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Do Vinyl Floors Increase Home Value? (Answered)

Vinyl flooring is sort of a printed flexible sheet that is continual and large in size. This is applied thoroughly on the floor with or without glue. Vinyl flooring is easy to install, water impenetrable, durable and easily adjustable.

These are inexpensive and can last you almost ten to fifteen years if taken well care of. The prints on these can be custom-made. You can easily lay these on your floor to cover any broken or damaged area.

With whatsoever get-at-able privileges vinyl floors come with, these are not highly rated anymore in the modern era. Vinyl floors are not very eco-friendly and may contain harmful materials.

The base material of the vinyl flooring is that these are made of pvc chips i.e. polyvinyl chloride chips and flattened into sheet kind.

Do vinyl floors increase home value?

Vinyl floors don’t increase home value. These may last you longer than some other flooring types but these do not increase your home value. In comparison between a home with laminate flooring and another with vinyl flooring, the laminated one will always win over the customers.

Vinyl floors are cheaper than most flooring types and they can even last you ten to fifteen years smoothly if you can take good care of them. Still there are some negatives going around about vinyl flooring. Why don’t they actually add to your home value?

Home value is basically market value which interprets how much money your house can be sold for. Vinyl flooring is not an expensive flooring and they can look cheap sometimes. In such a case, it can actually devalue your home standard.

How much does vinyl flooring increase home value?

About vinyl flooring, they don’t add much to the home value because of some specific disadvantages.

Apart from these demerits, vinyl flooring can still satisfy the user in many ways. Also, there might be some buyers who would prefer vinyl flooring than any other flooring methods because of the affordability.

  • These are a hundred percent water-impermeable.
  • The core of the vinyl mats are firm and still flexible.
  • The thickness of the mats can be up to 8 mm or more depending on the quality.
  • Can be used on any kind of surface or flooring.
  • Easy to set.
  • Can be affixed both with or without glue.
  • Vinyl flooring is very low maintenance.
  • Comes in variety of prints

How does vinyl flooring affect home value?

There are some pros and cons of the vinyl flooring. The pros might be more in number but the cons are enough to be given more attention to. These cons are barely acceptable if you acknowledge these before going shopping.

Problem with pulling up the vinyl flooring

A kind of problem happens when you glue these on the floor. You glue these down on your floor to make these more stable and to assure longevity.

Yet, whenever you’ll want to pull them up probably to change your interior or because they are damaged, you’ll not be able to actually pull them up and therefore there will be a mess.

Particular problems with the sheets

  • These mats can be punctured with sharp edges
  • These can also be dented on certain spots because of the heavy objects.
  • These can even start fading with the course of time. 
  • And, Get discoloration anytime when exposed with excessive uv components.

Vinyl Flooring Is Not Biodegradable or Recyclable

Last but not the least, vinyl floors aren’t eco-friendly and as they are non-biodegradable, they cause harm to the nature whenever let outside. Also, they might contain toxic chemicals that are harmful for you, your kids or even your pet animals.

As they are not recyclable, if you’re someone who’s cautious about nature and it’s safety, you’d go never go for vinyl flooring.

What flooring adds the most value to a home?

The standard of the house value depends mostly on the kind of flooring the house has. There are multiple flooring categories out there and each of of them comes with their own grades and versatilities.

They come with different pricing and they are made of different base materials.

In this, we’ll know about three different types of flooring gradually other than vinyl flooring.

Wood-based Flooring

Wood flooring is the best of all kind of flooring that exists in the market. This not only strengthens the floor, but also allows luxury in your home. But importantly, it pushes upward the price of your home to 2.5 percent of the rate of investment!

There are plenty of wood types you can choose from matching with the interior of your home. For example- pine, walnut, maple, oak etcetera. The wood based flooring is much more expensive than all the other flooring types.

However, these are very durable and takes care lf your luxurious interior.

Tile-based Flooring

This is the second best flooring kind all over the marketplace. People whoever think that the wood based flooring is costly for them, go for tile flooring. This is very durable and has earned the place right after wood-based flooring.

The tiles are completely ceramic based and truth be told, ceramics go tremendously well with concreted floors. Although they weigh heavy, their carry-able weight limit is pretty high.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the best option when you want cheap but luxurious floor looks. Although this is not so durable like the wood floor or even the tile floor, it works just fine if you want to get a beautiful looking interior within a small budget.

Laminate flooring is somehow similar to vinyl flooring but is way better than so. The base material of laminate flooring is the fused form of wooden byproducts bonded with resins.

Also, all these base materials are ecologically less affective and these are even renewable.

So, vinyl flooring is a better option within affordability and luxury.

Does luxury vinyl flooring add value to your home?

Luxury vinyl flooring adds value to your home. This kind of floors look a lot like hardwood floors. Unline vinyl sheets, they come in individual blocks and make the floor look like real wood-based floors.

They are more costly than the regular vinyl flooring but they ensure more strength and durability to the floor. So, it’s easy to say that this kind of flooring adds value to your home much more than the regular vinyl flooring does.

Does luxury vinyl look cheap?

Luxury vinyl flooring looks exactly how it’s named, luxurious! It can never look cheap unlike the regular vinyl sheet flooring. And it certainly increases the home value.

Luxury vinyls come in blocks rather than as a large sheet. The setting is not as simple at the sheet; the blocks are set one by one making the entire setup of the flooring more durable and fine.

Also, anything that makes the floor like wood-based, cannot actually look cheap rather the exact opposite.

Is vinyl flooring good for resale?

Vinyl flooring is not good for resale. Here’s why they are not-

You can never pull it out:

If the vinyl flooring is set with glue to make it stable, you can never pull it up. Even if you can, it’ll just get torn into multiple fragments and fragmented sheets can be resold.

You cannot resale:

Even in case the vinyl flooring wasn’t glued or fixed, and it can be pulled up in one piece, you cannot resale the sheet after the use of a couple of year. Here’s why-

  • Can be punctured in multiple places.
  • Can be dented in places where heavy objects or pieces of furniture were put on.
  • Could be discoloured because of the use of many years.
  • Could lose its durability and longevity.
  • Could lose its temper. 

Do new floors increase home value?

New floors increase the home value. According to a study, about 54% of the buyers are willing to pay more for new floors in a house. So, it’s easy to realize that you’re getting much more value for a specific flooring than you invested in it.

The entire increase of the home value just because of the new floors are related to individual pricing aka the investment and looks of the house.

As instance, the new floors are not only adding to the return of your investment, but also it’s adding to the luxury of the place and thus the pricing is increasing even more!

Should I replace flooring before selling the house?

The replacement of the flooring is entirely relative. You need to think about some relevant queries before jumping into an action and act accordingly. Such as-

  • Is your floor damaged?
  • Does your floor look old?
  • Have you recently changed the flooring?
  • Is selling the house an emergency but your floor needs to be replaced?
  • Do you have enough time before selling the house so that you can replace the flooring?
  • Do you have a good budget and enough saving for replacing the flooring?

Ask yourself these and see what answer you get. It’s necessary because, replacing the flooring before selling the house can be a big deal if you want to get a handsome payment. You should not rush to a decision before ensuring the amount of your investment.

Now, if rest is assured and you’re okay with every precondition, you can go for replacing the flooring. It’s assured that you’ll get more home value for the new flooring.

Vinyl floors are the cheapest ones out there and people are using these less than before. In the era of luxury vinyl flooring and laminate flooring, where the users are guaranteed with more privileges, choosing the regular vinyl is silly.

So, if you can increase your budget a bit, definitely go for luxury vinyl or the laminate flooring.