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Do Dryer Balls Damage Dryer? (Quick Answers)

Dryer balls are very helpful in drying the clothes properly. If you want to ensure the safety of your dryer and clothes, you must use the optimum number of dryer balls per load. It depends on the load size; you need to use two dryer balls if your load is small.

 Otherwise, 4-6 dryer balls are needed. Apart from the number, dryer balls are also helpful in maintaining the internal environment of the dryer. It will keep everything clean and working.

Do dryer balls damage dryer?

Dryer balls won’t damage the dryer if you use the right number of dryer balls. Some users may find the damaged dryer due to the plastic dryer balls. So, you can avoid the plastic dryer balls and use the wool-made dryer balls to enjoy your drying safely. You may also use artificial dryer balls.

Dryer balls are not dangerous for the dryer’s health. They are soft and will tumble around the fabrics and the dryer. Although the dryer balls will go through and through the heating elements of your dryer, they will remain safe and will not damage those elements.

Dryer balls mainly run to allow the hot air to penetrate the fabric and remove the wrinkles. If you find the dryer ball is damaging your dryer, you need to check the dryer ball’s quality and the dryer’s internal heating elements.

Wool dryer balls:

The wool dryer balls won’t damage your dryer’s internal components, although they will run and be tough.

If you think they will ruin your dryer, it’s your wrong idea. These balls will only harm your dryer if you use the balls for a long time without changing them.

Especially if they are rough and challenging, and you’re still using the wool dryer balls, you will face the problem and get the damaged dryers. It’s not their regular job, or they should not use the same dryer balls for a long time.

Plastic dryer balls:

The plastic dryer balls will not damage the dryer’s internal components.

But you cannot use the hard or rough plastic dryer balls to dry the clothes and ensure the smooth, heated airflow. You cannot stop using the dryer balls and be sure to get the perfect dried clothes.

Users suggest not to use the plastic dryer balls since they will get rough and hard to ruin the dryer. If you have these balls, you should carefully use them in your dryer. Sometimes, you should change your balls ahead of time.

Are dryer balls good for your dryer?

Dryer balls are good for your dryer since they can significantly enhance the dryer’s working process and reduce the drying time.

If your regular dryer uses 10-15 minutes to dry the clothes using the dryer sheets, the dryer balls will make it 3-5 minutes. Thus, the dryer balls will not damage the dryer.

Using the dryer balls will be good for the dryer’s health since it will only increase productivity. But you must avoid using it for a long time to avoid damaging the dryer. Moreover, the dryer is also good for the dryer to save electricity.

The dryer balls will only be bad for the dryer if you use the damaged dryer balls if they are hard and used for a long time. You should avoid using the hard or damaged dryer balls if they are not suitable for dryer health.

Are wool dryer balls safe for the dryer?

The wool dryer balls are 100% safe for the dryer. It has a soft surface to increase the heated airflow through the clothes and the dryer balls.

You need to maintain the wool ball’s quality and buy the perfect matched wool dryer balls. It will maintain a good environment for your dryer heating elements.

You must set up the lifetime of your wool dryer balls and change the dryer balls after that time. The wool dryer balls are safe and soft, which will increase the productivity of your dryer machine.

You can use the wool dryer balls to increase the safety of your dryer machine. It will also enhance productivity.

However, the wool dryer balls will only damage the dryer if you use the same dryer balls a few times. You cannot even use the old wool dryer balls to dry the clothes within a short time. It might damage the heating elements of your dryer.

4 reasons why dryer ball doesn’t damage dryer

I said dryer balls would not damage the dryer because of four different reasons. These reasons are good enough to clear your confusion and give you the best drying experience.


There are no negative consequences associated with using dryer balls in your dryer.

It is beneficial to the dryer machine and helps the clothes dry more quickly. Therefore, the dryer machine will require less effort to work when dryer balls are present in it.


The dryer machine is not harmed by dryer balls. Wool, plastic, rubber, and other materials, among others, are some of the things that can be found in dryer balls.

Each of them is dryer-friendly and contributes to the efficient drying of your clothes. Jeans and other heavy items of clothing and metal accessories can cause problems for a dryer.

No Smell/ Sound:

In contrast to other drying options such as tennis balls or different types of plastic or rubber balls, Wool dryer balls will not leave a smell of burnt rubber lingering in your dryer.

In addition, when they are in use, they do not produce obnoxious banging sounds or cause damage to your dryer.


Dryer balls offer an alternative method for drying laundry that does not involve any chemicals and is both renewable and biodegradable.

Due to the lower density of dryer balls components compared to synthetic materials, dryer balls won’t cause any damage to your machine as they roll around during the drying cycle.

Can you use dryer balls in these dryers?

Although the dryer balls are safe for the dryers, you may not use them for the updated dryers. Some dryers might come with the automated dryer balls option. So, you cannot use the dryer balls at all. If the manufacturer gives you the flexibility, you can use the dryer balls.

High-efficiency dryers:

There are no negative consequences associated with using dryer balls in your high-efficiency dryer.

It is beneficial to the dryer machine and helps the clothes dry more quickly. Therefore, the dryer machine will require less effort to work when dryer balls are present in it.

Washer/dryer combo:

Washer/dryer combo are not as efficient as separate dryers in drying parts. On the other hand, drying balls can be used in it, and doing so can make it somewhat more effective.

Heat pump dryer:

Dryer balls are a useful accessory for heat pump dryers. However, rubber dryer balls are inappropriate because heat pump dryers reach higher temperatures than conventional dryers.

Condenser dryer:

In condenser dryers, dryer balls are possible. On the other hand, condenser dryers consume more energy and take longer to dry clothes than standard dryers.

How to properly use dryer balls in the dryer?

To use dryer balls properly in the dryer, you have to take some necessary steps to operate smoothly. We have shared those processes that will benefit you and work by following the way described here.

I use the regular process of using the dryer balls to use it efficiently. You can add your preferred method to use the dryer balls properly. It’s not a fixed process that you need to follow blindly. You must follow the process.

Add wet clothes with it:

Firstly, you need to keep the dryer balls in the dryer with your wet clothing. You need to maintain enough space to bounce the balls during this time.

Because if the dryer balls get free space to bounce, chances are very high to dry your clothing quickly. So make sure your dryer machine is never too full of clothes.

Add essential oil to get a fresh smell:

After that, you need to spray a little essential oil in the dryer because if you have given this, it smells out to a new and energetic vibe.

Then you can shut the dryer door properly and turn on the starting switch of the machine. If you have done all those properly, it will be working smoothly.

Final stage:

You just shut down your dryer machine from the power in this final stage. Then take your clothes out of the dryer and completely dry them. Besides, you should keep the dryer balls out and store them in a dry place.

Final Thoughts

Although the dryer balls are not harmful, you need to choose the best soft dryer balls to increase productivity. Since dryer balls will not damage the dryer, they will give you the best drying experience. You can avoid using the plastic dryer balls and use the wool balls.