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Can You Put Recessed Lighting in a Bedroom? (Answered)

While installing lights in your bedroom, you must think about the outlook of the room. Moreover, the efficiency of power is also an important thing.

On the other hand, recessed lighting is getting famous day by day. These lightings provide ambient lighting and give a natural sunlight appearance.

But you might be confused about whether you can put recessed lighting in a bedroom or not. You must know about the intensity of the lighting.

Moreover, learning about the advantages and disadvantages of using recessed lighting in a bedroom. Besides, knowing about the installation process is also essential.

Putting recessed lighting in a bedroom

You can put recessed lighting in your bedroom. Generally, these lightings are on the ceiling and provide light to the whole area. So, the lighting is light natural sunlight. The intensity of the light is perfect for a bedroom. Moreover, this lighting will enhance the outlook of the bedroom.

However, to know about the requirement for installing this lighting in your bedroom, you have to know details about recessed lighting. Generally, recessed lighting is a modern addition to the lighting system. But these lightings are getting popular for their natural touch.

When you install recessed lighting in your bedroom, it will create a new outlook for your room. Generally, recessed lighting is installed from the ceiling, wall, or surface. So when you install the lighting, it will seem like the light is coming from a hole.

Moreover, the lighting is pretty similar to natural lighting. When we install lighting in our bedrooms, we think carefully about the intensity of the lighting. If the intensity of light is too bright in the bedroom, you might feel noisy in the room.

The lighting in the bedroom should be natural and calm. When you enter the bedroom, you should not experience too bright light. Moreover, if the light intensity is too low, it might affect your eyes.

So, the intensity of the light in the bedroom should be natural and medium. From this perspective, recessed lighting is one of the best options. The lightings are not too bright for the bedroom. Moreover, they don’t create discomfort in the eyes.

Another benefit of installing recessed lighting is that you can customize the places where you can put the lighting. In other options, you have to put the lighting in place so the light doesn’t reach the place you want.

But you can put recessed light according to your choice. You can also decide how much light you want to keep in a place. So, the brightness of the room’s lighting will be customized according to your preference.

Moreover, recessed lights can also be used to decorate the bedroom. These lightings are an excellent source of decoration. When you put the lighting according to your preference, the outlook of the room is also customized.

Besides, the color of the lighting can also be modified. So, this lighting can be one of the best editions for your bedroom. Another excellent fact about recessed lighting is that you can control the brightness of the lighting by the dimmer switches.

So, you can always change the brightness and intensity of the lighting. This gives the flexibility of using lighting in your bedroom. When it comes to lighting in our bedroom, we want flexibility. So, recessed lighting provides the most flexible feature of lighting in our bedrooms.

Where should recessed lights be placed in a bedroom?

Generally, recessed lights should be over the bed. These lights will focus on the bed and provide the room with a symmetric outlook.

Moreover, when you use the bedroom, you might use the bed the most. So, the recessed lights should also be over the bed.

But if your bedroom has any piece of art, you should put lights over the art. Besides, if you put any sofa or couch in your bedroom, one or two recessed lights should be placed over the sofa or couch.

So, the main idea of putting recessed light on the area where you want people to focus. Moreover, you can modify the place where you want to put the recessed light. The placement should be according to your convenience.

How many recessed lights should be in a bedroom?

How many recessed lights should be in a bedroom depends on various things. The first is the size of your bedroom. The larger the room is, the more lights you will need. Moreover, the number of lights also depends on how many things you are trying to keep in focus.

Generally, the size of the room is the main parameter in deciding the number of lights. For example, if the room is 240 square feet, it will need six recessed lights. But if the room is more than 300 square feet, the room will require eight lights. 

You can also decide about the number of lights but ensure sufficient light in the bedroom. If you keep a few lights, the brightness is too low. This will affect your eyes, and you will feel eye discomfort.

On the other hand, don’t put too many recessed lights. Otherwise, the bedroom will lose its vibe. The number of lights can also vary according to the artwork you want to keep in focus.

How do you install recessed lighting in a bedroom?

Now that you know recessed lighting is perfect for your bedroom, you might want to install these lights in the bedroom. But you must know the process well before installing. So, let’s see how you can install recessed lighting in a bedroom.


First, you have to set the wiring for the recessed light. Because the lighting will need a power source. So, select the location and set the circuit and wiring to the location from where the lighting will get electric power.

Switchboard setting:

Now you have to set the switchboard from where you can control the lighting. If you already have the switchboard, you need to modify it. Otherwise, you can add a new switchboard for the recessed lighting.

Setting the power source and cables:

Now you have to fix the main functions. You have to set some features before installing the lighting. For example, you have to drill a hole in the top plate, drill through the joists, remove the old box, and cut a slot for easy access.

Then you can fish the cable and connect the low voltage fixtures. After that, you have to install the remodelling housings and push the cables into the remodelling box. Finally, you can reconnect the outlet and install the lamps.

Installing the lamps:

After setting all the power sources and cables, you can install the recessed lamps. You have to install a sufficient amount of lights. Check the lighting whether it is comfortable for the bedroom or not. You can modify the place and number of the lights according to your choice.

What lighting is best for bedrooms?

You might know that the recessed lighting is getting popular day by day. But you might want to know about the other options too. So, let’s see what other lightings are best for bedrooms.

Natural white lighting:

Natural white light is the best option for bedrooms. Because the bedroom is a place where you find comfort. If the light is too bright or too low, you will face difficulty with your eyesight. Moreover, the outlook of the bedroom will be disturbed.

Natural white lighting will be good for both your eyesight and the appearance of the bedroom.

Recessed lighting:

You might have already known that recessed lighting is suitable to be installed in the bedroom. Because this lighting also gives the natural sunlight appearance.

Moreover, these lights also enhance the appearance of the bedroom. The recessed lighting is also comfortable for your eyes.

LED lighting:

LED lighting is also suitable for the bedroom. However, these lights provide several colors. But for the bedroom, you can choose a calm shade with dimming control of lights. So, you can also install LED lighting in the bedroom.

Final thoughts

You can install recessed lighting in a bedroom. This lighting is one of the best options for bedrooms. Because the light from recessed lighting comes like natural sunlight. Moreover, the intensity of the lighting is suitable for the eyesight also. So you can use recessed lighting for your bedroom.