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Can You Sleep on a Broken Box Spring? How to Fix Box Spring?

A good night’s sleep can do wonders for a person’s mental and physical health. But the wrong bedding could not only ruin your sleep but can also cause you to develop many health problems. So, begin by fixing your bed and mattress if you want to sleep like a baby!

Can you sleep on a broken box spring?

It’s possible to sleep on a bed with a broken box spring. You might not even notice if the damage isn’t too severe because of the mattress. But a broken box spring will eventually begin to damage the mattress. That’s when sleeping on the mattress will start to feel uncomfortable.

The main purpose of a box spring is to provide support for the mattress and absorb shock. With time or even due to an accident the box spring can get broken, bowed or worn.

And when that happens the box spring gradually loses its ability to support the mattress and properly absorb shock. This is when the dips and lumps start to form in the mattress, which can make sleeping on the bed seem agonizing instead of relaxing.

And continued use of the broken box spring and mattress might even take a toll on your health.

Can a broken box spring cause back pain?

A broken box spring can cause you back pain. A broken box spring can cause the quality or condition of your mattress to decline gradually. The mattress will then become too hard or too soft combined with lumps and dips as well.

This will undoubtedly affect your sleep because a faulty bed spring and mattress will make you toss and turn in bed and wake up multiple times during the night as it is hard to sleep in a bed like that.

The poor quality and lack of sleep can start to affect your mental and physical health. One common physical health problem you might face is back ache.

As the mattress fails to provide the proper surface for sleeping due to the broken box spring, it will be hard to find a comfortable position and might cause you to sleep in a position that will be bad for your back and when this pattern goes on for some time, it begins the progression of back pain.

This back pain will start to be a hindrance while you perform everyday tasks as well.

What happens if you sleep on a broken box spring?

It goes without saying that a broken box spring will start affecting the mattress it is supposed to support sooner or later but unfortunately the damage does not end there. Slowly but surely, the broken box spring will start to affect the quality of your sleep and health.

Here are some of the common issues you might face while sleeping on a bed with a broken box spring:

Issues to sleep:

The condition of your sleep can sometimes determine the quality of your bed which includes the mattress, box spring and headboard.

As the broken box spring will distress the mattress, you will notice that it is harder to find a comfortable position in bed which will prompt an increased amount of tossing and turning which will then lead to you falling asleep much later than usual.

It will also cause you to wake up from sleep due to the discomfort. Finally, you will notice that sleeping is failing to refresh you and you might be waking up tired instead.

Back pain:

A broken box spring can cause the mattress to sag, especially in the middle. And when that happens the mattress is unable to provide even spinal support to the people sleeping on the bed.

This in turn will cause pressure to keep building in the neck and back area of the body which can cause pain to develop in these parts of the body.


As the broken box spring causes the mattress to collapse, the airflow is cut short within the mattress.

This allows the build up of mold, mildew and other allergens; it also prompts the accumulation of pet dander. A combination of these can cause an allergic reaction or cause pre-existing allergies to flare up.

How to fix a broken box spring?

If you manage to notice that your box spring has broken in the early stages, you can fix it instead of replacing it. In order to fix the broken box spring, you need to first identify which part of it has broken and either fix that or replace only the damaged section with new material.

If the damage to your box spring isn’t too extensive, you can still save it without getting a new box spring which will without a doubt cost a lot.

So, when you see the first signs that indicate your box spring has broken, you need to jump into action without any delay. Because if you continue using the broken box spring, the damage will increase at an astounding speed and you will then have no other option than to replace it.

These are the materials and steps you will be needing to fix your broken box spring at home:

Inspect properly:

You need to do a thorough inspection of your box spring to identify exactly where it has broken.

Determine crack size:

Now, if the crack is minimal, you should be able to fix it with the help of some industrial grade glue.

Start by placing a candle stand with a flat surface or a small table under the crack and then apply the glue to fill the crack and connect the two pieces together and let it dry and harden completely for at least 24 hours.

Change the frame:

However, if the broken part looks irreparable. You might need to change that particle part of the frame. Start by buying wood that is the same or similar to the type of wood that was used to make the box frame and also size.

Now, measure the new wood according to the one you want to replace and cut it to be an exact fit.

Place new wood frame:

Start to unscrew the bolts of the broken wood from the box spring’s frame to unattached it.

After it comes off, place the new wood frame in it’s spot and check if it fits. Now you should start to drill holes in it to connect it to the frame using bolts.

Sand the edges to finish:

After you have successfully installed the new part, sand off the sides and ends of the newly installed part to smoothen it down and your box spring should not be ready for use.

Can a broken box spring ruin a mattress?

A broken box spring will gradually ruin the mattress, no matter how good the mattress is. When the box spring breaks, it inadvertently ends up ruining the mattress. As the mattress does not get the adequate support, it can start developing problems.

Some common signs that indicate that the mattress’s condition is declining is if you notice the mattress starting to sag, start to form lumps and dips, becoming either too soft or hard.

Once the mattress gets ruined, it is almost impossible to keep sleeping on it after a while as it will affect both your sleep and overall physical health. It will be worse for people who are over 40 years of age because they need a flat surface that can evenly support their neck and back.

 How to get rid of a broken box spring?

If your box spring seems unfixable and you want to replace it with a new one, before doing that you need to dispose of the old broken box spring properly.

Cut to open fabric:

You can start by cutting open the fabric to reach the parts that make up the inside.

Start dismantling:

Since various materials are used in making the box spring, you can start by dismantling each part by unscrewing the bolts or cutting them.

Separate materials:

Now, it is time to separate the materials into different categories.

You can use some of the wooden or metal parts to repurpose and use as decoration around your house and the metal and steel parts can be recycled. You should check the recycling centers near you and ask them if they will take those parts.

Throw away unnecessary parts:

Finally, the parts that can’t be repurposed or recycled should be thrown away.

Final Thoughts:

You can sleep on a bed supported by a broken box spring but the quality of your sleep and your health will undoubtedly struggle. Hence, it is better to fix the broken parts of your box spring when you first notice it or dispose of it and get a new box spring to place under your mattress.