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Can You Put Paintings in a Bathroom? (Quick Answers)

Many may not only be satisfied with the classic look of the rooms. They might want to give their bathroom a classic look as well. Though putting wallpaper helps to enhance and enlighten the bathroom, still it is not an offense to put several accessories. It would rather give a luxurious feel.

Following the below tips and information regarding the bathroom wall and if putting a painting on the bathroom is suitable or not would help you to decorate the bathroom in your own way. 

Putting paintings in a bathroom

If you can put accessories in the bathroom, you can also put paintings in the bathroom. Still, there is a high chance that the painting would get ruined. Especially if you are not putting on coverings. The environment of a bathroom is enough to ruin real art. That’s why, control the surroundings.

Paintings are not only suitable for a bedroom or drawing room, even the bathroom can have a place for the paintings. Decorating the bathroom is not wrong. If you can decorate the other rooms, you can also decorate the bathroom with paintings. 

Even putting accessories, lights, and cupboards and adding colored wallpaper would help too. 

In the case of paintings, the surrounding environment of the bathroom can cause severe damage to the painting. If the painting is not protected and revealed to moisture, the painting would get ruined. 

You need to control the surrounding environment to ensure the painting lasts for a long time. 

Oil paintings: 

Oil paintings are attractive and have the most artistic vibe. Most artists also prefer oil painting due to the finest result it gives. You might want to put your oil paintings in every room. Why leave the bathroom in that case? 

Well, oil paintings can stand moisture for a long period of time and also remain without getting deteriorated. Still, the bathroom is a place where moisture accumulates the most. 

No matter what you do, you can not control the humidity and the moisture in the bathroom.

Even though you put oil paint in the bathroom, you would need to take extra care of it. You have to make sure that the painting is cleaned frequently and that the moisture is not accumulating continuously on the painting.

As moisture can lead to the growth of the mold. The painting can get ruined due to molds as well. 

Acrylic paintings: 

Acrylic paintings are quite useful to put on the wall. Though the paintings are not as safe as the oil painting, the color combinations are awesome. No matter what painting it is, the moisture would dampen the painting and would help the mold to grow.

Even direct sunlight can ruin the painting though the bathroom rarely consists of a window. On the other hand, it is classier to create proper ventilation inside the home while placing the acrylic paintings. 

You should only put the paintings with glass over them or after using a varnish coat on the real painting. Otherwise, the art would not last long. It is better not to hang any expensive art in the bathroom as art getting ruined is ensured. 

Watercolor paintings: 

Waterproof paintings are capable of being in a place with high moisture and humidity. Even hanging any painting in the bathroom can be done without worry as long as the moisture and humidity are not too high. 

You can rather place the painting far from the place of the high moisture.

Apart from that, the painting should be covered with a sealer or frame, or varnish. Well, no matter what kind of painting you are putting in the bathroom, you have to put an upper frame to protect it. Putting direct art can be done as well. 

In that case, the art would not last long and get damaged quickly. 

Is it ok to hang art in the bathroom?

Yes, it is absolutely okay to hang art in the bathroom. Still, there would be some damage to the painting. Well, decorating the bathroom with painting is also possible. As you can decorate with colorful wallpapers, you can do it with painting as well.

Many try to put colorful walls and patterned walls in the bathroom to keep it a bit flashy. Rarely do people put paintings in the bathroom as the temperature and humidity in the bathroom can have an impact on the paintings. 

If your bathroom is large and you have enough space, you can easily hang the painting out of the high moisture place.

You might need to replace the painting within 6 months as the presence of moisture can attract the molds. Soon the molds would take place under the painting and also on the painting. That’s why protecting the painting is necessary to keep it durable and safe. 

What kind of art is safe to put in a bathroom?

Almost every kind of art is safe to put in the bathroom as long as you protect the art from the high moisture in the bathroom. Well, the bathroom is a place where moisture builds up. And mainly moisture is the reason why most of the accessories and arts would get ruined. 

Though over time, everything is supposed to get damaged.

Still, if you can minimize the moisture in the bathroom and prevent the accumulation of moisture in the art, you can put any type of art. Putting paintings, canvas, photos, printed arts, and clocks is possible. 

You just need to seal the back of the art and keep the moisture content less in the surrounding. 

Apart from that, you can use several methods to control the moisture and humidity of the room. Creativity in the bathroom wall is not a bad option but there is a high chance that the creativity would not last long. 

3 things to consider about putting painting in the bathroom

Putting the painting in the bathroom can create a lot of doubts in the mind. Like, For if the paint would go well, whether the painting would last long or not and what kind of painting should be there in the bathroom. You can find all the solutions to these questions. 

Follow below to know what to consider while putting a painting in the bathroom.

Surrounding place:

No matter what kind of painting you are putting in the bathroom, the painting should go with the surroundings. You can keep it neutral or intense to keep it good with the environment. The art should not be too exaggerated and disturbing. Rather suitable for the environment.

High moisture:

Avoid places with high moisture while placing the paintings. Well, the bathroom is indeed a place of high moisture content. Yet, the moisture accumulation in some places is less than in others. You can control the moisture content in the bathroom as well. 

To protect the paintings and any art, put it far from high moisture places. Thus, you can keep the painting for a long time. Well, there is no solution to protect the paintings but rather to minimize the harm. 

Proper ventilation:

The proper air ventilation would help the moisture to go around instead of accumulating in one place. This can also reduce the strike of mold in the painting. As long as the moisture does not get stuck up in the painting, the mold would not grow. 

Meanwhile, proper ventilation would ensure safety. So put the paintings near the windows.

How to protect canvas painting in the bathroom?

Protecting the canvas painting in the bathroom is quite impossible. With time, the painting is supposed to get damaged. It can be severe or it can take time to get to that extent. 

You can still minimize the damage and protect the canvas paintings in the bathroom by following the below steps. 

Choose painting:

Choose a waterproof canvas painting so that it can be damaged less by the water. Even any painting that is water-resistant is highly likely to become stable in the bathroom.

Choose the place to put it:

Putting the painting in the right place can protect the canvas painting from damage. Put the painting far from high moisture places and also near to the windows. Proper ventilation would help the painting to be safe. 

You can also use an exhaust fan or dehumidifier to control the moisture and humidity in the bathroom. 

Creating a place with minimum moisture can lead to the protection of the canvas painting and make it last longer. 

Protect the canvas painting:

To protect the canvas painting, you have to put sealant or frame on the painting. Well, sealing the canvas painting can have disadvantages, as well as accumulation of water, can increase. Also frame the canvas painting with a metal frame. 

Glass frame is more likely to hold water and a wooden frame would invite moisture. 

Final thoughts:

Overall, anyone can put paintings in the bathroom to give the bathroom an unique look. The matter of consideration is that protecting the paintings would be a bit tough. Instead, put replaceable, framed, and sealed paintings to cause less damage to the paintings and to make them last long.