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Do Rocking Chairs Burn Calories? (Read This First!)

Everyone is well familiar with a rocking chair. Those vintage chairs that the children absolutely love for obvious reasons. The chair is still very popular among interior designers and general people.

This amazing piece of furniture is not only for the show. There are many other benefits of the chair. It is a multipurpose piece to keep around the house. An hour on these gently moving chairs can do wonders for both the mind and the body.

Do rocking chairs burn calories?

If you are looking for a way to burn calories in the easiest possible way, then get yourself a rocking chair. It might seem illogical, but rocking back and forth on a rocking chair will burn up to 150 calories per hour. It is a form of gentle exercise and can get the blood flowing and it’s fun.

Burning calories on a rocking chair may seem like a joke but rest assured, it is not. It is a form of light exercise known as the “non-exercise activity thermogenic”. This form includes rocking back and forth, side to side, and any sort of movement on the rocking chair.

It keeps the blood flowing and can get your heart pumping to burn those extra calories.

Can you burn calories in a rocking chair?

It is possible to burn calories in a rocking chair. Any sort of movement that gets the blood flowing and heart racing can help burn those extra calories. Rocking on a rocking chair can get around 150 extra calories burned.

Rocking chairs require effort and movement. The movements may seem little but they do require your body to move. This is how the extra calories can burn. This slight exercise regularly can keep your body in motion and burn up to 150 calories.

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Does sitting in a rocking chair burn calories?

Sitting in any chair or any place can burn a bit of calorie. Only 60 to 130. However, sitting on a rocking chair can do more than that. If you are on a rocking chair, you can easily burn somewhere around 150 calories.

But if you are only sitting on the rocking chair and not moving, then it won’t be as effective as said. If there is movement involved, such as rocking back and forth or side to side, then you can lose extra calories.

Otherwise, just sitting on a rocking chair does not make much of a difference.

Does rocking in a rocking chair count as exercise?

Rocking chairs are a great way to burn calories and get in on the daily exercise. An hour on the rocking chair can burn up to 150 extra calories. You will have to put in some effort and get your blood flowing.

The gentle form of exercise on a rocking chair is referred to as the “non-exercise activity thermogenic”. It helps loosen the joints and can strengthen the muscles. It keeps the heart pumping and allows blood flow. And as it burns extra calories, it does count as exercise.

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What is a rocking chair exercise?

Rocking chair exercise is rocking back and forth or even side to side on a rocking chair for at least an hour regularly or daily. This helps burn the extra calories and keeps the body in motion. It is a good and relaxed way of exercising that you can do regularly.

Any sort of movement that can help burn calories can be termed exercise. A rocking chair does not require effort and can be done without breaking much sweat. Still, it is a form of exercise known as activity thermogenic.

It can burn calories, loosen stiff joints and help with muscle strength.

How many calories does rocking in a chair burn?

Rocking on a rocking chair daily for an hour can burn up to 150 of the extra calories. It is a simple form of exercise that shows effect slowly. There may not be much change or sweat breaking while doing it, but the extra calories are definitely burning.

An hour on the rocking chair daily will burn up to 150 calories easily if you do it daily. This is a light form of exercise with minimal and repetitive movement. It requires movement and the heart pumps. That is how you can burn 150 calories in an hour.

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What muscles are used in a rocking chair?

Rocking chair exercise does make the whole body move in a flow. Making all the muscles work in a flow. But the muscles most exclusively used in the exercise are the abdominal and the thigh muscles.

The core and the lower body do the rocking part so these two muscles put in the most amount of work.

The entire body moves when you do the rocking chair exercise. But the core muscles are involved more along with the thigh muscles. Blood circulation is present throughout the exercise.

And as it is a mild form of exercise, the muscles may not burn as much as contemporary exercise. But the muscles are actively used in this too.

What are rocking chairs used for?

Rocking chairs have been around for a long time and with time their popularity did not lessen by a bit. In fact, some households see rocking chairs as an essential interior item. This is not only for how they make the house cozier but there are other benefits to it as well-

  • The piece of furniture gives the room a more cozy and comfy vibe. It complements the room and the interior overall without bringing much to the room.
  • A few minutes can help you relax and take your mind off any stress and negative thoughts. The gentle movement of the chair can soothe and calm the mind and the body altogether.
  • A rocking chair is somewhat of an essential item for anyone putting up with Arthritis and any sort of back pain. Rocking chairs help ease the pain and give comfort to the pain.
  • For new mothers, the chair is amazing to give comfort and allow the mothers to heal. It also helps calm the child and the mother both together.
  • If you want an easy way to help with your sleep, you can get a rocking chair. The gentle motion of the chair will help you fall into a relaxed slumber in no time.
  • Mild exercises can be done on a rocking chair. The chair helps to loosen the joints and engages the muscles to burn extra calories. You can do it every day without much hassle.
  • Mental problems like Alzheimer’s and dementia can be eased just by spending an hour on this chair. Patients with such diseases can go through a lot of stress. Rocking chairs help them calm down. 

A rocking chair is definitely a multipurpose and multi-used piece of furniture. This type of chair can help you through a lot of problems by giving you a comfortable and soothing time.

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Can you lose weight by rocking in a rocking chair?

A rocking chair helps burn around 150 calories and burning calories leads to weight loss. Most of the time this weight loss won’t be visible for a long time. As the exercise is mild in form and does not require much effort. So the results won’t be visible immediately.

If you are burning extra calories you are losing weight. Even though you may not see it but you are. The results of this exercise will be noticeable after a while. But you will lose weight by rocking in a rocking chair.

Do rocking chairs help anxiety?

Rocking chairs have proved to calm the mind and help people going through anxiety. The gentle motions of the rocking chair calm the mind and relax the muscles as well. This gentle exercise can reduce stress and calm the anxious mind.

It is actually advised for people tp go from anxiety to get a rocking chair. It can help with their breakdowns faster than any other technique.

Is rocking good exercise?

Rocking is a gentle and mild form of exercise which helps the human body in various ways. It not only helps to burn calories but also helps with anxiety, back pain, and severe diseases like dementia.

Rocking on a rocking chair is a very soothing and calming exercise. It takes the burden of any stress off the mind and helps the body relax. Physical problems like arthritis and back pain can be soothed along with mental problems like anxiety, Alzheimer’s, stress, dementia, etc.

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Is rocking in a chair Good for circulation?

Using a rocking chair can improve blood flow and blood circulation. Regular sessions on the rocking chair can increase blood circulation. The gentle motions help oxygen to the joints and get the blood flowing.

Rocking chairs are not only a piece of furniture but also good equipment to help you improve your health and get your blood flowing. The oxygen can get to the joints and there is an active movement in the muscles. This increases blood circulation.

Doing this exercise regularly will get your blood circulation flowing better than ever.

Final thoughts:

Rocking chairs have known to be good exercise equipment. Especially, if you do not wish to go big on it. The gentle motions of the rocking chairs can get your extra calories all burned up just within an hour. 150 calories in an hour are not so bad, especially if you are having fun while burning it.