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Can You Put Vinyl Siding Over Aluminum Siding? (Explained)

Vinyl siding is an exterior material for waterproofing houses and provides resistance to breakdown from UV light. It is a very cost-efficient, maintenance-free, and eco-friendly material for modern house buildings.

It comes in different textures and color options that even imitate wood. It also has a long-term lifespan, adding extra value to your house.

Can you put vinyl siding over aluminum siding? 

Depending on your budget and weather conditions in a specific area, vinyl siding can be put over aluminum siding. The major element of vinyl siding is PVC. So, it creates a strong layer if put over aluminum siding. It’s also heat and moisture-resistant material that helps balance room temperature.

Vinyl siding can be put over aluminum siding on mobile homes as well. In fact, vinyl siding is the best solution for it. Mobile homes are very easy solutions for those who are looking for an inexpensive way to build their houses.

The benefits of using vinyl siding in mobile homes are it is made of durable materials and it can stand up to the most difficult weather conditions.

Also, its installation process is not that much complicated so it can easily be installed within a few days by professionally expert workers. It costs around $1.5-$4.00 to put vinyl sidings over aluminum siding.

The mobile homes are pretty cheaply built considered to the standard homes. In addition to that, vinyl siding does not require any sort of paints, it comes in different textures. So, it won’t cause any extra hassle while installing.

But there are some disadvantages too of putting vinyl siding in mobile homes. It absorbs moisture in different weather conditions that can build molds inside your house ending up rotting the wood in the house.

Vinyl siding lets grime grow over it so you need to clean it after a certain time to extend its lifetime. The biggest disadvantage of vinyl siding it lacks proper insulation.

To resolve this issue, you will need to buy extra pieces of foam board or similar material before applying the vinyl siding. Another major factor to keep in mind when you are putting vinyl sidings over aluminum is it comes in very few colors.

This might create a hassle when replacing a piece of vinyl siding in terms of matching their colors. Finally, when you burn vinyl siding, toxic gas is released which is harmful to the environment.

What happens when you put vinyl siding over aluminum siding?

When you put vinyl siding over aluminum siding, it usually saves you a lot of money. It is cost-effective, eco-friendly, durable and most importantly it is technically maintenance-free.

The results of putting vinyl siding over aluminum siding is mentioned below:

It becomes sensitive to cold weather:

Vinyl siding saves your time and effort when applying over aluminum As, you are just applying this vinyl siding over a readymade part of it.

Apart from that, most of the houses are now built using aluminum siding so most of the people living in cold areas rely on aluminum siding as it doesn’t attract cold.

But when it is applied, the cold weather will make it fragile and might crack in too much cold weather situations.

It doesn’t require additional painting:

Aluminum siding needs painting but if you put vinyl siding over it, this will need no painting. As a result, it will save up extra expenses.

If one of the vinyl sidings gets damaged, you need to replace the entire piece. As there are very few color varieties in the market, sometimes it becomes difficult to find the exact same colored siding for the homes.

It extends the standard lifespan of aluminum siding:

As you are putting vinyl siding over aluminum siding as a coating, it will prevent aluminum from rust and aging.

Besides, the aluminum siding needs maintenance but putting vinyl siding will lessen the work so it will extend its lifespan of it up to 40-50 years. 

Should you remove old siding before installing vinyl siding? Can you use vinyl siding hooks/clips on aluminum siding?

It is always a better idea to remove the old sidings before putting in a vinyl siding. Many insect nests are usually found on the old sidings. Bees, birds or bugs bite through the sidings and damage the walls.

Sometimes holes are created through the old siding and create problems like water leakage.

If there is any old metal or vinyl siding that already exists, you must remove it in order to place the new one perfectly. If you are willing to put vinyl siding on the wood then you should check the quality of the wood first.

The wood needs to be weathered or else the nails may not be strongly attached to the surface also the wood might end up rotting.

If you don’t drill nails or hooks properly on walls, it might void the warranty as well as create moisture issues during winter and heavy rainfall. So, try to use a siding hook that is specially made to use in aluminum sidings instead of vinyl hooks or clips.

How to put vinyl siding over aluminum siding? 

By following some easy simple steps, it is possible to put vinyl siding over aluminum siding. You can appoint skilled workers to get the job done easily. The steps to put vinyl siding over aluminum siding are mentioned below:

Prepare the aluminum sliding:

When you apply vinyl siding over aluminum siding, you need to make sure your aluminum siding is in well condition. Over the years, your aluminum siding may have become a haven for many insects, birds, or even bees.

Clean them up before you put the new ones in place. Make sure to check every corner because that’s where the erosion begins due to frozen rainwater.

Position the vinyl siding carefully:

After you have cleaned and rubbed off all the grimes from the aluminum siding, now it’s time for the most difficult part, placing it properly.

You don’t want to waste excess parts so make sure to merge the edges together to get the best cut for your vinyl siding.

Check for any gaps remaining:

Make sure to check for any gaps. Check every corner and point and confirm it fits properly. Or else it will again end up being the habitat for insects and damage your siding costing you extra money to repair.

Start with the part of windows and doors:

Start by doing the most difficult parts, doors, and windows. They have edges that need to be cut properly. Then move on to the walls and finish your work. There you go, your work is done. 

How much does it cost to replace aluminum siding with vinyl?

Vinyl siding usually costs $3 to $11 per square foot based on texture, color, a quality that varies on brand. Whereas aluminum siding costs $3 to $6 based on the same criteria.

As you can see, the aluminum siding is a cheap solution and overall, it will cost $4500 to $9000 for a standard home that is 1500 square feet in size. It is quite cheaper than vinyl siding because it would have cost $4500 to $16500 if the vinyl siding was used.

The reason why aluminum siding is cheaper is because it has been used in homes since the 1960s so it’s demand and availability were always in customers’ reach.

It is also highly recommended to put vinyl siding over aluminum because that will balance the cost per square foot from $4 to $9 which is quite convenient and hassle-free job at the same time.

In addition to that, removing an existing siding cost about $1 to $3 depending on contractors.

Why is painting aluminum siding an alternative to vinyl siding?

Painting aluminum siding is an alternative option to vinyl siding because it is much cheaper than replacing your older one or putting a vinyl siding on it.

Although, aluminum siding requires very little maintenance that doesn’t mean it totally doesn’t require any sort of maintenance.

That is why painting would be a smart solution to add some layers or textures to the aluminum siding that will protect it from erosion and damages.

A paint-over aluminum siding would last at least 10 years without any issue so it is a simple solution to your house.

Use a good cleaner to rub off all the grimes in your aluminum siding, then apply paint mixing with other chemicals with proper measurements. The best pick for painting your aluminum siding would be 100 percent acrylic latex paint for a smooth job.

Final thoughts 

It is possible to put vinyl siding over aluminum siding. In fact, it is a cheap solution in order to protect the aluminum siding from rust or erosion. In houses where already a siding is present, it is recommended to remove the older one to put the new one to extend the lifespan of a home.