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Can You Use Satin Paint on Ceiling? (Quick Answers)

Emulsion paints are suitable for your ceiling paintings. Your ceiling needs good paints as sometimes it is hard to reach and clean or replace paints. Matt emulsion paint is the best choice for your ceiling paint. Let’s see if you can use satin paint on the ceiling. 

Can you use satin paint on ceiling?

Satin paint on your ceiling is perfect. You can use it to give your ceiling a smooth and velvety look. You can easily use satin paint on your ceiling. Flat white paint is loved by everyone. But, to gain a smoother look, you can go for satin paint. You can use flat or satin paint interchangeably.

Satin paint falls in between both the exterior and interior paintings. The glossiness of satin paint is quite higher than regular eggshell finish paint. On the other hand, flatter in the case of semi-gloss paints. 

It doesn’t have light-reflective properties like glossy paints in the dark. Sometimes it reflects some of the bright lights.
You can use satin paint to enjoy a dully but a slight glow from the paint. If you need a subtle glow and dullness, you will go for satin paint. And yes, if you need to have a slightly glossy and slightly dull look to your ceilings, you can use satin paints.

Satin paint can provide you with durability, and it can resist scuff. It is recommended to use satin paints in high traffic places. It stands against moldy walls too. It is highly durable, and the color remains for a long time after you paint. 

You can use this paint in almost every interior place. Also, kids are the keenest friend of the wall. And they know how to paint on them very well. You should apply satin paint in their living room. Satin paint is excellent for painting the ceiling.

Is satin paint good for ceilings?

Satin paints can be considered as a good paint for ceilings for the following reasons –


Satin paints are durable. They are made to give perfection to places such as bathrooms and kitchens. Because the bathroom and kitchen have to face most humidity and temperature fluctuations. The durability remains in some high-traffic areas as well.

Has Subtle Sheen to It:

Other paints don’t have any gloss, and sometimes they have some shine. But this satin paint has a slight shine to it. That provides not such a glaring type reflection of light from it. Still, it offers good visibility with a subtle sheen and subtle dullness.

Remain as It is for a longer time:

When a paint remains for a longer time, we can easily say that the paint is good. Satin paint can face humidity, temperature, and even scratches, but it doesn’t fade away over time. People choose this type of paint for their kitchen, doorway, and bathroom. 

Also, people put this color in kids’ rooms, as satin paints are highly scratchproof.

Stays well against cleaning and scrubbing:

The subtle glossy texture helps this satin paint stay strong against friction. Satin paint is more slippery than regular eggshell paints. So, when you clean the wall, you will not worry about the paint. And therefore, satin paint is suitable for ceilings.

What kind of paint to use on a ceiling; flat, semi-gloss, matte, or satin?

Let’s discuss to figure out the paint to use on your ceiling –


You have wall imperfection, and you want to hide it well. You should go for flat paint. Flat paint will make your wall smooth and make it flat as you want. Unfortunately, flat paint is not as durable as satin paint. 

Before you clean your wall, make sure it is not flat paint. Flat paint cannot stand scrubbing.

Though flat paint has a more vibrant color, it carries more pigments. It is known as a concealer or matte paint. Flat paint doesn’t have any gloss to it. So, no reflection will come out of the wall. 

If you want more color by spending less, flat paint is the best option for you. Flat paint requires less experience to paint. You can use flat paint on the ceiling, but it will not be that durable.


Different paints have a different sheen to them. You choose what type of sheen you need. Everyone wants to have a shiny and reflective color that can spread throughout the room for the ceiling. But if the color is glossier, then you might not love it. 

So, semi-gloss paint helps you to sit between glossy and flat painting. Though people sometimes think a satin finish is the same as semi-glossy paints. But satin paint has less sheen to it. Semi-glossy paints are suitable for places like the kitchen and bathroom. 

As they can take tiny drops of oil, greasy materials, and humidity. 

This semi-gloss paint uses several places such as railings, mantels, etc. Using semi-gloss paint increases the aesthetics of the wall. To emphasize anything, you should go for semi-gloss paint. 

Semi-gloss paints are costlier than regular satin paint because of their durability and perfection. You can use it as ceiling paint.


Matte paint finishes provide a similar benefit as flat paints. As matte paints hide the imperfections of the wall. So, it is good to go on the ceiling surface. These paints increase the beauty of the dining rooms ceiling and bedroom ceiling. 

And like flat paints, you need less preparation to paint. It is not as costly as semi-gloss paints. With less cost comes less quality. Matte paints attract dirt, but you cannot clean them as cleaning is bad for this type of paint finishing. 

When you clean a surface that has a matte finish on it, there is a high chance that you lose the matte finish. Nowadays, some paint manufacturers are making matte paint with cleaning ability. For this particular ability, you need to pay more money. 

Matte paint is not suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, or kid’s rooms. 


You can call satin paint the modified version of semi-gloss paints. Because satin paints have a similar ability to semi-gloss paint. The main difference is the sheen of semi-gloss is brighter than the satin one. 

Also, the cost associated with satin paint is much less than semi-gloss paint. Satin paints are dustproof, easy to handle, and durable. Satin paints don’t catch greasy material and water. That’s why you can use satin paint almost everywhere inside your house. 

This paint is highly recommended for the ceiling, especially the kitchen and bathroom.

Can you use satin paint on the bathroom ceiling?

Satin paint reflects an adequate amount of light. It is not as bright as the regular glossy paint. The bathroom ceiling needs paint that can stand against humidity and water-splash and reflect some of the light. 

Satin paint has all these abilities. Also, the sheen is not as bright as glossy paints. And satin paints are durable too.

Moreover, satin paints are perfect for the bathroom. The durability of the satin paint lasts for a longer time in the bathroom. People choose satin paint or semi-gloss paint for their bathroom or kitchen area.

What finish is satin paint?

You get satin paint when you decrease the sheen of semi-gloss paints for a little bit and increase the durability and a little glossiness than regular flat paint. Satin paint gloss rating is about 35%. Whereas gloss paint and semi-gloss paint’s gloss rating is 7.5% and 20%, respectively. 

Here the more the gloss rating, the less the glossiness is. The finish with about 35% gloss and high durability is a satin paint finish.

Does satin paint cost more than flat?

Satin paint needs more money than flat paint. Satin paint remains more time on the wall, and it has higher durability and sheen. Also, you can easily paint flat paint. So, the labor fee is less for flat paint. 

Satin paint needs about 30 US dollars for a gallon, whereas you only need 10 US dollars for a gallon of flat paint. Satin paint is three times costlier than flat paint.

Does satin paint last longer than flat? How long does satin paint last?

Satin paint lasts longer than flat paint. Because satin paint can stay against scrubbing. It can stand against humidity, water, greasiness, and scratches. But on the other hand, though flat paint gives a perfect look to the wall, it cannot stay more potent for a more extended period. 

Though satin paint cannot hide the wall’s imperfections, it remains for a longer time, about 15 to 20 years. It may lose some of its beauty over the years. But generally, without any scratches, flat paint can last up to 10 years.

Final thoughts

Satin paint is excellent for your ceilings. They last longer, and these paints are not as costly as gloss paints. You can wash the satin paint surface easily without losing any color. Though it is more expensive than a regular flat paint, this paint is still better for your interior ceiling.