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Do Accent Chairs Need Pillows? (All You Need to Know)

Pillows on chairs add both an aesthetic vibe and functionality as they make sitting on chairs comfortable. And with any type of chair, people prefer to have pillows on them.

Therefore, knowing such a thing perhaps you will think about your home’s accent chairs too. And you possibly would like to know do accent chairs need pillows on them too or not. 

In this article, this topic and the other most asked questions regarding keeping pillows on chairs are going to be described in detail. So that you can keep the need of keeping pillows on accent chairs. 

Do Accent Chairs Need Pillows? 

Pillows, especially throw pillows, are not inevitably required for accent chairs. However, in modern-day decor, throw pillows are vastly used as they add an aesthetic vibe to a room’s entire decor. Also, they serve a functional purpose too by allowing one to sit comfortably on an accent chair.

Pillow(not the typical pillows used for sleeping), better known as throw pillows for using on chair seats are certainly not needed for accent chairs. Because throw pillows are not a must-have item, neither they are so much practically useful. 

However, people are widely using throw pillows as a decorative item on their accent chair’s seat. Because these pillows actually enhance the modern-day home decoration by adding an aesthetic look to the room.

Moreover, throw pillows to some extent serves a functional purpose too by making sitting on accent chairs comfortable.  

3 Reasons Why You Need Pillow For Your Accent Chair

In this section, 3 main reasons have been explained that will illustrate why you do need pillows for your accent chairs. 


Pillows on accent chairs definitely do add spice to the areas in your home where the accent chairs are placed. Whether be it a living room, hallway, or bedroom, pillows will lift up the style of that room to another dimension.

As well as will provide aesthetic pleasure to your visitor’s eyes making the accent chair a focal point in the room. 

Therefore, home decoration stylists always recommend keeping some throw pillows on your home’s accent chair seats. 

But always maintain the style and design of your room and the accent chair to match the pillows better.

For example, if your living room has a solid white and blue color scheme, add some white and blue patterned pillows to the accent chairs. It will make the decor visually pleasing. 


Apart from adding charm to the styling of your home, throw pillows for accent chairs are needed to give a finished look to your home’s particular theme.

So if you are maintaining a specific theme to decorate your home and if you have accent chairs matched to the theme, you should use pillows for accent chairs. 

Suppose, your room/home is a glam-themed one and you have used all glamorous and velvety accent chairs. So in that case, sequined or satin cushions will round out your glam-themed room/home by adding an elegant look to the accent chairs. 


The last and most important reason is comfort. Pillows for accent chairs do fulfill this functional purpose too. When you will keep pillows on accent chairs, they make sitting on accent chairs comfortable. 

Like, when you’ll be sitting on accent chairs and there are pillows, they can support your arms. Or some other people in your home may like to put pillows behind their back while sitting on accent chairs then pillows will both support their back and offer comfort. 

What Size Pillow For Accent Chair?

Typically, two types of toss pillows are used for accent chairs, and those are lumbar pillows and square pillows. Therefore, the standard size for both types of pillows are different. 

The standard size of square throw pillows ranges from 16” ×16” to the jumbo size 24”×24”. However, the standard size of the best-selling customize throw pillow is 18”×18”. 

And the standard size of lumbar pillows is 14”×22”. Lumbar pillows have such odd sizes so that they can offer a visual contrast to the eyes of the visitors. 

Some people prefer round decorative pillows for accent chairs. So for your information, the standard round shape throw pillow size is 14” in diameter. 

Should Pillows On Accent Chairs Match?

Pillows on accent chairs do not necessarily need to match neither with the accent chairs nor with the other set of pillows that are on sofas.

Because there are no such hard and fast rules to match pillows. And most importantly pillows are a decorative piece so it’s always better to have mix and match pillows for accent chairs to add contrast to your entire room.

However, consider a few important points. Always try to choose pillows that match the style, theme, and color of your entire room and the accent chairs. So that along with giving a contrasting vibe those pillows will make the entire decor polished and harmonious. 

How To Match Or Mix Throw Pillows On Accent Chairs?

Some of the effective and practical tips have been provided in this section for you so that you can mix or match throw pillows in the right way. 

Pick An Anchor Color 

If your accent chair is in a pop-up color then make sure to match or mix throw pillows in such a way that highlights the accent chair even more rather than overshadowing it. 

For example, if the accent chair is in a solid raspberry color then match a soft rose gold throw pillow with it. It will increase the cohesiveness of the room and accent chair. 

Choose Three Color 

Match or mix the throw pillows on accent chairs by choosing three different color pillows. But make sure that all of the three colors you have chosen match with the color of the other elements of your room such as the curtain or the rug or the upholstery color of your accent chair. 

Match Patterns 

While mixing or matching throw pillows on accent chairs, pay attention to the mix and matching patterns. Because it will elevate the visual of the accent chair making it more than a focal point in your room. 

Suppose your living room has a graphic chevron patterned wall and neutral-colored upholstery of your accent chairs and the other furniture. Here, you can choose a floral print throw pillow that will stand out in among all the patterns 

Choose Different Pattern Size 

Choosing different pattern sizes while mix or matching throw pillows on an accent chair is important so that the patterns don’t look out of balance.

So, choose a lead pattern on throw pillows which would be the largest and dominating pattern. Then choose a medium-sized pattern like a stripe, and choose a subtle pattern like a dotted swiss as the third pattern to create balance.

Are Throw Pillows Necessary? 

Throw pillows are not a necessary item. They are just decorative pillows that can elevate the entire look of a room. Throw pillows add sparks of colors, patterns, and texture to a room’s look and make a piece of furniture the visual point in a room. 

Throw pillows are just an affordable and easy way to change the decor of a room. However, throwing pillows on accent chairs offers comfortable sitting too on the chairs.  

How Do You Pick A Throw Pillow Color?

4 simple ways to pick a throw pillow color have been described below. 

Cohesive Color Palette 

You can pick throw pillow colors by maintaining a cohesive color palette. This means pick a color that matches the color of the other elements like your room’s curtains or rug.

Solid Bold Colors 

If your room has patterned furniture upholstery and other elements like patterned curtains then choose solid and bold colored throw pillows to add a vibrant and solid break into the patterns. 

Neutral Color 

If your room has a neutral color vibe then go for neutral colors only to maintain the neutral look. For that choose a warm and neutral color like taupe, brown, chocolate, etc. 

Complementary Colors

If you are keeping 2/3 pillows together, go for complementary colors. So that they can individually stand out while looking good together. For example, spicy orange and cool blue are complementary colors. 

How Many Throw Pillows Are Too Many?

More than three to six throw pillows are considered too many throw pillows by most people. Because at this point more than three to six throw pillows become excessive and impractical.

Also, this number of pillows will create a fuller look in the room and will overshadow the patterns and textures of the main furniture. 

So it’s definitely too many pillows to be in one piece of furniture like a sofa or bed. 

What Is The Best Material For Throw Pillows?

Mainly, three types of materials are used to stuff throw pillows, so there’s no one best material. Below all of the three types have been described in brief. 


Synthetic polyester filling is the most inexpensive filler option. If you plainly use throw pillows for decorative intentions, it’s the best type of material.


Foam-filled toss pillows hold the shape of a pillow better than polyester or down. So if you want a filling that would hold the shape of throw pillows better, it’s the best material.  


Down-filled throw pillows are expensive, softer, and last longer than polyester-filled toss pillows. And they are more comfortable to use. So, if you want to enjoy all these advantages and are ready to pay more, then it’s the best material for you. 

Throw pillows are just for decorative purposes, practically they are not used so much. So if you want to change the decor and add some extra tone and composition, you can use throw pillows as an inexpensive decorative item.