat weevil bites?

Though it is not common for weevils to bite, still there might be an exception. If you find a weevil bite on you these are the things you should do –

  • Remove the stinger, if there is any;
  • Wash the area with soap and water. Preferably with lukewarm water;
  • Apply ice or any cold compression to soothe any pain;
  • Apply an antibacterial ointment or cream to prevent bacteria from spreading;
  • Use a calamine lotion to cool the area.

If you do get bitten by a weevil bug just make sure to keep it clean and treat it with antibacterial soon.

Do weevils fly?

There are some weevils who have the ability to fly, and this ability gives them the opportunity to damage crops. Flour weevils and rice weevils use their flying skills to harm crops and grains. Not all pests can fly but most of the bugs from the weevil family can. Flying weevils damage food as well.

While it is not common for all pests to fly, the weevil bug has the ability to fly. This can cause a bit of a problem as this ability gives them the advantage to harm crops and stored food.

Vine weevils:

The vine weevil is an exception of the weevil bug family. These bugs can’t fly like the other weevils.

Rice weevils:

These types of weevils are known to fly around the house and on the grains of rice or other food. And it is also considered the most destructive as it can cause a great deal of damage to the crops.

Flour weevils:

Flour weevils can also fly. These bugs will bite through plastic and then fly around your kitchen space, especially where the flour is kept.

Boll weevils:

This cotton-loving insect has the ability to fly, like most of the other weevils. The bug will fly and sit on cotton to lay eggs and spread their family more.

Grain weevils:

Commonly known as the granary weevil, the grain weevil can’t fly. This is one of the few exceptions of the weevil families. But they can infest the grain and crops very fast.

Wheat weevils:

Unlike the other weevils, the wheat weevil does not have the ability to fly. And just like the grain weevil, they can spread very fast.

Acorn weevils:

Though they are small in size, this type of weevil can also fly. They have small wings to help them fly.

Hollyhock weevils:

These types of weevils are smaller than the rest and can’t fly. They have no wings.

What do weevils dislike?

There are a few specific herbs that the weevils do not like. The strong smell and taste of the herbs and spices repel the weevil bugs. Herbs like the bay leaf, black pepper, clove, and rosemary are not the favorites of the weevil bug.

In fact, the bug will actively avoid these herbs.

If you place a few bay leaves on your pantry shelves you can stop the weevils from damaging your stored food and flour. These bugs are not a big fan of white vinegar as well. Basically, anything with a strong scent and taste is disliked by the weevil bugs.

How to get rid of flying weevils?

Flying weevils can be a huge nuisance around the kitchen because they tend to do the most damage to the stored food and crops. If you see any signs of the flying weevil make sure to get rid of it as soon as possible. A few things you can do to get rid of the bugs are –

Spice and herbs:

The flying weevils are not a fan of herbs like the bay leaf or the clove. You can place a few bay leaves on the shelves or you can put a few cloves inside the dried food containers to keep the flying weevil away.

White Vinegar:

White vinegar is known to get rid of the flying weevils. You can sprinkle a few drops of vinegar around your kitchen to repel any flying weevil. The best way to save your crops and dried food from flying weevils is to take action as soon as you notice them.

Do weevils bite dogs?

It is very uncommon for weevils to bite dogs. The bug is harmless to humans and animals as well. The bug has no parasitic instincts, so it does not have to bite and claw to leach onto some other being. This is why the bug does not bite or even sting.

Most of the bugs of the weevil family do not have stingers as well. There is very little chance that a weevil bug will bite a dog. Even when the bug is threatened they tend to fly away instead of biting and fighting. The bug does not bite dogs or humans.

Do weevils carry disease?

Weevils are not known to carry any sort of disease or even parasites that may cause any disease. The bug is very much harmless to humans and other beings. They do not carry or even transmit any disease to humans. The bug does not even bite humans.

So there is little chance of spreading or carrying any disease.

The only damage weevils do are to plants, crops, and food. They live on plants. There is no known case of a weevil transmitting any disease. And there is no evidence of a weevil carrying any disease, no matter the severity of it.

Final thoughts

Weevils can damage dried food and crops. The little bugs do not bite but some of them can fly. They cause a good deal of damage to the crops by flying around. However, the bug does not bite any human or animal. They do not have the parasitic tendencies to bite or leach on.