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Do Duvet Covers Keep You Warm? Are Duvet Covers Hot?

If you’ve ever bought a comforter or duvet set, you might have noticed that it often comes with a duvet cover. This duvet cover is also known as a comforter cover. They are built to cover comforters and duvets for protection. 

The comforter or duvet is placed inside the duvet. This duvet cover is usually made with two pieces of fabric combined. What material is it made from? Do you need one? Let’s find out! 

Do duvet covers keep you warm? Are duvet covers hot?

Duvet covers can keep you warm and hot depending on the set’s tog rating and cover material. If you are purchasing a set for winter, go for higher tog ratings which are over 10.5. They are designed to keep your body warm and make winter nights more bearable. 

Since most duvet covers come with duvet sets. You can check the tog rating of the entire bundle. Chances are the duvet and duvet cover share similar tog ratings. For winter, pick a duvet bundle that has a high tog rating. 

Materials such as flannel and cotton are best for trapping warmth. Heavy ones with more than one layer are also better for winter. 

Linen covers:

Most people think that linen covers are built for the summer and keep you cool but they also function perfectly for the winter weather. They don’t retain moisture like cotton and help your body stay warm and hot in the cold. 

It is constructed with hollow fibers which enable it to function as a natural insulator. But you need to make sure that it is not too thick or lightweight. The quality has to be maintained as well. 

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Velvet covers:

Velvet covers are also great for cold weather. They are highly popular due to their ability to trap warmth and stay in style. They are not preferred in the summer as they can make you feel suffocated and sticky during the night. 

They are not as breathable as cotton, especially Polyester velvet. This is why you should only use velvet duvet covers in colder months. 

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Cotton covers:

Cotton regulates temperature which helps you stay warm in the winter. It is also breathable, so it won’t make you feel restless during the night. Cotton covers are the ideal option for cool weather. 

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Do duvet covers make you sweat?

Duvet covers can make you sweat if they are thick or made out of synthetic, flannel, or satin sheets. These types of materials can increase night sweats. The issue could be with your duvet itself if they have a synthetic filling. 

Naturally filled duvets are much more breathable and help keep us cool at night. 

So if you want a duvet cover and duvet that provides lower insulation, go for a lower tog rating. Another thing that you can do is purchase a temperature-regulating duvet. They will make air circulation easier. 

How does a duvet cover keep you warm?

There are duvet covers made with natural materials that keep us warm. One of the most common ones out of them is cotton and flannel. The higher the thread count, the better the quality and warmth

The material is usually thick and is of two layers which is why you can also use it as a blanket. 

Do duvet covers keep you cool?

There are duvet covers that can keep you cool during hot summer nights. There are duvet covers for every season so you can easily find ones that are made for the summer. How to differentiate between them? The material and the layers control the temperature. 

Look for a duvet cover that is lightweight and made with temperature regulating and sweat-wicking materials. 

An example of these materials is eucalyptus-derived materials. They keep heat away from your body, making it perfect for sweat-free and comfortable sleep. Synthetic materials are usually not good for summer. The lower the tog rating, the cooler it will be. 

To keep you cool, a rating of 2.5 and 4.5 should be enough during the summer. 

What type of duvet covers keeps you cool?

Types of duvet covers that can keep you cool are given below –

Cotton duvet covers:

Cotton is everyone’s favorite because not only is it breathable, it is also made with natural fibers. Since it regulates temperature, it is suited for both winter and summer. 

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Silk duvet covers:

Silk duvet covers are made in a way that allows more air circulation and regulates your body heat. It is not only breathable but also a natural absorbent. This way, it is a good option for people putting up with from night sweats. 

Your body will stay cool and breezy.  

Linen duvet covers:

Linen is a material that has sweat-wicking features and greater airflow resulting in a cool sleep. If you overheat at night, it is perfect for you. You will not feel suffocated due to its breathability and you’ll also feel comfortable. 

What is the purpose of a duvet cover?

Duvets or comforters are often hard to wash or not washable. Many of us spend a lot of time without cleaning our duvets or comforters. This can cause damage to our duvets and make them dirty. This is where duvet covers come in. 

Its job is to protect and keep your comforters and duvets clean. Duvet covers are very easy to put on, remove, and wash. This makes owning a duvet much easier. 

There’s another advantage too. The colors of duvets and comforters can be boring whereas duvet covers come in fashionable designs and colors. It can be a great addition to spice up your bedroom. It also adds a stylish touch to your duvet. 

A duvet without a duvet cover can look incomplete. It’s like having a pillow without a pillowcase! 

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Can you sleep with just a duvet cover?

Whether you can sleep with just a duvet cover depends on what kind of duvet cover you have. Duvet covers have layers of fabric (two of them). You can use it as a bed cover or a blanket during the summer. 

However, it will not be as comfortable as a regular blanket. It is solely manufactured to protect duvets or comforters. It has fewer chances of providing warmth so it may not be useful during the winter. 

If you have a flannel duvet, you can use it as a light blanket since they have similar structural weight. But that does not apply to other materials such as silk or line. 

If you are planning to use a duvet cover as a blanket, purchase a heavy one that seems adequate for the weather where you live. You can try it out and see it for yourself. If you feel that it is comfy enough for you, then go for it! 

Is a duvet cover a comforter?

A duvet cover is completely different from a comforter. A duvet cover is used as a cover for the duvet. Take a pillow and a pillowcase for example. The duvet cover acts like a pillowcase for the duvet. 

It can be closed, usually, using a zipper or buttons. Moreover, a duvet and comforter are quite similar. They are both used to keep you warm and are placed on top of the bed. Duvets are often called Comforters as well. 

A duvet cover, on the other hand, can protect both your comforter and duvet by keeping them fresh. But you need to purchase the correct duvet cover size for your comforter or duvet. 

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Do duvet covers come with pillowcases?

Although you can purchase duvet covers individually, a set usually comes with two pillowcases that match the covers. Some might come with 4 covers instead of 2 if you purchase the family size one. 

If you require more than two pillowcases, you can ask the brand or furniture store for it and they might provide you with more matching pillowcases unless it is a unique piece. You can get pillowcases in different colors too. 

However, one bundle only has two pillowcases. The number of pillowcases depends on your retailer. If you are buying a duvet cover set for a king-size or queen bed, then you will get two pillowcases with it. 

But if you are purchasing duvet cover sets for single beds then these will only hold one pillowcase. The pillowcase sizes are normally standard size, 50 cm x 75 cm. 

Are duvet covers necessary?

Duvet covers are not exactly necessary but they are beneficial. Duvet covers protect your duvets since most duvets are not washable. You can easily stain or drop water on your duvet. It can damage the stuffing of your duvet. For this reason, duvet covers are often necessary. 

There’s also a factor of germs and bacteria. If you don’t wash your comforter or duvet, the bacteria will continue to grow which can harbor sickness. It’s not good for your skin or health. Since comforters and duvets are hard to wash, it is much better to own a duvet cover instead.

They are easy to remove and can be washed quickly while your comforters or duvets remain clean. Whether you need a duvet cover or not is up to you but if you weigh the pros and cons, duvet covers win! 

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What are the best quality duvet covers?

Aside from well-known brands, the quality of your duvet covers depends on the material too. Cotton, satin, percale sheeting fabrics, or cotton sateen material is what’s most popular in the market today. This is because all of these materials are great for many types of weather. 

Many well-known duvet covers are known for their quality and were ranked high in 2021. Professional designers have picked them through and they are budget-friendly too. They are as follows: 

  • Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover, Queen
  • Pizuna Linens Cotton Duvet Cover Set
  • Pottery Barn Honeycomb Cotton Duvet Cover, Queen
  • Delbou Tree Striped Duvet Cover Set from Amazon
  • Marimekko Rosarium Duvet Cover Set, Full or Queen
  • Looma Home Signature Duvet Cover
  • Miranda Haus Lorenz Embroidered Cotton Duvet Cover Set

Final Thoughts:

Duvet covers can keep you warm if you buy the right one. Always go through the selections, material, and tog rating before you purchase a duvet set. Often retailers mention the weather it is made for. There are duvet covers available that are suitable for all types of weather.