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Do Tea Lights Float in Water? (Quick Answers)

A tea light is a thin metal or circular cup that has a low-level of lightning. They are very small in size, round shape, can be different colors and can be scented or unscented.

Many types of floating tea lights can be found in any super shop, and anybody can buy them according to his/her preference. Let’s dig deep to know more fascinating facts about tea lights.

Do tea lights float in water?

The tea lights can float in water. Because of the small size and shape, it doesn’t weigh that much. Rather, it displaces more water than its weight. The weight of a candle gives equal force to the buoyant force. That’s why, it manages to stay afloat maintaining its balance in the water surface.

Normally, the size of a tea light is 2”-3” in diameter. The shape of a tea light is mostly flattened in the bottom. It can be slightly curved in the top, flat in the sides, round in shape with a plain design.

The shape helps mostly to keep it afloat. If the sides were made round, the candle wouldn’t be stable in the water. Again, if it had a flat top, the water would come to the surface easily. And it would turn down the flame.

Moreover, its density is smaller than the density of water, which also supports. It’s specially designed in this way that it can displace more water than its weight.

When it’s placed in water, the weight of the candle gives more or equal force of the buoyant force. These scientific facts help a tea light to float in water and maintain its balance.

Can you put LED tea lights in the water?

Yes, you can put LED lights in the water. LED tea lights are waterproof, and you can use them everywhere. They are the plastic material’s of smokeless, flameless floating candles with no risk of burning.

It lights up whenever they get touched by water. Batteries are long-lasting, can be used longer than 100 hours. Each battery is thoroughly tested if it can be long-lasting successfully or not. They are also reusable and can adopt replaceable batteries.

Why do tea lights float on water?

Floating in the water, tea lights create a perfect ambiance. Usually, they are 2”- 3” in diameter. It is made in such a way that it doesn’t sink. Here are the reasons why tea lights float on water:


The size of the tea light is not more than 3” in diameter. Because of its small size, round shape and flatten body, it doesn’t weigh that much.


The density of the water is greater than the density of the candle’s body.

Water Displacement:

It’s made in such a way that the candle’s body can displace equal or more water than its weight.

Weight= Buoyant force:

The weight of the candle’s body is little. And it’s equal to the buoyant force. It helps the candle to be stable in the water.

What to use for floating tea lights?

You can easily make a floating tea light by a tea light on your own. Tea lights are small candles that come with a metal casing. Inside the metal casing, white wax is needed to mold in a round shape.

So, you will need a metal surface. In every house, tea lights are the most common thing. From the tea light, you can easily get the metal cup where you have to drip the wax.

To make an easy and simple DIY floating tea light, you’ll need only:

  • Tea light.
  • Another candle /Taper candle.
  • Fragrance (if you want to make scented tea light).

How to make tea lights float?

It’s very easy to make tea lights float. Once you maintain the process properly, in a couple of minutes, your floating tea light will be ready.

As you are going to make it in a little cheap way, you will not get the high-quality and smooth finishing like the market ones. Depending on which size you’re making, it’ll not last more than 50 minutes to 1.5 hours. Now follow the steps:

  • Take a tea light that you have in your house. Separate the candle from its aluminum metal cup.
  • Turn over the candle and light another candle. If you take a taper candle, it’ll be easier.
  • By the other candle, drip some wax over the base of the tea light. In the meanwhile, place the wick properly in the center.
  • You can add fragrance or essential oil if you want a scented tea light.
  • Drip wax until the bottom is sealed completely and heavily.
  • Wait till the melting wax becomes solid. Cool it up and it’s finally ready.

Now you can float it in the water. You can put it into a container/jar/pitcher and decor it with flowers, stones, marbles to make it more beautiful. It will turn a simple look into a bold and vibrant look.

Are battery tea lights are safe in the water?

Yes, tea lights with a battery are a safer option rather than putting an open flame in water. If you have toddlers and pets in your house, and you are concerned about fires or burning, you can use the battery tea lights.

It’s a flameless, smokeless candle, and you don’t need to think about the melted or dry wax. They give the same candle-like effect, and also it is hassle-free and safely made.

They don’t produce heat. Also, the batteries are rechargeable and reusable and can adapt to new batteries. It can be used for a longer period than the open flame tea lights.

But remember, if your tea lights are made with Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, you should be concerned. It’s a tiny battery but has a higher voltage than other batteries.

It can produce high heat that may catch fire or may blow-up. This type of battery has a significant risk for children. So, before battery tea lights, try to know which battery it is.

How do you use a floating tea light?

Tea lights are pretty popular nowadays. It creates the perfect environment and party mood in home, hotels or anywhere. It gives a great finishing touch on big occasions or a special day.

You can use it as a centerpiece to look more attractive or can float it on a pool, vases, bowls or in bathtubs. But in running water, they don’t float well.

In many other ways, it can be used like:

  • You can make eggshell tea light to light up your room.
  • You can put them in a clear glass container or bowl with ribbon or stones and display it.
  • Can be used as a wine glass lamp.
  • Can use it in simple showcases to make it beautiful.
  • Can be used in cooking shrimp tempura.
  • Tin boxes can be decorated beautifully by using the tea lights.
  • You may use it as a tea light heater if you want to save money.
  • Can be used as a washi tape tea light candle.

Wherever you place it, don’t let the wick get wet. Because it will be absorbing water if it gets wet. As a result, the burning time will be hampered, and the tea light may not work great.

How long do tea lights burn?

Depending on the wax that has been used in the tea light candle, it burns. It normally outputs like 32 watts.

It can float into the water and burn for a minimum of 3-5 hours. On average, they can’t burn more than 4 hours.

But after you use it, you should turn off the flame, whether it burns out or not. Because it can be dangerous if it gets connected with any flammable object.

Final Thoughts

Tea lights can float. The small size and the shape help it to stay afloat, displacing more water than its weight. Again, the density of its body is smaller than the density of water that helps to produce equal force to the buoyant force. As a result, it manages to float and stay stable in the water.