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What Is the Difference Between Bar Stool and Counter Stool?

Sitting position and sitting capacity are two variable things in our daily life. When you go to the restaurant, you find a comfortable and adjustable sitting system known as the counter stool. It gives you the best comfort.

If you go to the bar, you will sit on the barstool, which is tall and fixed. It will help you enjoy your sipping and enjoy the party at your own pace. Since the club’s table is high, it needs the barstool to cope.

What is the difference between bar stool and counter stool?

The differences between bar stool and counter stool are many. They have height, adjustability, comfort, and other differences. They have different purposes as well. You won’t find the bar stool in a restaurant or the counter stool in a bar. Their making process is also different.

We found five significant differences between the counter stool and bar stool. If you get through them, you will decide what will fit you the best.


When you look at both counter and bar stool, you will find the height difference.

Typically, the countertops are 36-39 inches; therefore, the counter stool height is 24 or 36 inches. These heights are ideal for most of the restaurant or comfortable sitting positions.

On the other hand, the bar stool top’s height is 40 or 42 inches. So, the bar stool height is also higher, 28 or 30 inches. There is a notable difference between these two stools.


Since bar stools have a higher height than the counter tools, you will find structural differences between them.

The bar stool is lower and comfortable, whereas the bar stool is high, and it has a foot stand to let your foot relax.

Moreover, the counter stool is safe and has a large leg to assist you in sitting correctly on the bar countertops. It has a sturdy build to make it durable. So, the building structure is also different for these two sittings.


The bar stool is long and tall to cope with the bar countertops or the party table. Therefore, the use is also not like the counter stools.

The barstools are used in the bar and to sit at the tall party table. It helps people to sip into the drinks without any height issues.

But the counter stools are for the regular restaurant setup. We used to sit at the lower-height table, which didn’t require us to sit on the bar stools. Counter stools have the perfect height to sit before the counter tables.


Comfort is another great concern for both the counter and bar stool. You will get two extra comforts from these two stools.

You will get the best sitting position from the counter stool that will give you the best support to enjoy your food.

In other words, the bar stool will give you the comfort to enjoy your drinks and sit at the high tables. It might be challenging to sit with the regular counter stool instead of the high or bar stools.

Are bar stools higher than counter stools?

Bar stools are higher than counter stools. Usually, the bar stools are 28 to 30 inches tall, with the 40 to 42 inches bar tables. But the counter stool is about 24 or 26 inches high, which is lower than the bar stools.

Bar stools have a leg rest option which gives you comfort, and you can sit at a higher height to enjoy sipping through your drinks.

It will also enable you to enjoy the party from sitting at high. If you look at the counter stools, you will find it helpful to take your meal.

The counter tools don’t need to be higher than the bar stools. It only needs to reach you to the table to sit comfortably and take your meal after that. The barstools are higher than the counter stools for all these reasons.

Do I need bar stools or counter stools?

You need to set your priority and measure the table height first. In addition, you have to count your reasons why you want to buy stools.

If you’re going to enjoy your meal sitting in front of your dining table, you need counter stools. They will help you to sit comfortably and enjoy the dish.

If you want to sit at a higher height, and you have the bar-type tables to enjoy your smoothies or drinks with your friends, then you need the bar stools.

They have a tall height and leg stand, giving you the best comfort sitting with your friends. You can also set the bar stools in your bedroom.

You have to decide what purpose you want to serve with the stools. Most people go for the counter stools since they don’t have bar tables or high height tables to sit on the bar stools. They have counter tables that are lower in height and go perfectly with the living room.

Can I use bar stools at a counter?

You can use the bar stools at the bar counter. But the counter tables must have 40 or 42 inches height; otherwise, you cannot use the bar stools there. Bar stools have a high height which is around 28 to 30 inches.

If you have a counter which is 40 to 42 inches high, you can use the bar stools. What if you have a 36 to 38 inches height counter?

In that case, you need to use the counter stools. It has a low height which fits your average-sized table and gives you the comfort to sit perfectly.

Apart from that, the bar stools can also be set in the free space or your kitchen tops. And it will give you a good sitting position to work smoothly.

You can buy adjustable bar stools to set the height according to your needs. The barstools can be used at a counter for this adjustable feature.

How to choose counter & bar stools?

Some factors will help you to choose the counter and bar stools. We cover up everything regarding how to select counter and bar stools.


You must first decide before choosing either counter & bar stool is the size. Since size determines whether you need the counter stools or bar stools, you can measure your table height first, which will help you to decide the stool.

If you have a 40 or 42 inches table in the kitchen, you should go for the bar stools. If the table height is below 40, 36, or 38 inches, you should go for the counter tools. So, size should be measured to choose suitable stools.


Some stools will give you adjustable features, but some won’t. Especially if you want to have adjustable stools, you should go for the counter stools.

However, you can also find adjustable bar stools on Amazon or another online marketplace.

The adjustable feature will allow you to adjust the height according to your table. You can change or replace your tables and adjust the height accordingly. If you have different-sized people, you may help them adjust the size as well.


Another great concerning fact is the materials. When you search for the stools, you will find hundreds of different options in front of you. You should check the product description and see what materials are there.

Stainless steel is the best durable material for tools. You may also choose the mesh material and check the customer reviews to get an overall idea. It will help you to choose the right stool within your budget.


The average price of the stools is around $200. If you want to get a premium quality stool and have enough budget, you can spend more than $1000 for a single bar or counter stool.

It will give you the best quality material and top-notch comfort. However, you will also find a bar or counter stool within your budget or even with $150. You need to search for a while and wisely choose the stool you require.

Why are bar stools so high?

Bar stools are so high because of the bar tops or the bar tables. Typically, the bar tables or the kitchen adjust table is about 40 to 42 inches high.

Therefore, the bar stools should have a height of 28 or 30 inches. On the other hand, the counter stools are 24 to 26 inches tall.

Another reason might be the structure. The bar stool’s structure is high, containing four or more legs. That’s why the bar stools are so high.

Final Thoughts

Height, build-structure, price, and uses are the differences between the counter and bar stools. You can go for any of them and enjoy sitting in your kitchen. The main difference is the height. Bar stools height is 28 to 30 inches, and the counter stools height is 24 to 26 inches.