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Do Daybeds Need Special Bedding & Mattress? (Explained)

Daybeds are unique beds that have both sitting and sleeping space. These beds are convenient for use in the living room or the guest room. So, the demand for daybeds is increasing day by day.

If you want to use a daybed, you need to know how to set the bedding or mattress over the daybed. Well, you might be confused about whether the daybeds need special bedding & mattress or not. Let’s see how the bedding & mattress on the daybed are.

Do daybeds need special bedding?

Daybeds have special bedding sets, but it’s not compulsory to use them. You can put regular bedding on a daybed. Many daybeds have the same dimension as regular beds. But if you want to use special bedding for the daybed, many daybed bedding sets are available with pillows and bedsheets.

You can use the same mattress on the daybed as regular beds. Because most daybeds have the size of regular beds. But most daybeds have sidebars in the frame. So, you might face difficulty fitting the regular bedding on the daybed. So, using special bedding will be beneficial.

Is there special bedding for daybeds?  

Yes, special beddings are available for daybeds. Daybed beddings are made perfectly to fit the daybed properly. Daybed bedding kits offer all the items of a daybed.

Moreover, the mattress for a daybed is made suitably to fit and give the daybed comfortable bedding. So, different types of special beddings are there for daybeds.

How is daybed bedding different?

Daybed beddings are pretty different from regular bedding. Though you can use regular bedding on the daybed, special daybed beddings are quite different. Let’s see how daybed bedding is different.

  • Comforter: The daybed covers or comforter is the main bedding on the mattress. But regular beds need extra bedding over the mattress.
  • Bedskirt: Daybed bedskirts have fabric on three sides of the skirts. But regular bedskirts have fabric on all the sides.
  • Pleating: Many daybed beddings have special pleating. But regular beds don’t have special pleating.

Can I use regular bedding on a daybed?

You can use regular bedding on a daybed. But using a special daybed set for the daybed is a wise decision. Because daybed beddings are made such way so that they fit with the daybeds perfectly.

But it’s not compulsory to use special beds always. You can use regular bedding also. Because daybeds have a pretty similar size to regular beds.

What kind of bedding do you put on a daybed?

For making a daybed perfect, you should use a daybed bedding set on it. The daybed bedding sets have the elements that are essential for the daybed.

A daybed set has the following bedding items.

Daybed top sheet: 

A daybed top sheet is pretty similar to the bedsheet. This cover allows extra comfort on the daybed.

Blanket or comforter:

A blanket or comforter is available with the daybed set. Comforter adds comfort to the daybed.


Shams are small squire pillows that are provided with the bedding set. These pillows make the daybed look and feel comfortable.

Pillow covers:

The daybed bedding set also has pillow covers. These pillow covers are made in such a way so that is can look good on daybeds.

Bed skirt:

Bed skirt enhances the outlook of the daybed. Daybed bed skirt has fabric on three sides.


A bedsheet is occasionally provided with the daybed set. But bedsheets are essential for the daybeds.

How can I make my day bed look nice?

For making your daybed look nice, you have to follow some techniques. Let’s see what the techniques are that you can follow to make your daybed look nice.

Select a color:

You need to select a color palette for the daybed according to the wall and room décor. If the color doesn’t go with the room’s decoration, the daybed will not look nice.

Prepare the bedding:

Generally, daybeds don’t come with mattresses. So, you have to choose a comfortable and high-quality mattress. You can also put a comforter over it. Also, put the bedsheet or cover on the daybed.

Pillows and shams:

Put pillows and shams on the daybed. These pillows and shams will make the daybed comfortable.


Put a blanket on the daybed of decent color and texture. Let the blanket hang off diagonally from one side. This blanket will create a comfortable look on the daybed.

What size comforter fits a daybed?

The size of a comforter for a daybed depends on the size of a daybed. If the daybed is twin-size as regular beds, a regular comforter will fit the daybed.

Generally, a comforter of 52 inches width and 99 inches length will fit a regular daybed. But if the daybed is twin-size, the comforter has to be 62 inches wide and 86 inches long.

Measuring the size of the comforter is essential. Because if you choose a larger size comforter for a narrow daybed, the comforter will not fit in the daybed.

Do daybeds need a special mattress?

It’s not compulsory to use a special mattress on the daybeds. You can use a regular mattress on the daybed according to its size. Generally, daybeds don’t come with mattresses. Even daybed sets don’t provide mattresses with them. So, you can use a regular mattress according to the size.

Many daybeds have the size of regular beds. So you can use a normal mattress on the daybed. Daybeds have different sizes also. But all sizes of mattresses are available for the daybeds. So, you can choose the mattress for the daybed according to the size of the daybed.

Do daybeds come with mattresses?

Generally, daybeds don’t come with mattresses. But some brands may provide the same size mattress that you have to buy separately.

Many mattresses are available in different sizes according to the sizes of the daybeds. But it’s pretty rare for the daybeds to come with mattresses.

What type of mattress is best for daybed?

Some brands offer the best quality mattresses. Let’s see what type of mattress is best for the daybed.

Firm mattress:

Firm mattresses are one of the best choices for daybeds. Amerisleep AS1 type firm mattresses have plant base foam that allows super comfort with a thin structure.

Medium-Firm mattress:

Amerisleep AS2 is the best medium-firm mattress that gives relief to back pain. This mattress provides comfort with a thin structure.

Medium mattress:

Zoma mattress is the best medium mattress. This mattress is suitable for deep sleep.

What height should a daybed mattress be?

A standard height of a daybed mattress is 8 to 12 inches. The daybeds also have base heights that are added to the total height. Generally, daybeds’ bases are 10 to 14 inches high. So, the total height with the base will be 24 inches with the mattress.

So, an 8 to 12 inches daybed mattress can provide comfort to the daybed.

Can you use a 10 inch mattress on a daybed?

Yes, you can use a 10 inches mattress on a daybed. Generally, daybed mattresses are 8 to 12 inches high. So, a 10 inches mattress would be a perfect height for the daybed.

If you use a 10 inches mattress on a daybed, the total height of the daybed with the base and the mattress will be a comfortable height.

Can you use a memory foam mattress on a daybed?

You can use a memory foam mattress on a daybed. But the task is pretty tricky. Most daybeds don’t come with box springs. Moreover, the memory foam doesn’t have a flat surface. So, fitting the mattress on the daybed is difficult.

But you can use the memory foam mattress finding the right firmness on the daybed.

Can you use a full mattress on a daybed?

Yes, you can use a full mattress on a daybed if the daybed is standard bed size. Because daybeds come in different sizes. You can’t use a full mattress on a narrow daybed.

So, if the daybed is twin-size or regular bed size, you can use a full mattress. Otherwise, you have to choose the mattress according to the size of the daybed.

Are day beds worth it?

Yes, daybeds are worth it. Daybeds are so convenient that you can use them both for sitting and sleeping. You can place the daybeds in the drawing-room for an additional sitting place.

Moreover, you can use the daybeds in the guest room for an additional sleeping place. Besides, daybeds are also fun and comfortable for toddlers and teenagers.

You can also modify the daybed as a couch if you don’t want to use it for sleeping. So, if you bought a daybed with a good amount of money, the daybed worth it.

Are daybeds comfortable?

Yes, daybeds are comfortable. But daybeds are not comfortable as the couch or the bed. Generally, people use daybeds for sleeping and sitting. But daybeds are not a regular bed. So, you can feel the actual comfort of a bed.

Moreover, most daybeds don’t have armrests and backrests. So, you will not feel the comfort of a couch or sofa.

But the comfort also depends on the mattress of the daybed. If you use a high-quality and comfortable mattress on the daybed, the daybed will be comfortable.

Daybeds are multipurpose furniture. But they don’t need special bedding. You can use regular bedding on the daybed. Many special beddings are available. These special beddings are convenient and have all the elements of beddings. So, you can use special bedding on the daybed.