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Do Throw Pillows Need to Match? (Explained)

Throw pillows are pieces of decorative items that are basically used for styling couches, beds, sectionals, accent chairs, and chairs.

And it’s seen that while decorating maximum people want to match decorative items with furniture, bedding, or other accent items to create a harmonious look. So it’s pretty natural for you to want to know, do throw pillows need to match as well or not.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s find out the rationales regarding this topic.

Do Throw Pillows Need To Match?

Throw pillows don’t need to match. A more prominent and classy look is achieved when throw pillows don’t match. But while mix and match throw pillows, it’s highly important to choose throw pillows in relevant but different colors, textures, and patterns to create a cohesive look and visual interest.

Do You Need Matching Throw Pillows?

It’s absolutely not needed if you don’t match throw pillows with another piece of throw pillows in a room.

In fact, it has become incredibly trendy that an interior design of any room achieves a chicer and professional look if the decorative toss pillows are mismatching.

Because your ultimate purpose is to create a visually attractive look effortlessly irrespective of how much toss pillow color, pattern, style, shape match.

However, it’s highly essential for you to select toss pillows unrelated but unique colors, textures, styles, patterns while mixing and matching. So that even though the pillows are different, they make sense and create a cohesive look.

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Do Throw Pillows Need To Match Other Elements In The Room?

Throw pillows don’t have to exactly match with other elements such as furniture, bedding items, other decorative items, or the wall color.

All you have to keep in mind is that no matter what throw pillow you choose, those pillows must coordinate with three related color schemes of the same color wheel.

Or at least you must choose one color that is related to elements like bedding items, curtains, couch, etc. but the color should be different in terms of shade (lighter/darker).

So, as long as your chosen throw pillows harmonize together on an existing color wheel with other elements, they will look good together.

How To Match Throw Pillows?

Here are the steps to both match throw pillows with bed and curtains. And steps to mix-match throw pillows with couch and sofa are explained briefly.

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How Do You Match Pillows To Bed?

Choose The Right Size:

Choosing the right size of throw pillows for bed as the size of toss pillows should coordinate with other sleeping pillows. So, select a suitable size by comparing it with the size of the headboard.

Match The Color:

Select a color matching to your beddings, headboard, side table, or rug. If you are using 2/3 toss pillows on the bed then you can decide on an existing color scheme within your bedroom.

Match The Motif:

Then choose an analogous motif to your bedsheet or other pillowcases.

Match The Style:

Lastly, you have to consider the decorating style of your bedroom. For example, if you have a bohemian styles bedroom, choose bohemian-style throw pillows for your bed.

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How To Match Curtains And Throw Pillows?

Use The Same Fabric:

Using the same fabric for both throw pillows and the curtains is the first step of matching curtains and throws. For example, if you have satin curtains, select the identical satin fabric for making throw pillows so that together they unify.

Select Identical Color:

The next step is selecting a color for the throw pillows from the same color wheel as the curtains. Thence, the toss pillows and curtains can play along with the over’s room’s scheme.

Matching patterns:

The patterns of toss pillows should be matching with the patterns of curtains. If you don’t find matching patterns, at least get similarly patterned toss pillows.

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How To Mix And Match Couch Pillows?

Choose Three Different Colors:

To mix and matching couch pillows, pull 3 different colors from different sources (beefing, curtains, wall, etc.) and create a color story.

Take Different Patterns:

Next up is, mixing and matching different patterns that incorporate with your chosen color story. And try to choose a lead pattern with all 3 colors you have chosen.

For example, 1 floral+1 geometric+ 1 solid

Make sure the patterns are different from each other, and the lead pattern is the largest one.

Use Different Sizes:

While mix and match couch pillows, the sizes should be different. Because it will create a balanced look.

Choose Odd-Numbered Pillow:

The odd number of toss pillows is the new modern trend. So use a set of 3 or 5 couch pillows.

Select A Pop Of Color:

To create a focal point, choose a pop-up colored pillow when you are selecting a 3 color story. That pop-up color can be taken from any of your items within the room or a totally different and contrasting color than the other 2 chosen colors.

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How To Choose Throw Pillows For Sofa?

Find A Coordinating Color:

In terms of choosing the perfect color, you have three options. First, you can pick 2-3 colors inspired by the other items within the room and can set the toss pillows up according to that color story.

Second, you can choose throw pillows in matching colors to your sofa but the patterns should be different.

Lastly, go for toss pillows that contrast the sofa in terms of color.

Choose The Material:

In this step, you can select toss pillows made from the same material as the sofa. Or just choose different materials for different toss pillows but those should be incorporating with the sofa.

Select Patterned Pillows:

Since sofas are mostly in solid print, select patterned pillows. You can get throw pillows in a similar pattern as the curtains or throws, or in completely different patterns that don’t match with any item in the room.

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How Do You Combine Decorative Throw Pillows?

5 ways of combining decorative throw pillows have been deciphered below.

Pick A Color Story:

First, you have to pick a 3 color story by picking colors from the other elements in the room. It will make the toss pillows coordinate well even if your chose pillows are different.

Also, make sure to choose a pop-up color to create a statement look.

Choose Up To 3 Patterns:

Choose 3 different patterns to combine the decorative toss pillows. Go for a geometric pattern such as stripes, plaids, etc. Then choose an organic pattern like floral, and lastly choose a solid pattern to add in some classic vibes. Together they will look cohesive.

Select 3 Pattern Size:

Different pattern size is highly essential to combine decorative throw pillows. And therefore, you got to choose 3 different patterns.

To create a focal point, choose pillows with one large pattern, like a big flower or palm leaf pattern. For the second pillow, select a medium pattern, it can be a geometric one. And for the last toss pillow, pick a small pattern that won’t overshine.

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Pay Attention To Texture:

It’s important to choose the right and different textured decorative toss pillows. You can go for two simple textures like linen, satin, cable knit, and one statement texture like velvet, faux fur, thick embroidery to combine them.

Layer According To Size:

Lastly to combine the decorative throw pillows, layer them according to their size and shape. For example, place the bigger ones back and the small ones in front.

Should Throw Pillows Match Curtains?

Throw pillows and curtains shouldn’t necessarily match always. They only should be harmonizing with the entire appearance of the room and curtains.

But it’s considered best to match throw pillow material or at least one color with the curtains, as at least a matching colored toss pillow will balance out the decoration.

Also, if you want a little dramatic appearance, select throw pillows in contrasting colors of the identical material as the curtains.

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Should Throw Pillows Match The Rug?

Throw pillows don’t need to match the rug in your room.

You can simply pick one certain color among all the colors from the rug, and select throw pillows in that color. Or else, you can match throw pillows colors with the patterns of rugs. Another alternative is matching throw pillows in contrasting colors with the rugs.

Therefore, these options make clear that throw pillows can be harmonized with the rug in a couple of ways.

Should Throw Pillows Be The Same Size?

Throw pillows shouldn’t be the same size unless you are using just one throw pillow on your bed/couch/sofa/chair for decoration purposes. If you want to place throw pillows in layers to decorate then the sizes of pillows in every layer should be different.

It’s because using just one size of toss pillows while layering up makes it look like a pile of toss pillows and doesn’t absolutely look good. So when you will be using different sizes of toss pillows, one pillow will complement the other one will create a visual attraction.

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Should Decorative Throw Pillows Match On The Sofa And Loveseat?

Decorative throw pillows shouldn’t have to match on the sofa and loveseat. You can use mismatched decorative toss pillows as long as the pillows are coordinating with any existing color scheme.

For both sofa and loveseat, you can simply choose throw pillows in one pop-up color to create a focal point. Also, you can either pick two-three different colored toss pillows that match with any other element in the room or pick pillows in contrasting colors.

How To Choose Couch Pillow Size?

Choosing couch pillow sizes is really easy. If you just want to place one single throw pillow then pick the largest throw pillow size which comes in both 22 inches and 24 inches size.

But if you want to go for layering, then choose pillows in 3-4 different sizes. As for 2 layer option, choose a bigger size toss pillow of 22 inches or 20 inches and a smaller toss pillow of 18 inches.

And for three layers, pick toss pillows in sizes of 22/24 inches, 20 inches, and 18 inches.

Are Throw Pillows Out Of The Style?

Throw pillows are never out of style. In fact, throw pillows are such a minimalistic decorative item that completes the look within a room in the most simple way while creating a visual attraction and providing comfort.

So people can easily customize them and style their homes.

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How To Paint A Throw Pillow?

Steps to painting a throw pillow are explained below.

  • Sketch out your design on the throw pillow cover using a pencil
  • According to instructions mix acrylic paint and fabric medium
  • Place cardboard between the sections of the pillow cover to avoid paint getting on the other layer
  • Paint out the design
  • Dry the paint and then iron the indirectly to set the paint

Final Thoughts:

Throw pillows don’t have to match as long as the color, pattern, and material of the throw pillows have cohesiveness and creating a focal point for the visitors. Besides, as per the modern style of decorating home, it’s considered quite classy and professional if the throw pillows don’t match.