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Can You Put Car Mats in the Washer? (Read This First!)

A car mat protects the flooring of your car from dirt and mud that you track in, as well as spilled food and beverages. They are especially critical in areas that get a lot of snow or rain, since the moisture you track in may encourage the development of dangerous bacteria in your carpets.

A decent vehicle mat alleviates most of the labor associated with cleaning your car’s interior, which contributes significantly to maintaining a hygienic and odor-free atmosphere. However, you need to learn how to wash your car mats as well.

So, can you put car mats in the washer? Let’s find out.

Can you put car mats in the washer?

Rubber car mats are neither machine washable or dryer friendly, and many fabric car mats have a rubber border or component. The only circumstance in which you may be able to wash your mat is if it is entirely made of textile. However, there are other simple ways to wash your car mats.

It may seem to be a simple solution to just throw your car mats in the washer, but sadly, this will not work in the vast majority of instances.

Rubber car floor mats should not be washed or dried in the washing machine, and many fabric car mats include a rubber edge or other rubber components. The only situation in which you may be able to put your car floor mat in the washer is if it is entirely made of fabric.

However, even if your mats do not contain rubber components, it is still a good idea to look for a label that specifies the element or whether it is machine washable before using them.

Fortunately, there are a variety of other options for cleaning your mats.

Another question that comes forward in the discussion is, can you put BMW, Audi car mats in the washer? If we talk about car floor mats specifically then the answer is no, you can’t put BMW or Audi car mats in the washer. 

Because they are either made out of plastic or different high-end material that are prone to the washing machine.

So, you should always look for instructions on how to clean your car floor mats. You’ll find most of the maintenance instructions on the tag.

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Is it safe to put car mats in the washer? 

If your car mats are made of plastic or have plastic linings then it isn’t safe to put the car mats in the washer. When you put the plastic car mats in the washer, the cleaning motion and compactness of the washer will damage the car mats. So you should clean it using your hand.

Regardless of whether your mats are made of fabric or rubber, the first step is to remove them from your vehicle if at all possible. Keep the inside of your vehicle from being soaked. Also, avoid getting anything on your pedals that may cause them to become slippery.

The first thing to do when dealing with fabric car mats is to vacuum them. This will assist to quicken the cleaning process since you will be removing any loose debris, dust, or hair from the area.

How do you wash car mats in the washing machine?

The following steps might help you to wash car mats in the washing machine –

Check the care label:

A broad variety of fabrics, from cotton to nylon, are used to make car mats with a plastic or rubber backing, which are used in many cars today. That is why it is important to thoroughly inspect care labels. 

If it is washable in the washing machine then you can go ahead with the following steps.

Examining for damage:

Examine the undersides of your mats to check whether the backing has broken or peeled away from the surface. 

If this is the case, it may be time to replace your mat since these little bits may break loose in the washer or dryer, clogging the drain or causing damage to your equipment.

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Putting the mats in the washer:

Placing the mats in the washing while being careful not to overload the machine is recommended. Wash your car floor mats on the cold setting in the washing machine.

Pick a suitable detergent:

You will have to pick a detergent that is suitable for the material and won’t damage the car mat. You should use a mild laundry detergent that is usable on soft fabric. Normally most shops have specific detergents for such washings.


To dry your mats, either hang them outdoors or tumble dry them on the lowest setting. When drying car floor mats with a plastic or rubber backing, you should never use high heat since it may cause the backing to fracture or even melt completely. 

To increase the longevity of the mats, it’s better to dry them outdoors.

Putting it back:

Simply following these steps will teach you how to clean bathroom rugs effectively and efficiently. Once the mats are dried properly you can install them back in their place. 

Make sure they are dried properly otherwise the mats might create a bad odor inside the car.

Can you put rubber car mats in the washing machine?

You can’t put rubber car mats in the washing machine because it will damage the mat plus the plastic particles might disrupt your washing machine. That’s why it is better to wash the rubber car mats by hand and brush.

While tossing your car mats (made of rubber) in the washing machine may seem like a simple solution, this isn’t always the case. Plastic mats aren’t that strong built to survive the wear and tear of the washing machine cycle. 

Initially, it may seem that you are getting away with it, but in the long run, the lifespan of the car mats will get reduced. If you can remove your rubber mats from your vehicle, the procedure will be considerably quicker and simpler.

If you have a hose or pressure washer available, you’ll be able to remove the bulk of the dirt or muck that has accumulated on your mats in a matter of minutes. Make sure not to apply too much pressure, however. 

You run the danger of damaging the rubber, which is especially true if your mats aren’t of very good quality.

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How to wash rubber car mats?

The following steps will help you to wash your rubber car mats –

Remove the rubber car mats: 

Remove all of the floor mats from the vehicle and place them on a level area. You can do the washing in your backyard or if you have a big enough bathroom, you can do it there as well. 

Then remove the mats from the floor and vacuum the carpet underneath them.

Spray the mat with water:

To remove dust, hard particles, and dirt from the mats, spray them with the hose while using the high-pressure nozzle on the jet water setting. After spraying, give the mats a good shake. This will clear the dust and soil from the car floor mat.

Scrub the car mat:

Add an ample amount of liquid soap to the bucket.

Fill the bucket halfway using an inch or two of water to combine with the soap, Clean the mats with the soft-bristle brush after dipping it in the soapy water. Pay close attention to any stains and scrub in all of the grooves.

Rinse the mats well:

Rinse the mats well with the high-pressure garden hose to remove all of the soap from them. By putting the mats flat in broad sunlight or hanging them over a railing, you may ensure that they are fully dry.

Drying the mats:

You can dry the mats outdoors by hanging them on a rope. You can blow-dry the rubber mats as well. Be sure to dry them properly otherwise the wet spell won’t go away. Finally, replace the clean mats in their original locations.

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Can you put car mats in the dryer?

Don’t dry your car floor mat in the washing machine or in the dryer. It’s a guarantee that nothing positive will come of this. As rubber is quite prone to heat, the excessive heat of the dryer might melt the rubber of the car floor mat.

How do you dry car mats fast? 

You can dry the car floor mats fast by using a blow dryer at medium to low heat. Proper air circulation will dry off the car mats in no time.

Can you put car mats in the dishwasher? 

You can’t put car floor mats in the dishwasher because the mats won’t fit properly and most importantly it will damage the car floor mat extensively.

Can I pressure wash my car mats? 

You can pressure wash mats; but, to properly extract and eliminate dirt, you will need a wet vacuum.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, Rubber car mats cannot be machine washed or dried, and many fabric car mats include a rubber border or component. Only if your mat is completely composed of textile, it can be washed. However, there are more straightforward methods for cleaning your car mats.