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Can You Use Wax Melts to Make Candles? (Quick Answers)

Candles are one of the classiest pieces for decoration and to lift the mood. If you’re a candle lover, then we guess you love to make unique candles as well as collect them. 

This also indicates you also have noticed most of the fancy candles got a high price tag that’s not worth collecting for. 

That’s why many people these days are getting into homemade candles since they are cheap, easy to make, and unique.

There are many simple DIY hacks that you might even try to make candles out of different things. But have you ever thought of the wax melts placed at the corner of your home? Can those be used to make candles? Let’s learn!

Can you use wax melts to make candles?

You can make candles from wax melts through the double boiler process. In this procedure with a few common types of equipment, you have to melt the wax melts at a certain temperature and later give it a shape with candle containers. These candles aren’t any less than the usual ones also burn longer. 

Wax melts are chunks of wax in various shapes and scents. They are used to keep a place fragrant. But if you are interested in having new and uncommon candles, then wax melts can offer you just what you want!

With wax melts or tarts, you won’t need a lot of supplies to make candles. So it’s inexpensive and you can have long-lasting fragrance as well if the wax melts or tarts are scented.

Wax tarts: 

Candles can be made at home with wax tarts too. Wax tarts are almost the same as wax melts just a bit larger. Wax tarts contain a strong fragrance so when transformed into candles can serve a lot! 

Old wax melts: 

Old wax melts are great for making candles. Especially if you’re not looking forward to a vibrant and fragrant candle. Because most of the time old wax melts don’t have a bright color and smell since they’ve been used for a good time or have been left unused for a long time. 

Scented wax melts: 

You can make candles easily with wax melts that contain fragrance oils. With oils in it, the candles won’t be much different but if you are expecting a strong smell, it’s not the best idea.

Is candle wax the same as wax melts?

Though both candle wax and wax melts sound similar they are not exactly the same. The wax in candle and in wax melts are slightly different if you focus on the details 

Candles are mostly made of paraffin wax, sometimes beeswax or palm wax is used too. But to make wax melts soy wax is used mainly. Soybeans are used to make soy wax whereas most candle waxes are from petroleum.

Candle wax cannot hold fragrance for a longer time. On the other hand, wax melts can hold the smell for longer hours. Moreover, the strength of fragrance is different in candle wax and wax melts.

Compared to candle wax that’s mostly paraffin wax, the wax in wax melts burns from 30 to 50 percent longer. 

Are wax melts as bad as candles?

Candles are attractive and useful no doubt. So are wax melts. Though both of these are wax mainly they do have some differences which keep candles a step lower than wax melts.

Since there is a debate on candles being bad for the people and environment, the question of whether wax melts are too unsafe hits.

Candles are mostly made of paraffin wax that’s made from petroleum. So it’s not organic at all. According to research, paraffin used in candles releases toxic chemicals like carcinogens when burnt. Which can harm the surroundings and therefore these candles are labeled as unsafe. 

But wax melts aren’t as bad as candles. They are mainly made of soy wax, collected from soybeans. They are natural and emit fewer toxins so can be used frequently without any risk.

How much wax do I need for a candle?

The accurate amount of wax needed to make one candle is to calculate the weight, not the volume. Also, some mathematical calculation is required. 

You have to multiply the ounces of wax per container by the weight of the containers to know how many ounces are needed. Then divide the result by 16 (ounces in 1 pound) to get the pounds of wax required.

So if you want to make a candle in an 8 Oz container, 5oz will be the wax weight to fill the line and you will need 7.9 pounds of wax.

How to use wax melts to make candles?

Below here we’ve mentioned a few steps so that you can make your own candles at home!

Choose a container: 

The first step is to pick a container for your candle. You can reuse old candle tubs by cleaning and drying them properly.

Glasses, mason jars, flower pots, etc. can be picked as candle containers too. But whatever you choose make sure it’s heatproof. 

Decide the amount of wax: 

The next step is to decide how much wax is needed. Before that, you must know the volume of the candle containers you will be using.

You need to fix then how many candles you’re going to make and then calculate to know the accurate amount of wax.

Select wick: 

You must choose the candlewick wisely. Make sure you’re keeping the size of the candle container, wax type, and fragrance in mind before picking up the wick. 

Melt the wax melts: 

To melt the wax melts you have to use a double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler, then pour some water into a cooking pan and put it on the heat. Take a heat-proof bowl, put the wax melts and set it up over the cooking pan. 

With medium heat the water will gradually start boiling thus the wax cubes will start melting.

Final step: 

Pour the melted wax into the jar but before that make sure the wick is standing there straight. Wait for the wax to get hard.

Can you reuse wax melts to make candles?

You can reuse wax melts and make candles out of them. Wax melts can be used several times since they don’t vaporize. Neither the quality of the wax gets ruined if it’s used before.

But surely their smell gets fade over time and frequent use. So if you are not asking for a strong smell you can still reuse a wax melt multiple times. Or you can add your favorite smell while melting the wax melts.

You just need to double boil it to make a perfect candle to avoid any mess. Usually, a wax cube can last around 50 hours. This depends on the type of wax also. Even after the scent goes away they are reusable and can be turned into candles.

How to make simple wax melts?

You can make wax melts easily at home with a few available supplies. This will require beeswax beans, coconut oil, candle dye, and any essential oil.

Pour water into a saucepan and put it on the stove. In a heatproof bowl mix beeswax beans, coconut oil, and candle dye and put it over the saucepan. Keep stirring the mixture lightly as it melts.

Once the ingredients are mixed, take it down from the heat and drop your desired essential oil. Mix it all well. Finally, in a silicon ice mold or cupcake mold, put the liquid wax evenly before it gets hardened. Wait for it to cool down

After a few hours, you can use the wax melts in a warmer and enjoy the fragrance! Besides this method, you can use old candles to make wax melts as well!

Can you melt wax crayons to make candles?

If you have plenty of color crayons at home sitting idle, then you can use them to make candles at home. They will burn just like any other candle.

But since color crayons are a bit different than the wax you find in the regular candles, you will have to put some regular wax like soy wax or paraffin wax too to make long-lasting candles. So that they burn brightly for a good time.

Otherwise, since they are made for kids color crayons are non-toxic and cheap to make candles.

Final Thoughts:

Wax melts can be used to make candles since they contain the similar type of wax we find in traditional candles. However, the process of double boiling is needed to make candles out of wax melts. Wax melts make great candles since they contain fragrance and burn longer than usual ones.