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Can You Use Fabuloso on Laminate Floors? (Explained)

We all take care of our homes and clean them to keep them tidy as we see fit. But all cleaning methods may not be appropriate for everything.

You might face similar complication when cleaning laminate floors. In the sections below – you will get to know the cleaning procedure and the relevant details about laminate floors.

Can you use fabuloso on laminate floors?

Fabuloso can be used on laminate floors as long as it is used in small quantities. Since laminate floors are wood bi-products, they are vulnerable to moisture as well. If large quantities of fabuloso is used, the floors would remain wet longer, thus absorbing excess moisture and get deformed.

Laminate floors are a type of flooring that is made up of residual or wastage wood with an image layer imprinted over it along with a transparent wear layer.

Laminate floors are commonly used in residential home’s living areas, dining areas, kitchen, bedrooms and other places with low moisture levels due to their popularity.

Laminate floors are essentially made of wood as they are prepared by pressing waste woods under immense pressure, heat and chemical elements.

Such procedure converts soft unusable waste wood into firm, usable floor coverings. These laminate floors are also known as laminate wood floors which consist of a realistic wooden image layer on top of the pressed layer of wood which is encased in a transparent durable wear layer.

Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner which can be used to clean any sort of hard surface and can be used in any room around the house.

Fabuloso also is popular due to its fragrance consisting of flavors such as lavender, citrus etc. Besides living rooms, you can also use the cleaner to clean bathrooms and kitchens as well.

Laminate wood floors:

However, fabuloso is not appropriate to use everywhere around your house if your flooring is made of laminate wood floors.

Laminate wood floors are made up of wood as thus they share the same vulnerability to wood – water or excess moisture. Using fabuloso in small amounts will barely do any harm.

But if the fluid remains on the flooring surface for a long time, the laminate floors would absorb as much moisture as it can, therefore becoming bloated and distorted.

Is Fabuloso safe on laminate floors? Is fabuloso good on the laminate floor?

Many people might worry about using Fabuloso on their laminate floors out of fear that their floors might get warped.

But if fabuloso is applied correctly and in the right amounts – not only will it be safe to use on the laminate floors but also clean them very well.

Excessive moisture, whether it be water or cleaning fluid, is dangerous for laminate floors if they remain in contact for too long.

Since laminate floors are made of wood, they also have the ability to absorb moisture on their surface slowly and then end up being distorted.

However, since fabuloso works great as a cleaner to remove residue off the surface of the floors – there is no better alternative to it.

So, to use fabuloso on the floors – you need to mop over the floor lightly with small amounts of fabuloso so that they dry off quickly.

4 reason why you can use fabuloso on laminate floors

Fabuloso is a popular multi-purpose cleaner that is commonly used in households to keep things clean, however, you might be skeptical about using it if you have laminated flooring. Below are the reasons discussed about why you can use them on your floors:

Can clean the laminate floors well:

Compared to other cleaning fluids available in the market, fabuloso is effective at removing persistent and adhesive debris off the surface of the laminate floors.

And since the cleaner fluid will just be wiping the smooth image layer of laminate floors – it can clean the surface effectively.

May not cause the floors to warp:

Although this might sound contradictory because it is obvious that laminate floors warp in the presence of excess moisture and since fabuloso is a fluid cleaner, its use will also result in the same consequence.

While the aforementioned part is true, it is possible to both clean the floors and prevent it from warping. The trick is to use small amounts of fabuloso multiple times and allow them to dry quickly.

Non-harmful chemicals used:

Cleaning your laminate floors is very environmentally friendly using fabuloso since they do not contain any harmful chemicals, so you can rest assured using this cleaner if you have kids or pets at home.

According to the Fabuloso Safety Data Sheet on their company’s website, it says Fabuloso does not contain any harmful elements or mixture included in them.

Has a good fragrance upon use:

Beside its effectiveness, you might prefer using fabuloso since it serves two purposes together. Not only does it keep your floors clean but also will spread scented fragrance so you won’t have to use additional incense or air fresheners.

Does Fabuloso need to be rinsed on laminate floors?

As a part of the cleaning procedure, many people rinse the surface they are cleaning to make sure there is no visible debris left and to finish up cleaning.

Rinsing is an effective cleaning method because it not only cleans dirt but also takes care of the invisible bacteria or germs and sometimes can also remove any odor.

Since rinsing is a common cleaning practice, many people would consider rinsing their floors after cleaning with a cleaner fluid such as fabuloso.

But it should be noted that fabuloso is effective on its own and does not require any additional procedure. It can be used as it is directly as instructed in the bottle labels.

However, if anyone wishes to rinse fabuloso on laminate floors they can do so but rinsing is not necessary and only an optional preference.

How to clean laminate floors with fabuloso?

Cleaning laminate floors with fabuloso is a simple process and you can do it too very easily if you follow the steps below accordingly:

Get the necessary materials:

To start cleaning, you first need to gather the necessary material for a proper cleaning but rest assured – you will not be needing any additional items that you already have at home.

The first and most important item in the list is a bottle of fabuloso of a scent of your choice – pick a scent which you would want your room to smell like.

Next, you would need a pump sprayer or a bottle with a sprayer nozzle – in order to spray the fabuloso solution on the laminate floor. And lastly, a mop to clean off the debris.

Fill the bottle with the right measurement:

You would ideally want to use mostly water and a tiny portion of the fabuloso solution.

Therefore you should first take the empty bottle and unscrew the sprayer nozzle off. Afterwards fill it with water mostly and then fill the rest with fabuloso in such a way that the water to fabuloso ratio is 9:1.

You would want the fabuloso to be less in amount so that the floor dries up quickly. Using a greater amount of fabuloso would make the solution thicker and take more time to dry off.

Spray and mop:

Lastly, spray the solution evenly across the floors and use your mop to sweep and clean the floor. Make sure you haven’t sprayed the solution too much – if you did so, mop that area dry.

What kind of cleaner can you use on laminate flooring?

When it comes to cleaning your laminate floors, you might be looking for other good alternatives to fabuloso.

Luckily there are several other kinds of cleaner and cleaning equipment that will let you clean your laminate flooring safely and optimally. Below are some of the commercial cleaners available that works best to clean laminate flooring:

Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner:

It is a dropper type floor cleaner to drop over the surface and wipe.

Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner:

You can spray over the surface and wipe with mop. Since they already come in a sprayable form – no further need to process. You can directly spray them on the surface and wipe.

Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner:

These are a liquid solution to mix with water and mop with – application procedure same as fabuloso.

Method squirt + mop wood floor cleaner:

They are similar to the dropper type but you can both wipe or mop over the surface the cleaner has been applied over.

Final Thoughts

Fabuloso may be used on laminate flooring as long as it is used lightly. Because laminate flooring is made from wood, they are also susceptible to dampness. If a considerable amount of fabuloso is applied, the floors will remain wet for longer, absorbing extra moisture and becoming distorted.